54th FSB


54th Forward Support Battalion
Ray Barracks, Friedberg, Germany

Last update: December 28, 2003

Roster Directory

Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment

A Company (Supply)

B Company (Maintenance)

C Company (Medical)

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Battalion Headquarters and Staff

 Position Name & Rank Remarks
Battalion Commander Goff, Rossyln LTC  
Commander's Driver     
Battalion XO     
XO's Driver     
Command Sergeant Major     
CSM's Driver Szabla, Robert SGT  
Support Operations Officer Reeves, "Bubba" MAJ  
Support Operations Saum, Bob SFC  
Support Operations Hunkins, Todd  
Support Ops Medical NCO     
Support Ops Maintenance NCO     
S1 Adjutant     
S1 NCOIC (PAC Chief)     
S2/S3 Operations Officer     
Chemical Officer Holland, Gary LT Later became Support Platoon Leader in 
A Company
S2/S3 Driver     
S2 NCOIC     
S3 NCOIC     
Battalion NBC NCO     
Battalion NBC NCO     
Battalion Signal NCO     
Battalion Signal     
S4 – Logistics Officer     
S4 NCOIC     
S4 Section     
Battalion Maintenance Tech.     

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Alpha Company (Supply)

 Position  Name & Rank  Remarks
First Sergeant     
Supply Platoon Leader/XO Londono David 2LT  
Supply Sergeant Jamison SSG  
Organizational Supply Specialist     
Combat Signaler     
Graves Registration Sergeant     

Unknown Section


Food Service Section

Food Service Sergeant     
Food Service Sergeant     
First Cook     

Motor Pool

Motor Sergeant Allen, SGT  
PLL/TAMMS Clerk Nieves, Wenda SPC  
Light Wheel Vehicle Mechanic Fox, Paul SGT    
Light Wheel Vehicle Mechanic Flores, Victor SGT    
Light Wheel Vehicle Mechanic Rodriguez, SGT    
Light Wheel Vehicle Mechanic Gilbert, Janine SGT  
Light Wheel Vehicle Mechanic Travis, PFC  
Light Wheel Vehicle Mechanic Bell, PFC  
Recovery Parker, James SPC  
Power Generation Equipment NCO     
Power Generation Equipment Chappell, David  
QM & Chemical Equipment Specialist     
? Garcia, Saul PFC  
Mat Con/AC Specialist     

Supply Section

Supply Section Chief     
Material Storage & Handling Sergeant     
Ration Distribution Sergeant     
Material Storage & Handling Specialist Rivers, Donquel SPC    
Material Storage & Handling Specialist     
Material Storage & Handling Specialist     
Subsistence Specialist     
Subsistence Specialist     
Subsistence Specialist     
Subsistence Specialist     
Subsistence Specialist     
MHE Operator     
Ammunition Section
Ammunition Section Chief     
Ammunition Sergeant Shelby, SGT    
Ammunition Specialist Austin, Gregory    
Ammunition Specialist Kimpfbeck, Chad    
Ammunition Specialist     
Ammunition Specialist     
Ammunition Specialist     
Ammunition Specialist     
Crane Operator Sergeant     
Crane Operator Specialist     
Crane Operator Specialist     
Petroleum Section
Petroleum Section Chief     
Petroleum Sergeant Box, SGT    
Petroleum Sergeant Erickson, John III    
Petroleum Sergeant     
Petroleum Sergeant     
Petroleum Specialist     
Petroleum Specialist     
Petroleum Specialist     
Petroleum Specialist     
Petroleum Specialist     
Petroleum Specialist     
Petroleum Specialist     
Petroleum Specialist     
Petroleum Specialist     
Petroleum Specialist     
Petroleum Specialist     
Petroleum Specialist     
Petroleum Specialist     
Petroleum Specialist    

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Bravo Company (Maintenance)

 Position  Name & Rank  Remarks

Headquarters Platoon

Commander Binder, Martin G CPT   
Commander's Driver Krogedal SPC  
Shop Officer Raymond, Timothy 1LT  
First Sergeant Wamsley 1SG "First Sergeant"
First Sergeant's Driver Nixon SPC   
Supply Sergeant Forester, Cindy SGT  
Motor Sergeant Decker SFC  
TAMMS/PLL Clerk    

 Shop Office

  Green-Nix, Gilda SGT  

 Armament Platoon

  Framke, Troy  

 Automotive Platoon

Platoon Leader    
Platoon Sergeant Moss, Robert R. SFC  
Maintenance Technician    
Armament Repair Technician    
Base Team Chief    
3-5 CAV Team Chief Page, Ginger SGT  
5-5 CAV Team Chief    
5-5 CAV Team Chief    
5-5 CAV MST Mechanic (45K)    
5-5 CAV MST Mechanic    
5-5 CAV MST Mechanic    
5-5 CAV MST Mechanic    
5-5 CAV MST Mechanic    
5-5 CAV MST Mechanic    
5-5 CAV MST Mechanic    
5-5 CAV MST Tank Turret Repairer    
5-5 CAV MST Mechanic    
5-5 CAV MST Mechanic    
5-5 CAV MST Mechanic    
5-5 CAV MST Mechanic    
4-32 AR Team Chief    
4-34 AR Team Chief    
5-18 IN Team Chief Smith, Randall  

