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2d Battalion, 3d Field Artillery – Gunners Photo Gallery

Below are photos from personal collections of Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. As such, they present a very limited picture of daily life in the deployed 2-3 FA. As we receive photos from other Gunners, we will eventually organize this part of the web site by battery and fire support elements.

For more images of individual soldiers, go to the Gunners' Rosters page. we have linked many photos to individual names.


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1LT Jeff Skilling preparing to depart on advance party (18 DEC 90)


1LT Al Hill at King Fahd Airfield with advance party (19 DEC 90)


8th Evac. Hospital nurses sing Christmas carols in Cement City near Dammam (25 DEC 90)


Christmas for the 2-3 FA advance party in Cement City – note the Christmas"tree" (25 DEC 90)


Uncle Ernie's Detox Center – 2-3 FA advance party in Cement City. SFC Ernie Nieto at left, MAJ Ed Erickson at right, lLT B. Hatheway in front, two nurses from 8th Evac. Hospital. (DEC 90)


2LT Mike Cannizzaro (left) and CPT Karl Wingenbach at the vehicle painting area, Port of Dammam (JAN 91)


1LT Duncan Barry atop a M981 FISTV in the Tactical Assembly Area (TAA) (c.FEB 91)


Fuchs NBC vehicle of the 22d Chemical Company, 3 AD somewhere in the TAA (FEB 91)


Trimble "Trimpack" GPS receiver on the deck of a M981 FISTV. Note the 1:250,000 map – we navigated at this scale because the 1:50,000 maps had virtually no terrain on them, and we moved too far too fast to post graphics at that scale. (FEB 91)


Lane 31 through the "Berms" as the brigade crosses into hostile territory (24 FEB 91)

MLRS (rocket) launcher of 1-27 FA during brigade movement-to-contact (24-26 FEB 91)


Passing 1 ID (Big Red One) troops on border duty near Safwan, Iraq just prior to 1st Brigade, 3 AD assuming control of the sector from 1 AD. (MAR 91)


Destroyed Iraqi vehicle in the "Highway of Death" area north of Kuwait City. (APR 91)




Jordanian supplied RPG rockets abandoned by Iraqi forces at the "Highway Death." (APR 91)


Bravo Battery change-of-command – CPT Jim Drago to CPT Dave Faulkner – near Safwan, Iraq (APR 91)


Bravo Battery change-of-command. COL Nash (now MG, Ret.) is in center, COL Michitsch (DIVARTY Cdr, now MG) in DBU's, LTC John Brown (3-5 Cdr, now COL(P)) facing on right. (APR 91)


1LT's Brian Hatheway and Adam Volant at "Yates Mall" near Safwan, Iraq (APR 91)

Oil well fires in northern Kuwait near Safwan, Iraq. (APR 91)

2-3 FA staging in northern Kuwait to return to Germany. About a day later, the brigade was notified it would remain one to three months longer as the first "postwar" garrison of Kuwait (APR 91)


C-130 aircraft pass over 2-3 FA in northern Kuwait carrying refugees from Safwan, Iraq. (APR 91)


The Cunnard Princess in Bahrain. This ship was used for R&R for American forces. (MAY 91)


Near the entrance to Camp Doha near Kuwait City. This was the location of the first U.S. "postwar" garrison. (MAY 91)


Entrance to Camp Doha, also called Camp "Thunder Rock" after the amalgamation of 1st and 3d Brigades into the "new" Brigade. (MAY 91)


HHB change-of-command from CPT Rob Reeves to CPT Dave Plante at Camp Doha. (MAY 91)


Gary Trudeau (Doonesbury cartoonist) and 1LT Brian Hatheway at Camp Doha the day 2-3 FA left Doha to load vehicles at Jubail for deployment to Germany. (JUN 91)


CPT Chris Yanson boarding a Tower Air 747 at Dhahran Airbase for the trip back to Germany. (15 JUN 91)


MG Rutherford (new division Cdr – on ground at right) greets 2-3 FA troops at Rhein Main Airbase, Germany. COL Michitsch is standing behind the soldier in DBU's, CSM Carr is shaking hands, and CSM Hawkins is on the left. (16 JUN 91)

gunner30.jpg (64567 bytes)

CPT Chris Yanson Battalion FDO during the Ground War and later Battery A Commander.

gunner31.jpg (74393 bytes)

SFC Marvin Marks – Asst Battalion FDC NCO  and SSG Henry – TACFIRE Computer Operator

gunner32.jpg (63867 bytes)

Soldiers of the Gunner Battalion TOC


gunner35.jpg (113725 bytes)

SFC Marvin Marks – Asst Battalion FDC NCO outside Gunner Operations Shop

gunner36.jpg (82586 bytes)

Crew of the Gunner TOC

gunner38.jpg (73344 bytes)

Gunner 6 – LTC Treharne at a battery change of command (possibly C Btry)

gunner56.jpg (42427 bytes)

Oil well fires south of Safwan

gunner58.jpg (103557 bytes)

On the road to Camp Thunder Rock later renamed Camp Doha.  Home of the Gunner Battalion during May and June 1991.

gunner59.jpg (56887 bytes)

Oil well fires south of Safwan

gunner41.jpg (85631 bytes)

2-3 FA TOC Personnel at TAA Henry

gunner37.jpg (96460 bytes)

1SG Moulder – HHB, CSM Davis – 1st Bde, CSM Hawkins – 2-3 FA

gunner33.jpg (59300 bytes)

LTC Treharne – Gunner 6 briefing the TOC at TAA Henry

gunner34.jpg (65133 bytes)

LTC Treharne – Gunner 6 briefing the TOC at TAA Henry

gunner57.jpg (43605 bytes)

Aftermath of a major battle

gunner60.jpg (67940 bytes)

Convoy through the Highway of Death

gunner61.jpg (61170 bytes)

Convoy through the Highway of Death

AlHill.jpg (253584 bytes)

1LT Al Hill

DBroadway,Black,Porch.jpg (281455 bytes)

SSG Porch, CPT Wayne Black & SSG Derrick Broadway of 4-32 AR FSE

DBroadwayand LeeO.jpg (395432 bytes)

SSG Derrick Broadway and SPC Lee Overland

M981Sunset.jpg (330922 bytes)

4-32 AR FISTV at Sunset

mancini.jpg (242796 bytes)

SGT Mancini

meara&nino.jpg (309734 bytes)

CPT Meara(C/4-32 AR) and others

The 4-32 FIST Crew.jpg (248827 bytes)

C/4-32 AR FIST Team 

from left 

standing: PFC Sjolander, 1LT Hill kneeling: SSG Broadway, PFC Overland


gunner07.jpg (88462 bytes)

Gunner Soldiers preparing for redeployment

gunner09.jpg (65046 bytes)

SFC Moses – Chief Fire Direction NCO

gunner11.jpg (49681 bytes)

Gunner Howitzers

gunner23.jpg (78019 bytes)

NCO from the S4 section – SSG Renaud ??

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