Delta Co


122d Support Battalion (Main)
Delta Company

Fliegerhorst Kaserne, Hanau, Germany

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Name & Rank


Commander Lee, Anthony, CPT  
First Sergeant Arnold, Wellesley, 1SG  
Maintenance Control Officer Gibson, Charles, 1LT  
Platoon Leader Dulay, Danny, 2LT  
Maintenance Technician Peters, Leander, CW3  
Armament Technician Sosa, Robert, CW2  
Service Technician Krause, Richard, CW2  
  Cooper, Marvin, SGT Safwan Support
  Brown, Sharon, SPC Safwan Support
  Larance, Jason, SPC Safwan Support
  Pendleton, Randolph, SPC Safwan Support
  Perry, Christian, SPC Safwan Support
  Summers, Johnnie, SPC Safwan Support
  Britt, Lyle MT TM w/ 23rd En BN
  Passwaters, Earl SGT  
 Elkins, Dennis  PFC
 Cain,  SSG
 Meyers,  Rob  SPC
 Brown,  James  PFC
 LeSure,  Johnnie  PFC
 Holmes,  PFC
Santoyo,  Ramiro   SGT
Cheeks,  Matt  SPC
Wood,  Larry  SPC
Franks,  Donny  SSG
 St. Clair,   Bob  SPC
 Platoon Sgt Rabassa,  SFC
Dorsey. Michael  SSG
Gay,   SPC
Cook  SPC
Seaver,  Thad   SPC
Berens,  Mike   SPC
Wolf,   PFC
Yammy,   SPC
Teal,   Jay    SPC
Jackson,   Kevin    SPC
Thompson,    Kevin   SPC
McRae,    SGT
Bellamy,   SGT

This page is currently under construction.  Some information is available, but we need quite a bit of input from D/122d MSB Desert Storm veterans to make this a better site.  We greatly appreciate any additions or corrections you can give us.

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