Desert Storm Gunner Roster



We are attempting over time to compile a list of all soldiers who served in the Gunner Battalion during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. The roster to date is far from complete, and we need any input we can get. If you served with the Gunners, take a look at your battery or fire support element (FSE). If you see errors or omissions, please at the contact email address at the bottom of this page. Also, if possible please dig out your awards orders and mail copies to us. Most of these orders have multiple names on them, sorted first alphabetically and then by battery. We need those names to finish the unit roster and build an archive for those who lose their orders.

We have broken the battalion down by batteries and FSE’s. The rosters are by no means perfect, and not all names are confirmed. Much of what you see is based on the memories of the handful of Gunners we’ve spoken with over the past couple of years; some information comes from Bronze Star Medal, Army Commendation Medal, and Army Achievement Medal orders.

Note: some Battalion Headquarters personnel may be listed under HHB or Service Battery (and vice versa) depending on position. Also, fire support personnel without an identified FSE affiliation are listed at the end of the Brigade FSE list. Keep in mind that the list by no means complete or fully accurate. Some soldiers may be listed under the wrong battery. Sometime in the future, we will also create an alphabetical listing of the battalion for cross-referencing.

Roster Directory:

Battalion Headquarters and Staff

Headquarters and Headquarters Battery (HHB)

Brigade FSE

4-32 Armor FSE

4-34 Armor FSE

3-5 Cavalry FSE

5-5 Cavalry FSE

A Battery

B Battery

C Battery

Service Battery

NOTE: A position presented in hypertext indicates a link to a photo of the soldier; a name presented in hypertext indicates an e-mail link.


Battalion Headquarters and Staff
 Position Name & Rank Remarks
Battalion Commander Treharne, Richard J. LTC Gunner 6
Battalion Executive Officer Hewitt, Paul MAJ until 20 FEB 91
Battalion Executive Officer McCarty, Gary MAJ from approx. 20 FEB 91
Command Sergeant Major Hawkins, Joseph A. CSM  
S1 – Adjutant Brewer, R. Christian CPT until approx. 20 FEB 91
S1 – Adjutant Bacon, Peter K. lLT from 9 MAR 91; C Btry FDO during ground offensive (prior to assuming S1 position)
S1 NCOIC (PAC Chief) Davis, Richard L. SFC  
S1 – Legal Specialist Gunther, Timothy SPC Current SFC
S2 – Intelligence Officer Skilling, Jeffrey K. 1LT on advance party
S2 NCOIC Soto, Carlo A. SSG  
S2 Personnel Unknown See photo link to position
S3 – Operations Officer Erickson, Edward J. MAJ on advance party
BN Fire Direction Officer (FDO) Yanson, Christopher “Chris” CPT held FDO position as primary – see John Hall below for alternate “swing shift” FDO; took command of A Battery early APR 91
BN FDC NCOIC Moses, Tony SFC  primary FDC NCOIC. Promoted to E8 while assigned at Fort Drum
Assist. S3/BN FDO  Hall, John D. 1LT  “swing shift” FDO; primary FDO after Yanson took command of A Battery; promoted to CPT 1 MAY 91
 BN Assist. FDNCO Marks, Marvin L. SSG(P)  promoted to SFC 1 FEB 91; “swing shift” FDC NCOIC
Tacfire Computer Operator Henry, SSG  
FDC Section Martinez SPC   
Assist. S3 Burden, Patrick W. CPT promoted to CPT on 1 SEP 90
Assist. S3 Hallman, Darryl CPT listed in DIVARTY Desert Storm History. Did he exist???
S3 NCOIC Gonzales, SFC  
S3 Section Nieto, Ernest SFC on advance party
 S3 Section Reed, Kelsie (rank unkn)  
 S3 Section Hardin, SPC  
 S3 Section Garman, SPC  
 S3 Section Hamilton, SSG  
 S3 Section Cho, PFC from Fire Support (13F – previously with 5-5 CAV FSE)
S3 Section or FDC? Johnson, Ernest SSG on advance party
S4 – Logistics Officer Faulkner, David J. CPT until approx. APR 91, then B Btry
S4 NCOIC Huntspon, SFC on advance party
S4 Section Renaud, “Stinky” SSG  
S4 Section, BN S4’s Driver Mann, Steven Now SGT w/Minnesota Army National Guard, TSU PSNCO
BN Signal Officer (SIGO) Grantham, Barron CPT  
BN Signal NCOIC Burke, McKinley A. SFC  
BN Comsec Custodian Biggerstaff, David A. SSG  
BN Chemical Officer Carroll, Keith “Bart” 1LT  
BN NBC NCO  Jimenez, SSG (?) Vietnam veteran?
Battalion Maintenance Officer (BMO) Chavez, Darryl CPT  
BMO Driver Martinez, SPC  
Casey, David P. SPC  
Battalion Maintenance Tech. Burton, Marion Wayne CW2  
Physician’s Assistant Flores, Humberto CW2 from 8 ID for duration
Chaplain Shindler, Carl A. Roman Catholic (Christian Brothers)






