B Company (Maintenance)


B Company, 503d Support Battalion (Forward)

Lifeline to the Ready First Combat Team

(Ayers Kaserne, Kirch-Göns, Germany)

Last update:  Sunday, December 28, 2003

Bravo Company (Maintenance)

 Position  Name & Rank  Remarks

Headquarters Platoon

Commander Reed, Michael CPT  
Commander's Driver Huey, SPC  
Shop Officer Page, Dan 1LT  
First Sergeant McWatt, Leo 1SG  
First Sergeant's Driver Fleenor (Heggie), Donna SPC   
Supply Sergeant    
Motor Sergeant Davis, SFC  
Mechanic Balbuta, SGT  
Mechanic Phillips, SGT  
TAMMS/PLL Clerk Worrell, SPC  

 Automotive Platoon

Platoon Leader Knot, Tammy 1LT  
Platoon Sergeant Shepard, Samantha SFC  
Maintenance Technician Holmes, Percy CW4  
Armament Repair Technician Armata, Joseph WO1  
Armament Repair NCO Saito, Dan SSG  
Base Team Chief Cody, SFC  
3-5 CAV Team Chief Brooks, SFC  
5-5 CAV Team Chief Whidbee, SFC  
5-5 CAV Team Chief Kitchen, SFC  
5-5 CAV MST Mechanic (45K) Wallace, Robert F. SGT  
5-5 CAV MST Mechanic Wicks, SGT  
5-5 CAV MST Mechanic Stephens, SGT  
5-5 CAV MST Mechanic Farlow, SGT  
5-5 CAV MST Mechanic Pettry, SPC  
5-5 CAV MST Mechanic Helm, Mark SPC  
5-5 CAV MST Mechanic Bragg, SPC  
5-5 CAV MST Tank Turret Repairer Purnell, Darryll SPC  
5-5 CAV MST Mechanic Jones, Christopher PFC  
5-5 CAV MST Mechanic Beauchemin, Alexander PFC  
5-5 CAV MST Mechanic Reid, Richard S. "Scott" PFC  
5-5 CAV MST Mechanic Eaccarino, T.J. PFC  
4-32 AR Team Chief Standifer, SFC  
4-32 AR MST Giardina, Steve  
4-34 AR Team Chief Wilson, SFC  
Soldier Lucas, Shawn SPC  

 Ground Support Platoon

Platoon Leader Cargyle, Pam 1LT    
Platoon Sergeant Stoneking, Stephen SFC    
Commo Repair NCOIC Wilkerson, Tom SFC  
Missile Repair NCOIC Bryant, Rodney SGT    
Generator Repair NCOIC Clements, SSG    
ELM Shop Foreman Edwards, Dace SSG   
ELM Section Chief Carter, SGT   
Electronic Shop Bennett, Michael SGT   
Electronic Shop Ervin, Robert SPC    
Radio Repair Burgess, Stephen SPC    
Electronic Shop Stovall, Carl SPC   
Electronic Shop Thompson, Tommy SGT   
Electronic Shop Solomon SPC   
Electronic Shop Davis, SGT  
Electronic Shop Tall, SGT  
Electronic Shop Jackson, Addison PFC  

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