Battalion Headquarters and Staff (HHD) Photos


HHD/503d FSB Photos
Last update: December 26, 2003

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HHD Troops heading somewhere in a truck!

HHD Troops headed somewhere on the back of a truck.

(Left to Right) CPT Pribble (S3), CPT Koziol (SPO), and CPT Martucci

Pribble, Koziol, and Martucci

Advanced Party?!

Advance Party? Who are these soldiers?

In the TAA?

Lifeline Troops in the Desert.   Do you know who they are?  Where were we when this photo was taken?  If you know please send me a note.
Lon Pribble

CSM Herman taking a nap

CSM Herman taking a much deserved nap!

What's up, Brugge?

??? meeting with Brugge

wpe1.jpg (11473 bytes)

CSM Herman (503d FSB CSM)


Support Ops HMMWV

Filling sandbags

? (Left) and CPT (now LTC) Brian Koziol (Right) filling a sandbag

Advance Party!

Advance Party Arriving.
Brian Koziol (left) and ??? (right)

Do you have photos?  Please send them to me!   Thanks!

Lon Pribble
5915 Bond Court
Alexandria, VA  22315

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