Rear Detachment


122d Support Battalion (Main)
Rear Detachment

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Name & Rank


Detachment Commander Holder, Ann, 1LT D/122
  Gunter, Lynn, MSG C/122
  Davis, Terry, SSG C/122
  Harvey, Michael, SSG C/122, ANCOES
  Dunn, Emilia, SGT C/122
  Hill, ?, SGT C/122
  Holloman, Mevineicy, SGT C/122
  Rice, Nathan, SGT C/122
  Ross, Priscilla, SGT C/122
  Taylor, Chuck, SGT C/122
  Craven, Darcella, SPC C/122
  Epperson, ?, SPC C/122
  Gibbons, ?, SPC C/122
  Gross, ?, SPC C/122
  Gore, Thomas, SPC C/122
  Jackson, Brenda, SPC C/122
  Jackson, Renee, SPC C/122
  Kuchlenz, ?, SPC C/122
  Martin, ?, SPC C/122
  Miller, Jean, SPC C/122
  Osby, ?, SPC C/122
  Sackey, Lorel, SPC C/122
  Sharp, ?, SPC C/122

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