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Headquarters and Headquarters Battery (HHB)
 Position Name & Rank Remarks
Commander Reeves, Robert CPT  Green 6
First Sergeant Moulder, Kenneth 1SG  
Commo Platoon Leader/XO Volant, Adam C. 1LT  
Commo Platoon Sergeant Miller, SFC  
Smith, Daniel PFC Currently SSG serving in the 39th Signal Bn
Recon/Survey Officer (HB-30) Goley, Robert 2LT  
Survey Platoon Sergeant (HB-32) Gray, Thomas G. SGT Now with 2-146 FA, WAARNG
Survey PADS Operator (HB-31) Sanchez, Joe SGT  
Survey PADS Operator (HB-33) McIntyre, Greg SPC  
Survey PADS Operator (HB-34) Taylor, Bill SGT Now living in Aiken, SC
Survey Asst. PADS Operator (HB-31) Garcia, Michael SPC  
Survey Asst. PADS Operator (HB-33) Packard, Jeremy SPC  
Survey Asst. PADS Operator (HB-34) Tolbert, Derrick PFC Twin brother of Errick in same section
Survey HMMWV Driver (HB-30) Vennard, Les PFC  
Survey HMMWV Driver (HB-32) Tolbert, Errick PFC Twin brother of Derrick in same section
 NBC NCO Goins, Marty SGT  

Medical Platoon

Medic Platoon Sergeant Donovan, Paul SSG Retired from US Army as a SFC at Ft Polk, LA (Dec 1, 1996)Retired from Oregon State Police (July 1, 2015)
Medic McGinnis, Barry SPC  
Medic Dintelman, Bruce SPC  
Medic Whitaker, Jason SPC  
Medic Butler, Troy SPC  
Medic Richardson, Marvin SPC  
Medic Frayer, Gary SPC  
Medic Moore, Allen SPC  
Medic Parker, Randal PFC  
Medic (A Btry) Herthneck, John “JD” SPC  
Supply Sergeant Ameperosa, Ameperosa SSG  
Supply Specialist Johnson, Hoa PFC  
Armorer Sweeney, Peter SPC  
Armorer Woods, William SPC Now living in Floresville, TX 
BN CDR’s Driver (HB6 – HMMWV) Jansson, Kurt SPC  
BN XO’s Driver (HB7 – HMMWV) Kilgore, Wayne SPC Now living in Anchorage, Alaska
BN CDR’s M113A3 (HB66) TC Latchison, Bobby SFC  
HB66 RTO Owens, Karl SGT  
HB66 Driver Huff, Sandy SPC  






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Brigade Fire Suppport Element
 Position Name & Rank Remarks
 Brigade Fire Support Officer (FSO) Spasyk, Michael A. MAJ  
Assist. BDE FSO Brooks, Joe D. III CPT Augmentee from another unit
 BDE Targeting Officer Schwartzbauer, Christopher 1LT  
BDE FSNCO Tinker, Kevin M. SFC  
Assist. BDE FSNCO McKoy, Kenneth SSG  
BDE FSE HMMWV Driver (HB60) Childs, David SPC  
BDE FSE M577 Driver (HB62) Steagall, Michael D. SPC  
COLT Section Chief Helman, Eric SGT  The BDE had only one COLT
COLT RTO Garcia, Juan SPC  
COLT Driver Gallegos, Eddie SPC  

Known Fire Support Names, Unknown Positions/FSE’s

 ??? Gaitan, SGT FO in 3-5 or 5-5 CAV FSE?
 ??? Porch, Waverly SSG  
??? Huff, Sandy  






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4th Battalion, 32nd Armor Fire Support Element
 Position Name & Rank Remarks
Battalion Fire Support Officer (FSO) Black, Wayne CPT Red Lion 45
BN FSNCO Adams, James “Old Man” SSG Red Lion 44
Assist. BNFSNCO    
M577 RTO (HB82)    
M577 Driver    
HMMWV Driver (HB80)    
M113 TC (HB81)    
M113 Driver    
A Co. FSO Accetta, David 1LT  promoted to CPT 1 MAY 91
A Co. FSNCO Cummings, James SGT  
A Co. RTO Arrance, Shawn SPC  
A Co. Driver Fair, Donald “Big Daddy” SPC  
B Co. FSO Lyman, Michael 1LT  
B Co. FSNCO Neal, Randy SSG  
B Co. RTO Lawyer, Wade PFC  
B Co. Driver Marshall, Joseph PFC  
C Co. FSO Hill, Albert “Big Al” 1LT  
C Co. FSNCO Broadway, Derrick E. SSG MSG at CMTC – Hohenfels as of SEP ’99
C Co. RTO Overland, Lee SPC “Daniel” or “Doctor”?
C Co. Driver Sjolander, Michael SPC  
D Co. FSO Sawczuk, Adrian “Zeke” 2LT  task organized to 5-5 CAV
D Co. FSNCO Cola, Hasa SGT  
D Co. RTO Miles, SPC  
D Co. Driver Davis, Cornelius  
FSNCO’s may have included SSG Porch. Which to which company?






