HHB Division Artillery


Headquarters and Headquarters Battery
Division Artillery (DIVARTY), 3d Armored Division
“Spearhead Steel”
(Hutier Kaserne, Hanau, Germany)

Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, Division Artillery (DIVARTY), 3d Armored Division deployed to Southwest Asia from Hutier Kaserne at Hanau, Germany on or about 27 December 1990. HHC remained there until on or about 17 May 1991, when it redeployed to Germany.  DIVARTY subsequently reflagged as the 42d FA Brigade which redeployed to Fort Polk, LA along with 4-82 FA.


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HHB, Division Artillery

 Position  Name & Rank  Remarks
DIVARTY Commander Michitsch, John F. COL Retired in 2000 as Major General
DIVARTY Executive Officer Odierno, Raymond P. MAJ(P) Currently US Army Chief of Staff
Command Sergeant Major Carr, Thomas E. CSM Now working at Fort Sill
CDR’s HMMWV Driver
XO’s HMMWV Driver Devore, John SPC
CSM’s HMMWV Driver Randall, Hannah SPC
S1 – Adjutant Nicholls, Greg MAJ Did not deploy Rear Det. OIC in Hanau
S1 NCOIC Marshall, James MSG
S1 M577 Driver
S1 personnel Billups, Bonnie L. SGT
S1 personnel Robertson, Anne M. SGT Left Army Jan 1995. Now living in Texas
S1 personnel Lyons III, Horace SPC
S2 – Intelligence Officer Vance, Mike D. CPT
Asst. S2 Sliwa, Steve A. CPT currently commands 1-37 FA
Asst. S2
Assist. S2 NCOIC
S2 M577 Driver
S2 personnel
S2 personnel
S2 personnel
S3 – Operations Officer Riddle, Ray MAJ Died in 1994 (heart attack)
DIVARTY Fire Direction Officer
FDNCOIC Williams, Marcus SFC Retired in VA
FDC personnel Ramirez, Larry DS rank not known; now an Instructor at Fort Sill
DIVARTY Targeting Officer
DIVARTY Special Weapons Officer
Assist. S3 Morin, John MAJ Lead DIVARTY Advance party
Assist. S3 Powell, Charles MAJ
Assist. S3 Ops Yager, John K. CPT
Assist. S3 Plans & Exercises Kelly, David CPT
S3 NCOIC Griffin, William H. SGM
OPS SGM Poindexter, Michael F. MSG
S3 M577 Driver
S3 personnel Mackenzie SFC MET and Duty NCO
S3 personnel Chase, John SSG Duty NCO
S3 personnel
Metro NCOIC Lorimer, Mathew G. SFC Became 1SG in 1/24th ID
Metro NCO Marsh, Johnny R. SSG Currently working at Fort Sill
Metro NCO Zeigler, SSG
Metro NCO Taft, Geoffrey SSG
Chemical Officer Welch, Mark A. CPT
Chemical NCO Greene, John SFC
S4 – Logistics Officer Sellers, Steve R. CPT
Assist. S4
Assist. S4
HMMWV Driver (S4 Section)
M577 Driver (S4 Section)
Signal Officer Luster, Albert MAJ Currently COL
Signal NCOIC
Wire Team NCOIC
Radio Team NCOIC
Radio Team personnel
Trans. NCOIC
Trans. NCO
Maint. NCOIC
Maint. NCO
Maint. NCO
Ammo NCO
Food Service NCO
Staff Judge Advocate (SJA)
EO NCO Ringwood, SFC What tactical position held?  Retired in Leesville, LA
HQ Unknown position Bradley, Corey L. CPT
HQ Unknown position Clark, Daniel J. CPT
HQ Unknown position Claburn, Shannon S. 1LT
HQ Unknown position Oleinik, John J. 1LT ??Assist. S4??
HQ Unknown position Doyle, Dennis A. MSG

 HHB Personnel

HHB Commander Marrick, Matt CPT Currently LTC
HHB CDR’s HMMWV Driver Munoz, Henry G. SPC(P)
HHB XO Steele, Charlene 1LT
HHB XO Sutherland, Patrice M. 1LT
HHB XO’s HMMWV Driver Vassar, Vincent E. SPC Also drove Commo Sergeant
HHB First Sergeant McKim, John P. 1SG
HHB First Sergeant Chastain SFC Interim
1SG’s HMMWV Driver Kyle, James SGT
Orderly Room Clerk ArtyBooker, Kathalene SPC
Supply Sergeant Tasi, Seti SSG
Supply Specialist/Armorer Arvelo, Mariano SGT
Armorer & Wire Section Schartner, Darin SGT Currently MSG at Ft Sam Houston
 Wire Section  Kolumban, Scott J SPC  Now retired SFC

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