159th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH)
“Dieu Le Gruit”

(God Heals Them)

(Louisiana Army National Guard with elements of the Ohio Army National Guard)


Lineage And Honors 

Wearing  Of the 3rd Armored Division Patch  LTC

Very little is known of this unit other than it supported 3d Armored Division during portions of Desert Storm, and that its veterans do wear the 3d Armored Division patch as their combat patch.  The unit was part of the Louisiana Army National Guard, but deployed with elements of the Ohio Army National Guard.  We very much need help in filling in the many, many blanks we have on this unit’s participation in Desert Storm.  If you can add or correct any information on this roster,  gale.messier@gmail.com


    159th MASH Roster

NOTE: A position presented in hypertext indicates a link to a photo of the soldier; a name presented in hypertext indicates an e-mail link.


 Position Name & Rank Remarks
Commander  Jennings, Michael LTC Retired as a Col
Company Commander Bailey, Nathan CPT
XO Hancock, Tom   Major Retired as a LTC 2001
Chief Surgery Hofer, Rich LTC
Asst  Chief Surgery Maris, Charles LTC Now a COL
Staff Anesthetist  S-3 Evans, Bill  Major
Oral/Maxillofacial Alverez, Carlos M. LTC
  Ybly, Tomay  
Position Unknown Carver, Larry A. LTC Retired
Chief Nurse Cousins, Gary R. LTC Retired is a AON for Advantage nurses inc.
Head Nurse Emergency Medical Treatment  Johnson, Carolyn LTC Retired as a LTC
Position Unknown McClure, Michael K LTC
Position Unknown McGregor, Marie L. LTC Retired
RN Nurse Prechter, Patricia D. LTC Retired 2008 Dean of Nursing at Holy Cross College of Nursing in NOLA.  
Head Nurse ICU ward Riche, Suzanne C. LTC Retired as a LTC
Head Nurse Surgery Ryals, Louise M LTC Retired as a LTC
Chief Sundin, Robert K. LTC Retired as a LTC
Pharmacist Carter, James W. JR Major
Head nurse of ICU #2 Field Sanitation Officer Charles, Patricia A.Major Retired as a Major
Nurse Anesthetist Digby, Emilia V Major
Nurse Anesthetist Hrabar, Philip M. Major Retired
Chaplain Kinney, Thomas E.  Major Died September3 2005
ER Nurse