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4th Battalion, 34th Armor Fire Support Element
 Position Name & Rank Remarks
Battalion Fire Support Officer (FSO) (HB70 & HB71) Wingenbach, Karl E. CPT  Centurion 45
BN FSNCO Parker, Dan B. SFC  Centurion 44
Assist. BNFSNCO Robinson, Richard E. SSG(P)  
M577 (HB72) RTO/Chief Computer Driskell, Jerry SGT  
M577 Driver/Computer Fink, Bryan E. PFC  
HMMWV Driver (HB70) Bowens, Marcus D. PFC  
M113 TC (HB71)   TC’d by 4-34 AR Master Gunner – name unknown
M113 Driver    
A Co. FSO (HB75) Mapp, Paul W. “Topo” 2LT  
A Co. FSNCO Byrd, Freddie G. SSG(P)  
A Co. RTO Northrup, Kevin A. SPC  
A Co. Driver Walker, Charles E. SPC  
B Co. FSO (HB73) Townsend, Kellard N. “Spiff” 2LT  
B Co. FSNCO Reyes, Daniel M. III SSG(P)  
B Co. RTO Miller, John A. SPC  
B Co. Driver Bermea, Andrew Scott SPC  
C Co. FSO (HB76) Barry, Duncan L. “Dunc” 1LT  
C Co. FSNCO Horton, Ronald SGT  Ron Horton’s Homepage
C Co. RTO Garcia, Ronnie PFC  
C Co. Driver Hickey, Paul M. PFC  
D Co. FSO (HB74) Hatheway, Brian A. “Zool” 1LT  
D Co. FSNCO Taylor, Eddie G. “ET” SSG  
D Co. RTO Early, Darren SPC  
D. Co. Driver Anderson, Scott A. PFC  






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3rd Battalion, 5th Cavalry Fire Support Element
 Position Name & Rank Remarks
Battalion Fire Support Officer (FSO) Fredenberg, John E. CPT  
BN FSNCO Kennedy, SFC  
Assist. BNFSNCO Bannister, SGT  
M577 RTO (HB92) Wix, SPC  
FSE Personnel Hede, Michael PFC personal homepage (is the position in column 1 correct?)
M577 Driver Stark, PV2  
FSE Personnel Fluker, CPL  
HMMWV Driver (HB90)    
M113 TC (HB91) Nalley, Roy Allen SSG  
M113 Driver Munoz, SPC  
A Co. FSO Toth, Paul 1LT  
A Co. FSNCO Hughes, Brian SSG  
A Co. RTO Patterson, PFC  
A Co. Driver Bean, Porter PFC  
1/A FO Isern, SGT  
2/A FO Anderson, SPC  Augmentee from Mainz
3/A FO    
B Co. FSO Moore, Roger St. Clair “Lombus” 1LT  
B Co. FSNCO Miller, SSG  
B Co. RTO Labuda, SPC  
B Co. Driver Gee, PFC  
1/B FO Grajales, Wilfredo SGT  
2/B FO Gaitan, SGT  
3/B FO    
C Co. FSO Bush, Brent D. 1LT  
C Co. FSNCO Lincoln, Timothy SSG  
C Co. RTO Brown, SPC  
C Co. Driver Wooten, Barry PFC  
1/C FO Noonan, Timothy CPL  
2/C FO Bauer, William F, SGT  
3/C FO  Robles, SPC Robles was actually tasked to C/3-5 CAV 1SG because platoon was task organized to another company
D Co. FSO Weaver, Mark “Weaves” 1LT  
D Co. FSNCO Gutierrez, SSG  
D Co. RTO Carrico, SPC  
D. Co. Driver Marbley, PVT  
?/D FO Phillips, SGT  
?/D FO Humphrey, SPC  
?/D FO    
Dismount RTO/driver Charles, PFC  






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5th Battalion, 5th Cavalry Fire Support Element
 Position Name & Rank Remarks
Battalion Fire Support Officer (FSO) Plante, David N. “Dave” CPT Took command of HHB at Doha, Kuwait City in May 91
BN FSNCO Harris, Kenneth SFC In explosion w/Eric Holland in BNFS HMMWV
Assist. BNFSNCO McCoy, Laron J. SSG  
M577 RTO (HB102) Spears, Russell L. PFC  
BN FSE – position? Lowrie, John C. SPC  
BN FSE – M113A2 Holland, Eric D. PFC In explosion w/Kenneth Harris in BNFS HMMWV
BN FSE – position? Chila, David F. PFC  
A Co. FSO Irrazarry, Warner A. 1LT  
A Co. FSNCO Tomayo, Darrell L. SSG  
A Co. RTO Matson, Jaani PFC  
A Co. Driver Grate, Fred L. PFC  
1/A FO Aguilar, Elmar SGT  
2/A FO Quick, Nathan S. “Nate” CPL  
3/A FO Hurt, John G. SGT  
B Co. FSO (HB104) Hutchinson, Eric Z. “Hutch” 1LT  
B Co. FSNCO (HB104) Garcia, Felippe A. SGT  
B Co. RTO (HB104) Bailey, Mark PFC  
B Co. Driver (HB104) Pelletier, Robert PFC  
1/B FO Boatright, Lewis SGT  
2/B FO Paris, Paul SPC  
3/B FO Hines, LeRico SPC  
C Co. FSO Williard, R. Michael “Bubba” 1LT Retired 1 Nov 2004 from 5-113th FA (MLRS) NCARNG
C Co. FSNCO Kaylor, David S. SSG  
C Co. RTO Prentice, Randy L. SPC  
C Co. Driver Pitman, Kenneth S. PVT  
1/C FO LaGesse, Eric L. SGT  
2/C FO Fausey, Shane T. CPL  
3/C FO Foos, John L. CPL  
D Co. FSO Shonka, Jay Scott “Shonks” 1LT  
D Co. FSNCO Gonder, Keith A. SSG  
D Co. RTO Thornton, William H. SPC  
D. Co. Driver Stanford, N. PFC  
?/D FO Hoyt, Todd A. SGT  
?/D FO Linton, Bradley S. SPC Augmentee from 6-29 FA (8 ID)
1/D FO Hussey, Mark SPC  
Which Team did this guy go to…? Belland, PFC  






