4th Squadron, 7th Cavalry


4th Squadron, 7th Cavalry
(Armstrong Barracks, Budingen, Germany)

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The 4th Squadron, 7th Cavalry deployed from Budingen, Germany. The main body of the Squadron arrived in Saudi Arabia on or about 23 December 1990, and remained in theater until on or about 18 May 1991.  If you can add or correct any information on this roster, please send an e-mail.

 4-7Cavalry Roster 

Roster Directory:

Squadron Headquarters and Staff

Headquarters and Headquarters Troop

A Troop     B Troop     C Troop     D Troop     E Troop

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Battalion Headquarters and Staff

 Position Name & Rank Remarks
Squadron Commander Tucker, Terry L. LTC Awarded  Silver Star Medal
Cdr’s BFV (HQ66) Gunner  Wiseman, Don SGT  
Cdr’s BFV (HQ66) Driver Thacker, David SPC Awarded Army Commendation Medal
Squadron Executive Officer Guild, Peter MAJ Awarded Bronze Star Medal
Command Sergeant Major Sneed, Ronald CSM  
CSM’s BFV Driver SPC “Chuck” Walsh Awarded Bronze Star Medal
CSM’s BFV Gunner SPC Jones Awarded Bronze Star Medal
S1 Johnson, Dale 1LT Awarded Bronze Star Medal
S1 NCOIC (PSNCO) Ames, John SGT  
S1 Asst NCOIC Delacruze, SGT  
S1 Legal Clerk Evans, CPL  
S1 Sidpers Rockmore, SPC  
S1 Mail Clerk Adams, SPC  
S1 Sidpers Holbert, Jimmy SPC Awarded Bronze Star Medal
S1 Clerk Youkin, SPC  
S1 Mail Clerk Thompson, Kenneth SPC  
S1 Sidpers Lindermuth, SPC  
S2 – Intelligence Officer Adamonis, Paul CPT Awarded Bronze Star Medal
Asst. S2 BICC Starmann, Ray 1LT Awarded Bronze Star Medal
Asst. S2 Connella, Dan 1LT Attached from 533d MI Bn, Awarded Bronze Star Medal
S2 NCOIC Linder, Ager SFC Awarded Bronze Star Medal
S2 Intel NCO Fiumara, Dominic SSG Awarded Bronze Star Medal
S2 Intel Specialist Johnson, Brian CPL Awarded Army Commendation Medal
S2 Intel Analyst Wallis, Brian CPL Awarded Army Commendation Medal
S3 – Operations Officer  Knapp, Gary MAJ  
S3 – Sergeant Major    
S3 – SGM Driver Tankalavage, Chris SPC  
S3 – BFV (HQ33) Gunner Atteberry, John SGT   
S3 – BFV (HQ33) Driver Schweitert, Clinton SPC  
Assist. S3    
Assist. S3 Air    
S3 NCOIC Thomas,  SGM  
S3 Assist. NCOIC    
Air Liaison Officer Schnitzer, Eric CPT (USAF) Attached from Shaw AFB
Air Liaison Officer Horvath, Mike SSGT  USAF
Air Liaison Officer Mensch, Brian A1C USAF
Air Liaison Officer Driver Padron, PFC  
S4 – Logistics Officer Anderson, Flip CPT  
S4 Driver  Warner, PFC  
S4 NCOIC Wesseling, James SSG  
S4 – SQD Ammo NCO Nagel, SGT  
S4 Supply Specialist De Jesus Jr., Martin SGT  
SQD Signal Officer (SIGO) Butler, David CPT  
SQD COMMO NCO McClean, Ellis SSG  



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Headquarters and Headquarters Troop

 Position Name & Rank Remarks
Commander Butler, David CPT  Squadron SIGO
CDR’s Driver Jones, Fred CPL  
Executive Officer Rhea, Sam 1LT   
First Sergeant Niles, Guy R. 1SG   
Supply Sergeant Haimes, Robert SSG   
NBC NCO      
Commo NCO Holloway, Preston SGT   
HHT Commo     
HHT Commo Thompson, Richard L. SPC   
HHT Commo Reed, SPC   
HHT Commo Everett, SPC  
HHT Commo  Ellis, PFC   
B51 MSE Commo Team Hodgkinson, Earl SSG Atch from 17th Signal Bn
B51 MSE Commo Team Kampf, Robert A. SGT Atch from 17th Signal Bn, Bronze Star
B51 MSE Commo Team Jannise, James SPC Atch from 17th Signal Bn
B51 MSE Commo Team Bromley, Daniel SPC Atch from 17th Signal Bn
B51 MSE Commo Team White, Donald SPC Atch from 17th Signal Bn
B51 MSE Commo Team Wilson, SPC Atch from 17th Signal Bn

 Support Platoon

Platoon Leader Garza, David 1LT   
Platoon Sergeant    
Truck Master 88M30     
HEMMT Driver (Squad Ldr)     
HEMMT Driver (Cargo)     
HEMMT Driver (Cargo)     
HEMMT Driver (Cargo)     
HEMMT Driver (Cargo)      
HEMMT Driver (Fuel) 77F Wilson, Marc SPC   
HEMMT Driver (Fuel) 77F Proby, Darren SPC  

 Medical Platoon

Platoon Leader Roberts, Jeffrey 1LT   
Platoon Sergeant     
Treatment NCO     
Evac. NCO     
Medic HHT      
Medic A Trp.      
Medic B Trp.      
Medic C Trp.   
Medic Schalund, