HQS Detachment


122d Support Battalion (Main)
Headquarters & Headquarters Detachment

Fliegerhorst Kaserne, Hanau, Germany

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Command Section


Name & Rank


Battalion Commander Brutsche, Robert, LTC Safwan Support 
Commander's Driver Bacio, Trevior, SPC Safwan Support 
Commander's Secretary Barnett, Jeannie, SPC  
Battalion Executive Officer Kline, Vernon, MAJ Safwan Support 
XO's Driver Marsh, Rodney, SPC Safwan Support
Battalion Command Sergeant Major McCottrell, Booker, CSM Safwan Support 
CSM's Driver Murphy, Roger, SPC Safwan Support 
Battalion Chaplain Arnold, Lindsey, CPT Safwan Support
Chaplain's Assistant Perry, King, SPC Safwan Support 
Adjutant Galindo, Tina, 1LT  
S1 NCOIC Peacher, Karen, SSG  
Battalion Mail Clerk Davis, Ralph, SPC  
  Rodgers, ?, SGT  
  Duke, Pamela, SPC  
  McGee, Laronda, SPC  
  Sackey, Lorel, SPC  
  Simon, Glenn, SPC  
  Stanton, Demetrius, SPC  
  Watts, Harry, PFC  
Operations Officer Miller, Clifton, MAJ  
S2/3 NCOIC King, ?, MSG  
NBC/Operations NCO Smith, Kevin, SFC  
  Hill, Natriena, SPC  
  Mosby, Kaye, SPC  
  Bolen, Sherrell PFC  
Logistics Officer Bolander, Brent, 1LT HHD Commander
S4 NCOIC Jones, Willie, SFC  
Battalion Maintenance Officer Vaughn, Bobby, CW2  
Battalion Maintenance NCO Grice, Purvis, MSG  
  Watford, Michael, SSG  
Support Operations
Support Operations Officer Davis, Patrick, MAJ Safwan Support
Support Operations NCOIC Robertson, Glenn, SFC  
Transportation Officer Torrence, ?, CPT  
Maintenance Officer Winston, Nailor, CW4  
Battalion Maintenance NCO Grice, Purvis, MSG  
Unknown Bauer, George, SFC Safwan Support
Unknown Silva, Robert, SGT Safwan Support
Unknown Cantwell, Timmie, SPC Safwan Support

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