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A Battery
 Position Name & Rank Remarks
Commander Fechner, Melvin “Mel” CPT until APR 91
Commander Yanson, Christopher CPT from APR 91; was BN FDO during groundwar
First Sergeant Mosley, Reginald 1SG  
CDR’s HMMWV Driver “Gonzo” Gonzales, SPC  
CDR’s M113A2 TC Bailey, Charles SPC 13E (FDC)
CDR’s M113A2 Driver Kiester, Michael SPC  
1SG’s Driver Cerdavidal, Jesus SPC Currently serving on OIF in Iraq as a SGT
Supply Sergeant Jordon, Wendell SSG  
Supply Clerk Argetsinger, William SPC  
NBC NCO Ibanez, Jason CPL  
Commo NCO Beam, Ellsworth “Jim” SSG  
Commo Flores, Rene SPC  
1/A Commo Schuerman, Glen SGT Later served in A/1-128 FA, MOARNG in St. Louis after ETS
2/A Commo Forester, Denver SPC  
Armorer Melgoza, Armando SPC  
Maintenance Team Chief Schonert, SFC  
Maintenance Shop Foreman Brogan, SSG  
Motor Sergeant Maness, SSG   
Maintenance Gendrue, SPC  
2d Plt. – section not known McEmery, Bruce M. SGT  
2d Plt. – section not known Lomeli-Alvarado, Ricardo SPC  
2d Plt. – section not known LeBourgeois, James SPC  

 1st Platoon

Platoon Leader Walsh, Michael “Mick” 1LT  
Platoon Sergeant Grajeles, Angel SFC  ???
PSG’s HMMWV Driver Troubaugh, SPC  
Gunnery Sergeant/PL’s HMMWV Driver Bridges, Donald SSG  
Fire Direction Officer Cannizzaro, Michael “Zarro” 2LT  
Fire Direction NCO Baumeister, Chris SGT  
Assist. FDNCO Plyler, Tom SGT  
FDC 1/A (advance party, chart, BUCS) Riel, Kurt SPC his brother Charles served in C/122d MSB during Desert Storm
FDC 1/A (driver, chart operator) Colvin, William E. “Eric” SPC  
FDC 1/A (BCS operator) Johnson, Larry SPC  
FDC 1/A Fulwood, Marion SPC  
Gun 1 Chief Burton, Gene SSG  
Gun 1 Gunner Hampton, Tracy A. SGT Killed in Cement City in bunker collapse
Gun 1 Assist. Gunner Atencio, Kevin  
Gun 1 Crew Southerland, Shawne E. PFC later became battery armorer
Gun 1 Crew Nausler, James PFC  
Gun 1 Crew Newman, Steve SPC  
Gun 1 Crew    
Gun 2 Chief McKnight, Henry SSG  
Gun 2 Gunner Moyer, SGT  
Gun 2 Assist. Gunner    
Gun 2 Crew Thompson, SPC  
Gun 2 Crew Volungus, SPC  
Gun 2 Crew Hasher, Lawrence SPC  
Gun 2 Crew    
Gun 3 Chief Smiley, Gary SSG  
Gun 3 Gunner    
Gun 3 Assist. Gunner    
Gun 3 Crew Lowery, Jonathan A. SPC later became battery armorer. Current SFC at Fort Hood / Iraq
Gun 3 Crew Bush, Joseph SPC  
Gun 3 Crew Merritt, Ralph SPC  
Gun 3 Crew Palmer, SPC  
Gun 3 Crew Cantrell, SPC  
Gun 4 Chief Perry, SSG Broke a leg and departed theater shortly before the rest of the BN
Gun 4 Gunner Dofner, Bill SGT  
Gun 4 Assist. Gunner Chisolm, “Moonbeam” SGT  
Gun 4 Crew    
Gun 4 Crew    
Gun 4 Crew    
Gun 4 Crew    
Which section in 1/A? Cosio, SGT  
Which section in 1/A? Edwards, SPC  

