2-227 Aviation


2nd Battalion, 227th Aviation  Head Hunters
(Fliegerhorst Kaserne, Hanau, Germany)

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-Active Duty- 2-227 Avn, 1st Cav Div “Lobos”

 2-227 Head Hunters Roster 

Roster Directory:

Battalion Headquarters and Staff          Headquarters and Service Company

A Company    B Company    C Company    D Company    A Co 5-229 Aviation


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Battalion Headquarters 
 Position Name & Rank Remarks
Battalion Commander Stephens, Billy W. LTC  
Bn Cdr’s Veh Driver Hofmann, Lance W.  PFC  
Battalion Executive Officer Sargent, Christopher  MAJ  
Bn XO’s Veh Driver Byron, Michael G. PFC  
Command Sergeant Major Galloway, Austra L. CSM  
CSM’s Veh Driver Dubois, Marc D. PFC  

Battalion Staff

S1 Adjutant Martinelli, Thomas R. CPT  
S1 PAC Supervisor White, David G. SFC  
S1 PSNCO Green, Lawrence A. SSG  
S1 Legal Specialist Mccormick, Geoffery  PFC  
S1 Pers Admin Spec Ramsey, Rodney  CPL  
S1 Pers Admin Spec Tate, Millard T. Jr. PFC  
S2 Intelligence Officer Pedron, Mark R. CPT  
S2 NCOIC Henagan, Ricky H. SSG  
S2 Intel Anaylist Hanne, Matthew W. SSG  
S2 Intel Anaylist Bortnowski, Davids G. SPC  
S3 Operations Officer  Scarpelli, Anthony J.  MAJ  
S3 Asst Operations Officer Williams, Michael C.  CPT  
S3 Asst Operations Officer Kopra, Timmothy L.  CPT  
S3 Asst Operations Officer Korman, Shawn CPT  
S3 Asst Operations Officer James, Thomas  1LT  
Flight Safety Technican Davis Robert E. CW3  
Instrument Flight Examiner Roden, John M.  CW4  
S3 Operations Sergeant Rink, Robert E. MSG  
S3 Flt Operations Chief Stophel, Ronald L.  SFC  
S3 Flt Operations Specialist Mendez, Reinaldo H. II  SPC  
S3 Flt Operations Specialist Arthur, Donald L. SPC  
S3 Flt Operations Specialist Munoz, Gabriel O. SPC  
S3 Chemical Officer Duckworth, Darren 1LT  
S3 NBC NCO Brien, Robert J. SR SSG  
Chemical Ops Specialist Modlin, Michael D.  PFC  
S3 Fire Support NCO Wilson, Darrell  SSG  
S4 – Logistics Officer Coyne, Eugene F.  CPT  
S4 NCOIC Kelsey, Reginald  SFC  
S4 Supply Sergeant Butler, Levern J. SGT  
S4 Supply Specialist Gutierrez, Luis A. SPC  
S4 Supply Specialist Winston, Jamauh D. SPC  
Chaplain  Flaherty, Robert L  
Chaplain Assistant Silvestri, Victor D, SGT  
                                      Rear Detachment – “Mission: Take Care of Families”
Rear Detachment Commander Condry, Darrell,  1SG  
Rear Detachment NCOIC Malabed, Geronimo  SFC Bn NEO / Reenlistment NCO
Rear Detachment Driver Czarnopys, Benjamin  PFC  

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Headquarters and Service Company

Position Name & Rank Remarks
Commander Sauter, Bartlett F.  CPT  
First Sergeant Kranning, Ricky L. 1SG  
                                                   HHC Supply Section
Supply Sergeant Pope, Marvin L. SSG  
Supply Specialist Mcintosh, Raymond E.  SPC  
Armor Williams, Ruth Ann  SPC  

Aviation Section

Section Leader / IFE Case, Richard L. CW3  
Aircraft Maint Technician Newton, Ronald T.  CW2  
Tac Trans Helicopter Repair Bravo, Daniel T.  SSG  
Tac Trans Helicopter Repair Blocker, Mike D. SPC  
Util Helicopter Repair Clark, Richard M.  SPC  
Util Helicopter Repair Dukes, Darren K.  SPC  

Commo Section

TAC Commo Chief Soto-Perez, Salvador SFC  
Commo Chief Goodwin, Anthony C. SGT  
Radio Team Chief Campbell, William D. SGT  
Radio TTY Operator Cooke, Rolf E. SPC  
TAC Comm Sys Opr Jones Jerry L. Jr. SPC  
Radio Operator Adams, Charley F. SPC  

