Barry Naquin photos


                                            Memory of                                                                                                                          

Major Barry B. Naquin


Major Barry Naquin adjusting a tent pole

Major Naquin getting a haircut from Peggy Tolbert the barber


1st Big sandstorm the 159th MASH colors  high

Colpini, Hoffer and   Major Naquin

2LT Sheila Dew ,Watson and  SSG Tonya  Hite

The females officers of the 159th MASH

The field showers

CPT John Heath shaving 1LT Bruce Wilkerson's head 

Major Philip Hrabar


Major Naquin



Jennings Goff

CPT. John Mansell

LA flag flying in Iraq

Mail call at the 159th MASH

Making holes for tent pegs

Nasty Boys

Plummer, Ferlita and Cavalier


Reading letters from home

1LT Bruce Wilkerson and  Major John Heath

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