2-3 FA


Combat Artilleryman's Badge

2d Battalion, 3d Field Artillery

“Celeritas et Accuratio”
(“Speed and Accuracy”)


(Ayers Kaserne, Kirch Göns, Germany)

The 2d Battalion, 3d Field Artillery (“Gunners” or “Two Thirds“) was the Direct Support Field Artillery battalion to the Ready First Brigade of the 3d Armored Division during Operation Desert Storm. The Gunner Battalion was also one of the last two combat-deployed artillery battalions to return to home station. This portion of the RFCT website is dedicated to documenting the history of this battalion during Operation Desert Storm…

Roster of the Desert Storm Gunners

Gunners’ Photos

Gunners’ Address Book – This portion of the website is password-protected and meant for battalion members only.   The User ID is the battalion nickname and the password is the last name of the very decent battalion XO (first name was Barry) who left several months prior to Desert Storm.   If you can’t figure it out, send an e-mail and prove to us you were a Gunner…!


 The points-of-contact for the “1st Brigade in Desert Storm” section of the Association of 3AD Veterans website are Daryl W.Gordon and  Mike Williard .  Daryl is a Cold War Era veteran 2d Battalion, 6th Artillery and a past secretary of the Association. Mike  is a Desert Storm and Cold War Veteran 2d Battalion, 3d Field Artillery and a past secretary of the Association.
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