2nd Platoon

Platoon Leader Jones, Kenneth 1LT  
Platoon Sergeant Byrd, Coleman SFC  
PL’s HMMWV Driver    
PSG’s HMMWV Driver    
Gunnery Sergeant Smalls, Fred SFC  
Fire Direction Officer Drinkard, Christopher “Chris” 2LT  
Fire Direction NCO Supron, John D. SSG from Louisiana
Assist. FDNCO Thrasher, SGT  
FDC Specialist Chavez, Robert SPC  
FDC Specialist Berrios, Richard SPC  
FDC Specialist Rottman, Michael SPC  
FDC M577 Driver Camden Christopher PFC  
Gun 5 Chief MacCorvey, Levon SSG  
Gun 5 Gunner DeVille, Steve CPL from Louisiana
Gun 5 Assist. Gunner    
Gun 5 Crew LeBourgeois, James SPC  
Gun 5 Crew Hopkins, Robert “Shakey Jake” SPC  
Gun 5 Crew Brown, Adrian “Get Busy” PFC  
Gun 5 Crew Ballet, PFC from New Orleans
Gun 6 Chief Whisnant, Brian SGT  
Gun 6 Gunner Messer, James CPL  
Gun 6 Assist. Gunner    
Gun 6 Crew    
Gun 6 Crew    
Gun 6 Crew    
Gun 6 Crew    
Gun 7 Chief Logan, James Wade SSG  
Gun 7 Gunner Davis, SGT  
Gun 7 Assist. Gunner    
Gun 7 Ammo Team hief Limos, Alfredo SGT  
Gun 7 Crew Vue, Chue SPC  
Gun 7 Crew Robinson, Courtney SPC (correct gun???)  
Gun 7 Crew Michael Phillips SPC Driver
Gun 8 Chief Johnson, Maurice SSG  
Gun 8 Gunner Bostic SPC  
Gun 8 Assist. Gunner    
Gun 8 Crew Jackson, Eugene “Tracy” SPC  
Gun 8 Crew Doorman SPC  
Gun 8 Crew Batian, Robert SPC  
Gun 8 Crew Rogers, Willie SPC  
Which section in 2/A? Robinson, Courtney SPC Section 5 or 6 any body know?
Which section in 2/A? Allen, SGT Broke his leg and redeployed early
Which section in 2/A? Hardwick, SGT  
Which section in 2/A? Oliver, Anthony SPC  
Which section in 2/A? Lawrence, Anthony PFC  
Which section in 2/A? Moore, Allen PFC  
Unknown Position David Casey Started out in HHB
Unknown Position Jeremey Thomas  






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B Battery
 Position Name & Rank Remarks
Commander Drago, James P. until approx. APR 91, then became Aide to new CG (MG Rutherford)
First Sergeant Stockdale, Hotsol 1SG  
CDR’s HMMWV Driver Hopkins, Robert SPC  
CDR’s M113 TC Ward, SGT  
CDR’s M113 Driver Long, SPC  
1SG’s Driver    
Supply Sergeant Asher, Lawrence SSG  
Armorer Dillard, Anthony SPC 2008 Fed Hospital Administrator
NBC NCO Aspenleiter, Mark SGT Honorably discharged 1994, Currently working with the Austin, TX Police Department
Commo NCO No. 1 Jay, Greg SGT  
Commo NCO No. 2 Martinez, A. SGT  
Commo Section Perry, Theodore E. SPC  
Motor Sergeant Mobley, Tilden J. SSG  Retired as SFC in 1999
Shop Foreman Black, SGT  
Track Mechanic Agle, Anthony SPC  
Track Mechanic Nedue, PFC Spelling may be wrong
Track Mechanic Miller, Jason SPC  
Track Mechanic Riggs, SPC  
Truck Mechanic Peebles, Darrell SPC  

 1st Platoon

Platoon Leader Tarsa, Michael 1LT  
Platoon Sergeant Thompson, Terrence D. SFC  
PL’s HMMWV Driver Ditzenburger, D. PFC  
PSG’s HMMWV Driver    
Gunnery Sergeant Bronson, Ernie SFC  
Gunnery Sergeant Chaves-Santiago, R. SFC  
Fire Direction Officer McGowan, Jeffrey S. “Sloth” 1LT  
Fire Direction NCO Watson, Daniel L. SSG  
Assist. FDNCO Fuller, Timothy CPL  
FDC Specialist Kohler, Keith PFC  
FDC Specialist Glenn, Bryan Cleveland PV2  
FDC Specialist Church, Ralph PFC  
FDC M577 Driver Borman, G. PFC  
Gun 1 Chief Barshaw, SSG  
Gun 1 Gunner Gibson, SGT   
Gun 1 Assist. Gunner Triadrosas, A. CPL   
Gun 1 #1 Crewman Edwards, D. SPC  Awarded Bronze Star
Gun 1 ATC & #2 Crewman Hickman, SPC   
Gun 1 #3 Crewman Byers, D. PFC   
Gun 1 #4 Crewman Barboza, F. PVT  2004 – SSG in 10th MTN Div
Gun 1 #5 Crewman Vento, D. PVT   
Gun 2 Chief Garcia-Lebron, Daniel SSG  
Gun 2 Gunner Enderle, M. SGT  
Gun 2 Assist. Gunner    
Gun 2 Crew Bates, C. PVT  
Gun 2 Crew    
Gun 2 Crew    
Gun 2 Crew    
Gun 3 Chief Barshaw, M. SSG ???  
Gun 3 Gunner    
Gun 3 Assist. Gunner    
Gun 3 Crew    
Gun 3 Crew    
Gun 3 Crew    
Gun 3 Crew    
Gun 4 Chief Sanchez, SSG ???  
Gun 4 Gunner    
Gun 4 Assist. Gunner    
Gun 4 Crew    
Gun 4 Crew    
Gun 4 Crew    
Gun 4 Crew    