 Ground Support Platoon

Platoon Leader Green M..T CW2    
Platoon Sergeant Booker, Donald SFC    
Commo Repair NCOIC Wood, Earl SFC  
Missile Repair NCOIC Farrell, Willie SSG    
Missile Repair Boroch, James  
Generator Repair NCOIC Farra, Glenn SSG    
ELM Shop Foreman Schaaf, Dana SSG   
ELM Section Chief Noel, SGT   
Electronic Shop Jenkins, Roy SPC   
Electronic Shop Garcia, Fernando SPC    
Electronic Shop Favret, John SPC    
Radio Repair Smith, David SGT   
Radio Repair Oloizia, Doug SPC   
Radio Repair Zimmerman, Bryan SPC   
Radio Repair Gilbert, Carl SPC  
Radio Repair Adkins, Randall SPC  

 Unknown Platoon

  Hawthorn, Giles    
  Villie, I SGT  
  Yarnell, Jamie  
  Adams, Edward  

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Charlie Company (Medical)

 Position  Name & Rank  Remarks
Commander/Bde Surgeon Fuller, George MAJ Geriatrics
Commander Carlson, "Chip" CPT  
Commander's Driver Training NCO: SGT Bentonio   
Executive Officer "XO" Sharp, Kevin 1LT  
XO's Driver Dawson, Cindy SPC  
First Sergeant Bannon, Thomas 1SG
Sandberg, 1SG
1SG's Driver See Commo NCO: CPL Benson  

 Evac/HQ Platoon

Platoon Leader McCullough 1LT   
Motor Sergeant Fitton, Phillip SSG   
Shop Foreman White, Larry SPC   
Mechanic Foskey, Dennis SGT   
TAMMS/PLL Clerk    
Commo Sergeant Martin (Benson), Lisa CPL  
Commo Cooper PFC  
Supply Sergeant Mitchell SGT  
Medical Supply SGT Hallibuton, Patrick SGT  
Medical Supply SGT Gladden SGT  
Training NCO Betonio Renee R.K. SGT  
NBC NCO Middleton, Rich SPC   
Food Service NCO Schook, Gerard SSG   

Ambulance Squads

Platoon Sergeant Mota, Anthony SSG   
Track Squad Leader Fishel, Brian SGT   
Aid/Evac NCO     
Medical Specialist Zepecki, Aryka SPC   
Medical Specialist Martin, Larry "Butch" SPC   
Medical Specialist Villareal, SPC   
Medical Specialist Jackson, Randy SGT   
Medical Specialist Lytle, Craig SGT   
Medical Specialist Gabriell, Margaret SPC   
Medical Specialist Wertheimer, Holly SPC   
Medical Specialist Heustis, Lisa SPC Later Lisa Rimlinger
Medical Specialist     

 Treatment Platoon

Platoon Leader Gazza, Patricia 1LT  
Platoon Sergeant Cook, Lonnie SFC  
Treatment Squad Leader Jones, Mellonie SSG  
Physician Burklow, Tom CPT Pediatrics
Physician Painter, Joe CPT Orthopaedics
Physician Fossom CPT  
Physician Lane, Brian CPT  
Nurse (LPN) Geno SGT  
Nurse (LPN) Palacio, Mary SGT  
Physician's Assistant Mueller CW2  
Physician's Assistant    
Patient Admin Federick, Sylvester SPC  
Dentist Pandolfi, Philip CPT  
Dental Technician Pennix, Angelina PFC  
X-Ray Specialist Jackson, Kenneth SGT  
Medical Lab Specialist    
Emergency Treatment NCO Gelpi-Santana, Juanita SGT  
Emergency Treatment NCO Velez, Juan SGT  
Emergency Treatment NCO Gali, Danilo SGT  
Emergency Treatment NCO Gale, Arron SGT  
Medical Specialist Dawson, Cindy SPC  
Medical Specialist Barnes (Hyde), Rhonda SPC  
Medical Specialist Barrows, Tonni PFC  
Medical Specialist Sylvester, Tonyo PFC  
Medical Specialist Deschaine, Gailynne PFC  
Medical Specialist Oden, Corey PFC  
Medical Specialist Lytle, Kathy SPC  
Medical Specialist Spann, Thomas SPC  
Medical Specialist Flemming SPC  
Medical Specialist Woolf, Danny PFC  
Medical Specialist Lazor, Kevin SPC  

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