C Company (Medical) Photos


C/503d FSB Photos
Last update: December 26, 2003

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Maureen Dunaway and a PA

PFC Maureen Dunaway and one of the Physician Assistants showing her how to stitch a open wound.

Do you know this soldier in BCGs?

SPC Benton

PFC Williams & Sheila Fowler

From  Left to Right: PFC Williams & Sheila (Fowler) Stepp

The Greys

SPC Patricia Martinez Grey & SGT Christopher Grey

MOPP 4 in the warehouse!

Sheila  (Fowler) Stepp in MOPP4

Who is this soldier?

Sheila (Fowler) Stepp

Medical Civilian Assistance Program (MEDCAP)

C/503d soldiers (Sheila Stepp (Fowler) on the Right) treating a child in Mother's lap during a MEDCAP.


Do you have photos?  Please send them to me!  Thanks!

Lon Pribble
5915 Bond Court
Alexandria, VA  22315-4003


Two soldiers and a Jordanian

From  Left to Right: SGT Mike Luff (5-5 CAV Medic), a Jordan refugee, and ??

PFC Perez

PFC Perez, track driver for C/503rd from 3/5 CAV

SGT Denise Randa (Far Right)

Sandbags in Cement City.

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C Company Change of Command

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