 III / V  Platoon

Platoon Leader  Chung, Curtis H.  1LT  
Platoon Sergeant Polk, Jerry  SFC  
Section Chief Phearse, Larry G.  SSG  
Aircraft Fuel Supervisor Brandon, John Jr.  SSG  
Aircraft Fuel Handler Easter, Carlos D. SGT  
Aircraft Fuel Handler Lott, Jarrett G.  SGT  
Aircraft Fuel Handler Olivencia, Miguel A.  PFC  
Aircraft Fuel Handler Verette, Jay G.  SGT  
Ammo Specialist Bishop, Danny E. SPC  
Ammo Specialist Hall, Reginald A.  SGT  
Aircraft Fuel Handler Adebonojo, William O.  SPC “Yo Yo”
Aircraft Fuel Handler Houtz, Michael R.  SPC  
Aircraft Fuel Handler Phillips, Frank  SPC  
Aircraft Fuel Handler Williamson, Carl F. Jr.  SPC  
Ammo Specialist Barlow, John F. Jr.  SPC  
Ammo Specialist Parker, Marc A.  SPC  
Ammo Specialist Taylor, Michael A.  SPC  
Fuel Handler Browning, Ronald K.  SPC  
Aircraft Fuel Handler Goodwin, Larry T.  SPC  
Aircraft Fuel Handler Mccain, Frederick D.  SPC  
Aircraft Fuel Handler Salcedo, Cesar  SPC  
Fuel Handler Sehy, Scotty L.  SPC  
Ammo Specialist Barnett, Christopher L.  SPC  
Fuel Handler Evans, Carl O.  SPC  
Ammo Specialist Smith, Scott P.  SPC  

 Medical Section

Emergency Treatment NCO Lopez, Eusebio P.  SGT  
Medical Specialist Porter, Matthew D.  SPC  
Medical Specialist Winskie, Michael F.  PFC  

BN Mess Section

Food Svc Sergeant Barras, Ronald B.  SFC  
First Cook Banday, Danilo M.  SFC  
Cook Watson, Corey J.  CPL  
Cook Johnson, Richard E. SPC  
Cook Jones, Jonathan  SPC  
Cook Lambert, Yvette  SPC  

 Bn Maintenance Platoon

BN Motor Sergeant Grounder, Thomas W.  SSG  
Lt Wheel Vehicle Mechanic Hudgins, William B. Jr.  SGT  
Hvy Wheel Vehicle Mechanic  Smith, Curtis R.  SGT  
Hvy Wheel Vehicle Mechanic Houston, Douglas B. SPC  
Lt Wheel Vehicle Mechanic Godfrey, Morgan D.  SPC  
QM & Chem Equipment Bragg, Richard B.  SPC  
Hvy Wheel Vehicle Mechanic Honkanen, Dean M.  SPC  
PLL Clerk Barger, Dale C.  SPC  
Lt Wheel Vehicle Mechanic Henderson, Willie J.  SPC  
Lt Wheel Vehicle Mechanic Smith, Terry L.  SPC  
ILDG Repair Mcgroarty, Michael A.  SPC  
PLL Clerk Mcgrone, Jerry L.  SPC  
Pwr Gen Equip Repair Roberson, Frederick G.  SPC  


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Alpha Company “Assassins”
 Position  Name & Rank  Remarks
Commander  Pennycuick, Robert  CPT  
First Sergeant Jack, Robert 1SG  

 Attack Platoon

Platoon Leader/AH-64 Pilot Parrish, Mark  1LT  
Acft Armt Maint Bachand, Robert J. CW3  
AH-64 Pilot Graham, Garyl R. CW3  
Acft Maint Tech Wallace, John D.  CW3  
Flight Safety Tech Armstead, Michael  CW2  
AH-64 Pilot Armstrong, William K. CW2  
AH-64 Pilot Batt, Bryan C. CW2  
AH-64 Pilot Freegard, Sheldon B. CW2  
AH-64 Pilot Hawkins, William O.  CW2  
AH-64 Pilot (IP) Stroud, Dale E. CW2  
AH-64 Pilot Branda, Todd J. WO1  
AH-64 Hel Repair Webster, Fred W. Jr SFC  
AH-64 Hel Repair Hill, Darrin  SGT  
AH-64 Hel Repair Kelly, Jerry T.R.T.  SGT  
AH-64 Hel Repair Blake, Paul A.  SPC  
AH-64 Hel Repair Colon, Edwin  SPC  
AH-64 Hel Repair Miller, Cary F.  SPC  
AH-64 Hel Repair Seim, Shannon L.  SPC  