2nd Platoon

Platoon Leader Felber, Joseph G. III 1LT  
Platoon Sergeant Kissell, Roy SFC  
PL’s HMMWV Driver Livingston, Douglas SPC  
PSG’s HMMWV Driver    
Gunnery Sergeant Knight, Frank SSG(P)  
Fire Direction Officer Daugherty, Timothy “TD” 2LT  
Fire Direction NCO Fernen, Jeffrey L. SGT  
Assist. FDNCO Phillips, “Phil” SGT  
FDC Specialist Price, James A. PFC  
FDC Specialist Reddick, SPC  
FDC Specialist    
FDC M577 Driver Torres, PFC  
Gun 5 Chief Santana, Norberto SSG  
Gun 5 Gunner Andersen, Scott SGT Now SFC w/101st Airborne Division
Gun 5 Assist. Gunner    
Gun 5 Crew Moundine, Gregory D. PFC SFC retired as of April 2010. Now as a civilian for HRC at Fort Knox, KY
Gun 5 Crew Nieto, D. SPC  
Gun 5 Crew Ingram, Danny PFC  
Gun 5 Crew    
Gun 6 Chief White, Ricky SGT  
Gun 6 Gunner Geiger, Mark SGT which section???
Gun 6 Assist. Gunner    
Gun 6 Crew    
Gun 6 Crew    
Gun 6 Crew    
Gun 6 Crew    
Gun 7 Chief Jones, Redell SSG  
Gun 7 Gunner Mosley, Leo SGT Per Raleigh G Fuller Jr
Gun 7 Assist. Gunner Fuller, Raleigh G. Jr PFC Now a field chemist in Greensboro, NC
Gun 7 Crew Muhammed, Sultan SPC Per Raleigh G Fuller Jr
Gun 7 Crew Thomas, Everett SGT Per Raleigh G Fuller Jr
Gun 7 Crew    
Gun 7 Crew    
Gun 8 Chief Davis, Glenn SSG  
Gun 8 Gunner Dews, Alvin Ray SGT  
Gun 8 Assist. Gunner    
Gun 8 Crew McPeake, Robert PFC 630th TC Co, PAARNG (Washington, PA)
Gun 8 Crew Joe, C. PFC  
Gun 8 Crew Nolen, PFC  
Gun 8 Crew Andersen, Scott SGT Ammo Team Chief; Now SFC w/101st Airborne Division

 Known Bravo Battery Names, Unkown Positions

(Note:  Some of these names came from a poster in the current barracks of 2-3 FA in Gießen.  The photos were taken about 2 to 3 months after B Btry returned from the Persian Gulf, and may include soldiers who arrived in the battalion after Desert Storm.  If you can identify a soldier’s position or a soldier who did not deploy for Desert Storm, please send me an e-mail…)

  Esposito, SGT from 59th Ordnance
  Vachon, CPL 2d Platoon, which section?
  Enderle, Steve/Mark? SGT augmentee from 23d USAFAD; 2d Platoon, which section? Gun 7?
  Koeb, D. SPC  
  Bates, C. PVT  
  Bell, R. SPC  
  Boker, T. PVT  
  Buchanan, PFC Later served in A/1-128 FA, MOARNG in St. Louis after ETS
  Byrd, R. SPC Postwar Armorer
  Chandler, C. PFC  
  Chavez, A. SPC  
  Chitty, R. SPC  
  Cornett, H. SGT  
  Crawford, E. PVT  
  Davis, A. PFC  
  Gadson, L. SPC  
  Gadson, R. SPC Not related to above
  Gullickson, P. CPL 1/B?
  Hall, B. SPC  
  Hutchins, Charles PFC 2/B
  James, A. SSG 1/B Gun Chief?
  Krafft, J. SGT  
  Lawrence, F. SPC  
  Love, D. SGT  
  Lucas, A. SPC  
  Minor, G(regory?) SPC  
  Moore, J. SGT  
  Morris, R. PVT  
  Nix, T. SPC Had twin brother in 2-3 FA?
  Reidel, C. PVT  
  Redie, K. SPC May actually be Reddick of 2/B FDC
  Robinson, M. SPC  
  Seminora, J. SPC  
  Sosa, E. PFC  
  Taylor, A. SGT  
  Michael Thompson  
  Whitehead, J. SGT Postwar NBC NCO?
  Wright, D. SPC  
  Valle, SSG  
  Guthrie, Vance Gunner, supply clerk
  Fast, Christopher  






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C Battery
 Position Name & Rank Remarks
Commander Credle, Ira Otto “Ike” CPT  
First Sergeant Cooper, Milton Linville 1SG Vietnam veteran
CDR’s HMMWV Driver Paquet, SPC  
CDR’s M113 TC Woosley, SGT  
CDR’s M113 Driver Thomas, PFC  
1SG’s Driver Mann, SGT Training NCO
Supply Sergeant Holmes, Dale SSG  
Supply Specialist King, SPC  
Armorer McClanton, PFC  
NBC NCO Frederick, Dale Joseph SGT  
Commo NCO Epperson, Norman Joe SSG  
Commo Degen, Chad Everett SPC  
Commo Kirker, Robert Patrick PFC  
Maintenance NCO Hutchinson, SSG  
Maintenance Brown, SGT  
Maintenance Nelson, SPC  
Maintenance Jones, SPC  
Maintenance Henkins, Charlie SPC  
Maintenance Maldonado, PFC  
Maintenance Ward, SPC  
Maintenance Fella, SGT  
Maint. or 1/C FDC? Manigo, PV2 Maybe the TAMMS Clerk?
2/C? Smith, Joseph 13B, but was driver in PAC section prior to deployment.  Which 2/C Smith is he?  From Chicago?