Naquin, Barry  B.     Major

Died March 28 2005 buried in Thibodeaux, LA
Emergency Room Nurse Poole, Rebecca K   . Major Died December  2013
Position Unknown Arbour, Paul G. CPT now a LTC
Nurse Clayton, James W. Jr CPT
Position Unknown Davis, John A. Jr CPT
Doctor Gaines, Camalyn W. CPT
Position Unknown Gaines, Randal L. CPT
Orthopedic Surgeon Goff, Marcos
Position Unknown Heath, John A. CPT
Internal Medicine Ivey, Jeremiah M. CPT
Doctor Jeanfreau, Robert J. CPT
Doctor Lemoine, Dwight R. CPT
Anesthesiologist Mansell, John L.  CPT
Internal Medicine Matheney, Robert D. CPT
Surgery Moore, Lane I. CPT
Position Unknown Nunez, Paula A. CPT
Internal Medicine Patterson, Frances A. CPT
Position Unknown Washington Raymond Retired
Position Unknown Romolo, Robert G. CPT
Position Unknown Singleton, Sharon A. CPT Now a LTC
Nurse Surgery Tomayybly, Zsuzsanna E. CPT
Surgery Wilkerson, Bruce L. 1LT
Nurse ICU ward Borden, Charles D. 1LT Retired
OIC of an ICW Burns, Mary D. 1LT Now a LTC
Pharmacist Crump, Clinton D. 1LT
Nurse ICU ward Grant, Robert W. 1LT 
Position Unknown Hagan, John R. 1LT
Position Unknown Hymel, Mary L. 1LT Retired
Position Unknown King, Adele R. 1LT
Position Unknown Kiviaho, Tracie L. 1LT
Position Unknown Koepp, Mark E. 1LT
Nurse Mahoney, Barbara A. 1LT Active duty as Nurse Practitioner
Position Unknown Olsen, Roger L. 1LT
Position Unknown Sullivan, Sharon E. 1LT
Position Unknown Washington, Raymond 1LT Retired
Position Unknown Bordes, John H. Jr 2LT Retired LTC
Position Unknown Bork, Toni A. 2LT
Nurse Daquin, Charles P. 2LT
Nurse Dew, Sheila M. 2LT
Position Unknown Greene, Patricia G. 2LT
Nurse Harris, David M. 2LT
Position Unknown Shelton, Andrew D. 2LT
Position Unknown Stewart-Julian, Tammy T. 2LT
LPN II Butler, Edward
Nurse Tolbert, Peggy A. 2LT Retired
Nurse Watson, Debra A. 2LT
First Sergerant Fenstermacher, Carl D. 1SG
Position Unknown Arnold, Cementry A. SFC
LPN Sanchez, Carlos  SGT  
Position Unknown Sanchez, Michael R. SFC
PAD DePascual, Christopher M. SFC  Retired
NBC NCO Wellmeyer, Henry P. SFC  Retired
PAD Anderson, Victoria M. SSG
BIO MED maintenance Ballier, Gary H. Jr SSG
Medic Bannister, Alex Jr SSG
Position Unknown Bekkala, Janet A. SSG
ICW2 Bolanos, Gilton R. SSG
PAD Bookman, Robert J. SSG
supply sergeant Burkhardt, David C. SSG now retired
Position Unknown Daniel, Judy S. SSG Currently in the Navy in Jacksonville FL
Position Unknown Gaubert, Patricia M. SSG
food service sgt Harper, Anna R. SSG now retired as a SFC
Medical Supply NCOIC Henderson, Georgia R. SSG  Retired
Surgical Technician Hite, Tonya M. S. SSG Retired
52D  Dautenhahn, Wanda Marie  SPC  Now a Captain in Missouri National Guard
Position Unknown Newsome, Laveria D. SSG
Position Unknown Petit, Annette A. M. SSG
Position Unknown Quinn, Deanna M. SSG
Position Unknown Ritter, Charles A. SSG
Position Unknown Roberts, David A. SSG
Position Unknown Sanders, Gary W. SSG
Position Unknown Scalfani, Vincent J. SSG
Medic Smith, Demetrius I. SSG
Position Unknown Talbot, Michelle T. SSG
Emergency NCO Zeringue, Raymond SGT
Position Unknown Bean, Marion A. SGT
Position Unknown Blanchard, terry W. SGT
Position Unknown Brewster, Anita L. SGT
Position Unknown Briggs, Guamnetta M. SGT
Position Unknown Broadhurst, William M. SGT
Position Unknown Brooks, Patrcia A. SGT
Position Unknown Conerly, Ava L. SPC
Position Unknown Daigle, Keithen SPC
Position Unknown Dardis, Francis J. Jr SPC
91A Combat Medic Dore, Joseph B. SPC Now a LTC  MD Brigade Surgeon for 256th ESB currently in Iraq
EMT section  Donovan, Randall SGT
Position Unknown Dusang, Scott A. SPC
Position Unknown Englade, Keith S. SPC
XRAY SPC Fink, Dori A. SPC
Position Unknown Fonseca, Terrance J. Jr. SPC
Position Unknown Fontanille, Jason P. SPC
Position Unknown Frank, James W. SPC
Maiil Clerk Gillette, Jerry C. Jr. SPC Now a Police Officer
Position Unknown Hebert, Michael J. SPC
Position Unknown Herrera, Waleah N. SPC
Position Unknown Jensen, Anthony W. SPC
Position Unknown Kately, Cassidy J. SPC
Position Unknown Keppler, Edward J. Jr. SPC
Position Unknown Kilchrist, Kyle J. SPC
nurse anesthetist Lamb, Hal B. SPC Now a Major
Position Unknown Linder, David W. SPC
Position Unknown Louis, Larry D. SPC
Medic Mullins, Jeannine M. SPC
Commo SPC Nebel, Eddystone C. SPC
Position Unknown Noffsinger, Nancy A. SPC
Position Unknown Randolph SPC
Position Unknown Remy, Robert M. SPC
X-Ray Reed, Curry
Position Unknown Rizzuto, Richard C. SPC
Supply SPC Roach, John M. SPC
Position Unknown Rome, Christine B. SPC
Position Unknown Ross, Benny SPC
Medic Santos, Dion M. SPC
Medic Santos, William J. SPC
Position Unknown Schexnaydre, Michael A. SPC
Position Unknown Stewart, Dana D. SPC
91A Combat Medic Swearingen, David C. III SPC
Position Unknown Vajnar, David C. SPC
Position Unknown Wallace, Tanza A. SPC
Medic Waller, Leasa A. SPC
Position Unknown Webb, Michael SPC
LPN White, Betty M. SPC
Position Unknown Winters, Rachel M. SPC
Position Unknown Wood, Kenna M. SPC
Position Unknown Youngblood, Bruce A. SPC
Position Unknown Alombro, Kevin M. PFc
Position Unknown Andre, Jeffrey A. PFC
Position Unknown Appe, Bryan P. PFC
Medic Bigelow, Robert J. PFC
Position Unknown Cole, Robert S. PFC
Position Unknown Cuccia, Bruce J. PFC
Position Unknown Edwards, Melvin L. 111 PFC
Position Unknown Fairburn, Darren B. PFC
Medic Fanning, Terri A. PFC   RIP
Position Unknown Flegeance, Christine T. PFC
Medic Fisher, Kyle E. PFC
Position Unknown Gaines, Laura L. PFC
LPN Goodyear, Kristi A. PFc
Medic Grizzaffi, Bruce J. PFC
Position Unknown Hall, Admira T. PFC
Position Unknown Harper, Mart G. PFC
Position Unknown Henderson, Fred J. PFc
PCommo SGT Johnson, Anissa M. PFC
Position Unknown Lavin, Michael J. PFC
Position Unknown Mitchell, Charles J. Jr PFC
Position Unknown Pichon, Doland G. PFC
Position Unknown Quebedeaux, Kelly A. PFC
Position Unknown Sanders, Lori A. PFC
Position Unknown Surla, Greg S. PFC
Medic Thore, George L. jr PFC
Medic Thornhill, Michael C. PFc
Position Unknown Warner, Levan M. PFC
Position Unknown Alongi, Dominick J. PV2
Position Unknown Mather, Karye L. PV2
Position Unknown Turner, Gerald A. PV2
Position Unknown Bravo, Jeffrey M.  PV1
Position Unknown Brisco, Raymond PV1
Position Unknown Cancienne, Rochelle M. PV1
Position Unknown Disher, Deirdra R. PV1
Position Unknown Hoover, John K. PV1
Position Unknown Keyes, Robert O. PV1
Position Unknown Scott, Lalanne B. PV1
PAD Dunne, Robert
Med Hoova, John Live in Charloth NC
Medic Matherne, Michael SGT
 Chaplain’s Assistant  Wilson, Earl SGT  paramedic instructor, New Orleans
 LPN  Grammar Savoie, Brianna SGT
 NCOIC Task Force Air Band Aid  Tabby, Ken SGT  Project Manger J.S. Held LLC


