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Unloading trailers at the seaport.

How long do you think we will be here?

Unloading people at the airport.


An HQ in Cement City.

Do you have photos?  If so, please email them to me!   Thanks!


Cement City Tents

Cement city Tents

Commanders and 1SGs

Meeting in Cement city

Maintenance meeting in Cement City

Connexes that were "ripped off"

Connex that was "ripped off"

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503d heading home!

M88 pulling an Iraqi T-72M

M88 pulling a an Iraqi T72M

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Who is this soldier?

Loading up a truck!


Christmas in the Desert.

 A Camel...!

A Camel!!

 COL Nash giving a pep talk

COL Nash giving a pep talk prior to the ground phase.


Crossing the Berm into Iraq.


MLRS firing next to our BSA.

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Building defensive positions.

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Whose Bunker is this?  Let me know.
 Lon Pribble

3AD Phone Center in Kuwait near Safwan, Iraq

3AD Phone Center just inside Kuwait.

Destroyed Iraqi tanks

Oil well fires in Eastern Kuwait

Oil Fires near the RFCT BSA in Eastern Kuwait.

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Just north of Kuwait City.

Oil Fires in Kuwait

Oil fire in Kuwait.

CPT Joe Kime's Memorial Service.

Sign entering Kuwait from Saudi Arabia.  (We saw this one in our rear view mirror!)

Getting ready to go home!

Getting ready to go home!

Heading home! (View from the plane)

Heading back to Germany!

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Loading up for a short trip.

3 Officers

LTC Kennedy talking with LT Cargyle and ???

Battalion colors headed home! LTC Kennedy (left) & ?? on the right

Battalion colors headed home

Do you have photos?  If so, please send them to me!   Thanks!

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