 1st Platoon

Platoon Leader Lapanne, David  Anthony Jr. 1LT Alternate photo; now AGR Major in DEARNG
Platoon Sergeant Jordan, Robert Lee SFC  
PL’s HMMWV Driver Logan, PFC  
PSG’s HMMWV Driver Atanasoff, Peter M. SPC  
Gunnery Sergeant Harvey, George Edmond SSG  
Fire Direction Officer Nathe, John 1LT  
Fire Direction NCO Tingle, SSG  
Assist. FDNCO    
FDC Specialist    
FDC Specialist Adams, Johnny Louis SPC  
FDC Specialist Miller, SPC  
FDC Specialist Carter, Brian Keith SPC  
FDC Specialist Roberson, SPC  
FDC M577 Driver Allen, Zawadi Zel PV2  
Gun 1 Chief Beeler, SSG  
Gun 1 Ammo Tm Chief Griffin, SGT  
Gun 1 Gunner Wyatt, SPC  
Gun 1 Assist. Gunner Brantley, SPC  
Gun 1 Crew Powers, SPC  
Gun 1 Crew Whatley, SPC  
Gun 1 Crew Tucker, PFC  
Gun 1 Crew Lepard, Glenn L. PFC  
Gun 1 Crew Harding, Donald Lemoine PV2  
Gun 2 Chief Diaz-Reyes, Pedro SSG Retired out of Ft. Sill, OK in May 1997 as SFC.
Gun 2 Ammo Tm Chief Connell, Earl Wayne Jr. SGT  
Gun 2 Gunner Salas, SGT  
Gun 2 Assist. Gunner Marsh, SPC  
Gun 2 Crew Weaver, SPC  
Gun 2 Crew Macias, SPC  
Gun 2 Crew Bennett, Delroy Barrington PFC  
Gun 2 Crew Irisk, Donald Charles PFC  
Gun 2 Crew Stiles, PVT  
Gun 3 Chief Reed, SSG  
Gun 3 Ammo Tm Chief Johnson, Norman Jr. SGT  
Gun 3 Gunner Hodges, Billy Mack SPC  
Gun 3 Assist. Gunner Wagner, SPC  
Gun 3 Crew Simpson, PFC  
Gun 3 Crew Craig, William David PFC  
Gun 3 Crew Barrios, Edward Daniel PFC  
Gun 3 Crew Myrick, PVT  
Gun 3 Crew Hurtado, PVT  
Gun 4 Chief Wilcox, SSG Broke leg in Germany.  May not have deployed, or else deployed 28 JAN 91.  Did not serve as 4th Section Chief during deployment.
Gun 4 Ammo Tm Chief Baez, Luis Antonio SGT  
Gun 4 Gunner Martinez, Jaime SGT At Ft. Sill as of NOV ’99
Gun 4 Assist. Gunner Black, Darrell Pierre SPC  
Gun 4 Crew Cardona-Betancourt, Juan Carl SPC  
Gun 4 Crew Payne, SPC  
Gun 4 Crew Lovette, PFC  
Gun 4 Crew Bellard, Larry James PFC  
Gun 4 Crew Wright, PV2  

2nd Platoon

Platoon Leader Chronister, Darius P. “Peel” 1LT  
Platoon Sergeant Norman, SFC  
PL’s HMMWV Driver Smith, PFC  
PSG’s HMMWV Driver Turbeville, Billy PV2  
Gunnery Sergeant Woodruff, SFC  
Fire Direction Officer Bacon, Peter K. “Pete” 1LT  
Fire Direction NCO Beavers, Christopher SSG  
Assist. FDNCO Miles, SGT  
FDC Specialist Knight, Kenneth Ray SPC  
FDC Specialist Jackson, Dennis Maurice SPC  
FDC Specialist Mitchell, SPC  
FDC Specialist Clayton, Virgil Alexander SPC  
FDC M577 Driver Knittle, PFC  
Gun 5 Chief Kucic, David John SSG Retired as 1SG from 2-11th FA, 25th ID(L) in 2006
Gun 5 Ammo Team Chief Roff, SGT  
Gun 5 Gunner Smith, SPC  
Gun 5 Assist. Gunner Jones, Jerry Llewllyn SPC  
Gun 5 Crew Webster, SPC  
Gun 5 Crew Sutterfield, PFC  
Gun 5 Crew Williams, PFC  
Gun 5 Crew Walters, PV2  
Gun 5 Crew Cruz, Marcario PFC  
Gun 6 Chief Morgan, SSG  
Gun 6 Ammo Team Chief Edwards, Yancey Glenn SGT  
Gun 6 Gunner Burke, Maurice SGT  
Gun 6 Assist. Gunner Hawk, SPC  
Gun 6 Crew Jackson, James Donald SPC  
Gun 6 Crew Broussard, Barry Jonathan PFC  
Gun 6 Crew Keleise, Keleise Jr. PVT  
Gun 6 Crew Rubalcaba, PVT  
Gun 6 Crew    
Gun 7 Chief Stewart, SSG  
Gun 7 Ammo Team Chief Dale, Robert Joseph SGT  
Gun 7 Gunner Welch, SGT Deployed 3 FEB 91
Gun 7 Assist. Gunner Diaz, William Edward SPC  
Gun 7 Crew Hink, Bradley Gene SPC  
Gun 7 Crew Tailo, SPC  
Gun 7 Crew Green, Walter Craig PFC  
Gun 7 Crew Enos, Andrew James PFC  
Gun 7 Crew Frazier, Michael Alan PV2  
Gun 8 Chief Johnson, C. SSG  
Gun 8 Ammo Team Chief Haynes, Altha Ernest SGT  
Gun 8 Gunner Thompson, SPC  
Gun 8 Assist. Gunner Wright, SPC  
Gun 8 Crew Simons, SPC  
Gun 8 Crew Ray, PFC  
Gun 8 Crew Dunkins, Wendell PFC  
Gun 8 Crew Osborn, PV2  
Gun 8 Crew Gray, PVT  