 Medic  Coco, Mark SGT
 Position Unknown  Rogers, Terry SGT
  Medical Laboratory  
Laboratory NCOIC Daniel, Judy SSG  
Laboratory SGT Denina, Nina SGT  
Laboratory SPC Linder, David SPC  
Laboratory SPC Wood, Kenna SPC  
Laboratory SPC Cambre, Mark PV1  
  Maintenance section  
Sr Mechanic Black, Keith C. Sr SFC now a Master Sergeant in the 3673rd Maintenance Company
Motor sergeant Thomas, Don E. SFC MSG in the 204th ASTG
Fueler Brumfield, Freeman PV2 from Dover, NJ
Fueler Hyatt, David SPC Phenix City, Ala
Furler Clark, Brian  SPC from La
Mechanic Williams, Joseph Jr SPC now a 1LT in the 1084th Trans Co
Wrecker Operator Sanders, Gary SSG from N.O. La
Mechanic Thompson, Rex SPC Omaha, Neb
Mechanic Adams, Mark  SPC Shrevport, La
Wrecker Operator Lewis, Larry SPC from Addis, La
Bio-Med/Genetors Picken, Scott E.  Medically Retire from LA
  Communication Section  
 COMMO Chief  Parker, Curtis SGT Currently a CPT with the LA National Guard (2015)
 Asst COMMO Chief  Price, Ryant SGT  Retired Major with the LA National Guard, LA MEDCOM
 COMMO  Brown, James SGT  Medically retired from LA National Guard
 COMMO Randolph, Rudolph SPC  Retired from the GA Air National Guard
 COMMO  Johnson, Anissa SPC  Currently a Major with the LA National Guard (2015)
 COMMO  Nebel, Eddystone SPC  Professer at Delgado College, New Orleans, LA (2015)
 COMMO  Surla, Greg SPC  Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL Area Information Technology and Services (2015)
 COMMO  Daigle, Kiethen PFC  Cornerstone Chemical Co., Waggaman, LA (2015)
 COMMO  Harper, Mart PFC