5-3 ADA





5th Battalion, 3d Air Defense Artillery (8th Infantry Division)
“Sun Dragon”
( Germany)


Please take a look at this roster and see if you can make any additions or corrections.  If you have input, gale.messier@gmail.com  Note that this unit also contained elements of 3-5 ADA, but we do not fully understand yet how this integration was accomplished.  3-5 ADA was organic to 3AD, but was in the process of inactivating when deployment orders were issued.  That is why 5-3 ADA from 8th Infantry Division actually deployed with 3AD.

                    5-3 ADA Roster                   

Roster Directory:

Battalion Headquarters and Staff

Headquarters and Headquarters Battery

A Battery

B Battery

C Battery

D Battery

Service Battery

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Unknown Battery/Position Personnel
 Position Name Remarks
Position Unknown Hensley, Rob SPC


                                 Battalion Headquarters and Staff

 Position Name Remarks
Battalion Commander Smalls, Silas C. LTC
Executive Officer Hill, Dan MAJ
Command Sergeant Major Montoya, Miguel CSM
 S-1  Forti, Larry CPT  
 Adjutant  Negron, Felix A CPT
 Battalion S-2  Wurfel, Stephen 1LT Major USA (Retired) 
 Baia SSG
 Kicklighter SGT
Battalion  S-3 Trumps, Donald MAJ
S-3 Assistant Eubanks, Dave CPT
Battalion Signal Officer McCrory, Kevin
S-4 Assistant

Battalion Ammo


Jean-Louis , Davis 1LT
 Battalion Ammo   NOIC  Collier, Scott SGT

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Headquarters and Headquarters Battery

 Position Name Remarks
Commander Mack, Lorenzo CPT  
Executive Officer Mills, David 1LT  
First Sergeant Van Cleave, Paul  
1SG’s  Driver    
Communication Chief Lyons, David SFC  
Position Unknown Barkow, SPC  
Position Unknown Alvarez, SPC  
Position Unknown Cheverloti, Joseph ” Chevy” PFC  
Position Unknown Lopez, SGT  
Position Unknown Walters, Paul  
Assistant S-3 Copeland, Paul 1LT  
S-3 Royal, Paul SPC  
S-3 Zieba, Adam SPC  
S-3 Wheeler, Craig SPC  
S-3 Cool, Joel  
S-3 Clayback, Matt SPC       (deceased)




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Alpha Battery

 Position Name Remarks
Commander (A66) White, Daniel CPT  
1st PLT 4th SQD Gunner Svoboda, Robert SGT  
Maintenance Warrant Maupin, Dale  




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Bravo Battery

 Position Name Remarks
Commander (B66) Logue Larry CPT  
1SG Shadbolt David 1SG  
1st PLT  Driver (Chaparrel) Knuth Paul  
                                             1st Platoon Vulcan Platoon
                                             2nd Platoon Vulcan Platoon
Platoon Leader Hickson, Scott  
                                             3rd Platoon Vulcan Platoon
  Fussell, Derek  
                                            4TH Platoon Stinger Platoon
PLT LDR Preston, LT  
PLT SGT Oakes, Clarence  
1st Section B410 Section SGT Peterson, SSG  
1st Section B410 Driver Davis, SGT  
1st Section (STUNAR) B431  Team SGT Britt, Joseph SGT  
1st Section B431 Gunner Lewis, Sean PFC  
1st Section (STUNAR) B432 TM SGT Cantrell, Darryl SGT  
1st Section Gunner B432 Garcia, Mike SPC  
1ST Section Unknown Tm SGT Hurt, SGT  
1ST Section   GUNNER            McCallister, PFC            
Team SGT Cabrera, SGT  
4th Section B440 Section SGT Gardner, Randall SSG  
4th Section B440  Driver Allen Jimmy  
4th Section  B441 Team SGT Studyway, James SGT  
4th Section B441 Gunner Brice, William PFC  
4th Section B442 Cambra Robert SGT  
4th Section B442 Gunner Davis, Charles PFC  
4th Section B443 Thomas, SGT  
4th Section B443 Gunner Oksa Marcus PFC   
  Gianfala, Victor




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Charlie Battery

 Position Name Remarks
Commander (C66) Lyons, Ed CPT  
  Key, John
XO Meyer, Tom J. 1LT  
First Sergeant Harper , James P.  
PLT LDR LT Dodson  
PLT LDR’s Driver Kelly, Tim SGT  
PLT SGT SFC Etzhold  
PLT SGT’s Driver CPL Koder  
2 1/2 Driver PFC Hyde  
2d Squad SSG Wells  
2d Squad SPC Russell  
3d Squad SGT Keys  
4th Squad SGT Honts or Hunts AKA “Big Boss Man”  
PLT LDR’s Driver    
PLT SGT SFC Ortaiga (sp)  
  Jeff   Schumacher  
  4t44Th Platoonh Platoon  
PLT LDR 4Th PLT Porter, LT  




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Delta Battery

 Position Name Remarks
Commander (D66) Johnson, Mark CPT  
XO Woodbury, John  1LT  
First Sergeant VanCleave, Patrick 1SG  
Position/Rank Unknown Buckius, Chris  
  Martin, Clayton  
Track mechanic specialist Mcguire, Kevin HHC Platoon
Supply Sergeant Rebert, SSG  
  1St Platoon  
  2nd Platoon  
Gunner Morgan, John SGT  
Gunner Hall, Mark SGT  
  Johnson,  SPC  
  Powel, Mike SPC  
Squad Leader Jones, Aubry SSG  
Squad Leader Drouillard, Chadellis SSG  
Platoon Leader; Lorei, 2LT  
  Nelson, SGT  
  Thompson, SGT  
Gunner Hall, Marh SGT  
Gunner Heinlen, Mark  PFC  
Gunner Knuth, Paul PFC  
  Trechean, Steven SPC  
Gunner Chism, Jon SGT  
  Wood,  SGT  
  3rd Platoon  


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