Scout Platoon

Scout Platoon Leader Wernicke, Michael A.  1LT  
Instr Pilot Gillhouse, James M. CW3  
Scout Pilot Karella, Kevin N.  WO1  
Detchment Sergeant Conyers, Charles A.  SFC  
Aerial Observer Polelli, Anthony A.  SSG  
Obsn Hel Repair Matheny, Robert L. Jr  SGT  
Obsn Hel Repair Cardin, Robert D.  CPL  
Obsn Hel Repair Bruns, Clarence  SPC  
Obsn Hel Repair Byron, Michael G.  SPC  
Aerial Observer Howard, Larry S. SPC  
Aerial Observer Johnson, Marcus P.  SPC  
Aerial Observer McDonald, Keith W.  SPC  
Obsn Hel Repair Price, Robert L.  SPC  

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Bravo Company “Death Dealers”
 Position  Name & Rank  Remarks
Commander  Wills, Michael  CPT  
First Sergeant Traino, Jerry  SFC  

Attack Platoon

Platoon Leader/AH-64 Pilot Klutz, Kevin P. 1LT  
Instr Flt Exam Craytor, Dan  CW3  
AH-64 Pilot, ALS Fox, Brent  CW2  
AH-64 Pilot Hogue, Austin CW2  
AH-64 Pilot Fribbs, Bradley  CW2  
AH-64 Pilot Hardy, Erich CW2  
Acft Maint Tech Kelly, James CW3  
AH-64 Pilot Martyn, Bryan  CW2  
Instr Pilot McNamara, Dennis CW2  
Acft Armt Maint Pennington, Dean  CW2  
AH-64 Pilot Lee, Steven WO1  
AH-64 Hel Repair Runco, Mark  SFC  
AH-64 Hel Repair Davis, Kenneth SGT  
AH-64 Hel Repair Edwards, Gary SGT  
AH-64 Hel Repair Robinson, Randall  SGT  
AH-64 Hel Repair Henry, Eric SPC  
AH-64 Hel Repair Spengler, George SPC  
AH-64 Hel Repair Tait, Larry SPC  

Scout Platoon

Scout Platoon Leader Snelson, Nicholas 1LT   
Instr Pilot Adcock, Tim  CW2  
Scout Pilot Mock, Michael WO1  
Detchment Sergeant Wilkins, Roderick SFC  
Obsn Hel Repair Twait, Scott  SGT  
Obsn Hel Repair Velez, Edwin  SGT  
Aerial Observer Wilkinson, Roy  SGT  
Aerial Observer Williamson, Johnny SGT  
Aerial Observer Brown, Sean  SPC  
Obsn Hel Repair Knapp, Joey SPC  
Obsn Hel Repair Lawlis, Ronald SPC  
Obsn Hel Repair Murphy, Audrey  PFC  

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Charlie Company “Stealth Fighters”
 Position  Name & Rank  Remarks
Commander  Picciuto, Jack  CPT  
First Sergeant Moon, Samie  1SG  

 Attack Platoon

Platoon Leader/AH-64 Pilot Grinsell, Christian 1LT  
Instr Flt Exam Ernst, Craig CW3  
Flt Safety Tech Genaille, R. Scott CW3  
AH-64 Pilot Canupp, James  WO1  
AH-64 Pilot Gibbs, David  CW2  
Acft Maint Tech Ohnmeiss, Scott  CW2  
AH-64 Pilot Rice, Stephen CW2  
Acft Arm Tech Sanders, Stephen CW2  
AH-64 Pilot Walker, Sean WO1  
Inst Pilot White, David  CW2  
AH-64 Pilot Wood, David WO1  
AH-64 Pilot Sund, Steven  WO1  
Detachment Sergeant Hunting, William  SFC  
AH-64 Hel Repair Potzner, David  SSG  
AH-64 Hel Repair Burres, Timothy  SPC  
AH-64 Hel Repair Case, Raymond  SPC  
AH-64 Hel Repair Ray, Jerry  SPC  
AH-64 Hel Repair Thompson, Michael  SPC  

Scout Platoon

Scout Platoon Leader Luebbe, Eric 1LT  
Instr Pilot Matherson, John CW3  
Scout Pilot Baird, Roger  CW2  
Scout Pilot Glodowske, Kai-Uwe WO1  
Detachment Sergeant Akiona, Dennis SFC  
Obsn Hel Repair Haskins, Michael  SSG  
Obsn Hel Repair Johnson, James  SGT  
Obsn Hel Repair Williams, Alvin  SGT  
Obsn Hel Repair Johnson, Elliott  CPL  
Aerial Observer Kesinger, Shannon  SPC  
Obsn Hel Repair Lowe, John  SPC  
Obsn Hel Repair Olivares,  Domingo  SPC  
Obsn Hel Repair Schueller, Gregory SPC  
Obsn Hel Repair Dubois, Mark PFC  

