A/40 FA Pictures


40fa_a_huxta_m_francoise_kaserne.jpg (58096 bytes)    40fa_a_huxta_m_francoise_kaserne2.jpg (54382 bytes)    40fa_a_huxta_m_mlrs_iraq.jpg (8896 bytes)    40fa_a_huxta_m_mlrs_iraq2.jpg (55471 bytes)    40fa_a_huxta_m_mlrs_iraq3.jpg (53996 bytes)

Martin Mertens in front of his launcher A13

The points-of-contact for the “1st Brigade in Desert Storm” section of the Association of 3AD Veterans website are Daryl W.Gordon and  Mike Williard .  Daryl is a Cold War Era veteran 2d Battalion, 6th Artillery and a past Secretary and President of the Association. Mike  is a Desert Storm and Cold War Veteran 2d Battalion, 3d Field Artillery and a past Secretary of the Association.  Please address content comments, additions, and corrections to them. 


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