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Service Battery
Position  Name & Rank Remarks
Commander Domingo, Edwin CPT  
Executive Officer Hendrix, Stephen 1LT non-TOE position
First Sergeant Coleman, Van 1SG  
CDR’s HMWWV Driver Ware, SPC until 28 FEB 91
1SG’s HMWWV Driver    
Supply Sergeant Holms, Dale SSG  
Supply Specialist Ross, Brian PV2 Drove btry cdr’s HMMWV from 29 FEB 91
NBC NCO Carrasquillo, SGT (rank?)  
Armorer Williams, SPC  

Battalion Ammunition Section

Battalion Ammo Officer (BAO) Donohue, Paul Quinby Jr. 1LT  
Battalion Ammo NCOIC Sobey, SFC  
Asst. BN Ammo NCOIC Wiggins, SFC  
Headquarters Section Raikes, Ronnie SGT Processed DA Form 581’s/did ammo accounting; now believed to be SFC in Special Forces (see 2002 “State of the Union Address” photos
Headquarters Section Johnston, Dave SGT Processed DA Form 581’s/did ammo accounting
Headquarters Section, BN S-4 Driver Mann, Steven, SPC Now SGT w/Minnesota Army National Guard, TSU PSNCO
Chief – Ammo Section 1 Hayes, SSG  
Chief – Ammo Section 2 Goodwin, SSG Vietnam veteran
Chief – Ammo Section 3 Cook, SSG  
Chief – Ammo Section 4 Sprague, Jeffrey SSG  
Chief – Ammo Section ??? Fluker, SSG  
Ammo NCO, Section 4 Grey, Sammy SGT  
Ammo NCO Dunn, SGT  
Ammo NCO Norwood, SGT  
Ammo NCO Petway, SGT  
Ammo NCO Thompson, SGT  
Ammo NCO Wiemer, SGT  
Ammo NCO Grund, SGT  
Chief – Ammo Section ??? Flores, Pat SSG Moved with B/2-3 FA during ground offensive
Ammunition NCO – Section ? Cowsert, SGT Moved with B/2-3 FA during ground offensive
Ammunition NCO – Section ? Yarboro, SGT Moved with B/2-3 FA during ground offensive
Ammunition Specialist Wilken, Robert CPL Moved with B/2-3 FA during ground offensive
Spec. Wpns/ Ammo Spc. Section ? Moreno, SPC Moved with B/2-3 FA during ground offensive
Ammunition Specialist – Section ? Bahana, SPC Moved with B/2-3 FA during ground offensive
Ammunition Specialist White, SPC  
Ammunition Specialist Mercado, SPC  
Ammunition Specialist Rentas, SPC  
Ammunition Specialist Harris, John M. “Mike” Jr. PFC  
Ammunition Specialist Green, William F. PFC  
Ammunition Specialist Coats, Guy E. PFC  
Ammunition Specialist Dole, Jonathan N. PFC  
Ammunition Specialist Drake, PFC  
Ammunition Specialist Gonzales, PFC  
Ammunition Specialist Hamilton, PV2  

Battalion Maintenance Section

Maintenance Sergeant Wells, MSG  
Maintenance  Maness, Ron SSG  
Maintenance  Brown, SGT  
Maintenance  Blue, SPC  
Maintenance  Cody, SPC  
Maintenance Padilla, Gerard  

 POL Section

POL NCO Hamilton, Rick SGT  
POL Specialist Burke, Stephen PFC POL, S4, HHB, HQ PLT, HMETT FUELER
POL Specialist McNiel, Jerry SPC  

Battalion Mess Section

Mess Sergeant (NCOIC)    
Mess NCO    
Mess Specialist Williams, “Big Will” SPC  
Mess Specialist Askew, SPC  
Unknown position Herbert Cornett  
Unknown position Gomez, Ernesto  







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