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Delta Company “Hell Hounds”
 Position  Name & Rank  Remarks
 Commander Steele, Tie  CPT  
First Sergeant Ceja, Carlos 1SG  
Acft Armt  TI MacMillan, William G.  SFC  
AH-64 Tec Insp Casab, Keith M.  SSG  
Obsv Hel Tec Insp Evans, Morgan D.  SSG  
Util Hel Tec Insp Baldwin, Danny J.  SSG  
Obsn Hel Repair Easley, Wesley R.  SGT  
Obsn Hel Repair Hurst, Alan SGT  
Obsv Hel Tec Insp Williams, David l.  SGT  
Acft Armt Maint McBride, Michael J. CW3  
Acft Maint Tech Sharp, Michael E. CW4  
Acft Maint Supv Blackmore, Larry D.  SFC  
Avio Equip MMT SU Scism, James S.  SSG  
AH-64 Hel Repair Gofforth, Terry A.  SGT  
AH-64 Hel Repair Pratt, William K.  SSG  
Avionics Mech Denogean, Edward F.  SSG  
PLL Clerk Verdin, Mark A.  SGT  
AH-64 Hel Repair Brown, Jacques C.  SPC  
AH-64 Hel Repair Mar, Bruce R.  SPC  
AH-64 Hel Repair Sykes, Kevin J.  SPC  
Avionics Mech Gray, Lannie D.  SPC  
PLL Clerk Cook, Eric M. SPC  
AH-64 Hel Repair Herbert, Christopher W.  SPC  
AH-64 Hel Repair Lyon, Warren K.  SPC  
AH-64 Hel Repair Schmidt, John R. PFC  
Avionics Mech Miller, William T.  
Avionics Mech Schiller, Fredrick  SPC  
Avionics Mech Vega-Rivas, Hiram  PFC  
PLL Clerk Baker, Henry N.  SPC  
PLL Clerk Bluitt, Gregory L.  SPC  
Acft Comp Repair Murray, Timothy T.  SFC  
Acft Fire Ctrl Presas, Gerardo  SGT  
Acft Fire Ctrl Rep Wakefield Kenneth J.  SGT  
Acft Power Repair Wallace, Rodney SGT  
Acft Stru Rep Gordon, Donald L.  SGT  
Acft Wpns Sys Rep Banks, Hillis E.  SSG  
Acft Wpns Sys Rep Bompers, Eugene A. Jr.  SSG  
Acft Fire Ctrl Rep Gallegos, Jose G.  SGT  
Acft Fire Ctrl Rep Jones, Duwayne D.  SSG  
Acft Fire Ctrl Rep Rawls, Charlie A.  SGT  
Acft Pwr Plt Rep Sprague, Stephen M.  SPC  
Acft Pwtrn Rep Brunner, Russell D.  SPC  
Acft Pwtrn Rep Smothermon, Terry D.  SGT  
Acft Stru Rep Risnear, Robert M.  SPC  
Acft Wpns Sys Rep Awadi, Mohamed G.  SGT  
Acft Wpns Sys Rep Preston, Kenneth D.  SPC  
Acft Electric Bramble, Marlon T. SGT  
Acft Electric Chambers, Chris R. PFC  
Acft Electric Myers, Russell E.  SPC  
Acft Electric Terry, Edward E.  SPC  
Acft Fire Ctrl Rep Crawford, Patrick M.  SGT  
Acft Fire Ctrl Rep Delucia, Alfred J.  SGT  
Acft Stru Rep Alvelo, Robert W.  PFC  
Acft Wpns Sys Rep Paiz, Luis F. Jr.  SGT  
Acft Wpns Sys Rep Rose, James C. SGT  
Acft Wpns Sys Rep Vaughn, Paul G.  SPC  
Detachment Sergeant Wilkins, Roderick B. SFC  


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Alpha Company 5-229 Aviation “Horseman”Note: A, 5-229 was attached to 2-227 AV just before the ground war started.
 Position  Name & Rank  Remarks
Commander Whitehurst, Chris  CPT  
First Sergeant Mims, Baber  1SG  
  Arkins, Lance  1LT  
  Ingram, Jim  CW3  
  Papdirec, Randy  CW3  
  Johnson, Steve  CW2  
  Baldwin, Tom  CW2  
  Oslund, Steve CW2  
  Clark, Paul  CW2  
  Mater, Shawn WO1  
  Turner, Greg  WO1  
  Owens, Rene  SFC  
  McDaniel, Henry  SFC  
  Smalley, Tim SSG  
  Hoffman, Wayne  SGT  
  Wrenn,  Norris  CPL  
  Smith, Ryan  SPC  
  Stokes, Todd  PFC  
  Achenbach, Jim  PFC  
  Cofer, David  PFC  
  Gilbert, Dave  PFC  
  Ray, Chris  PFC  
  Scherer, Louis  PFC  

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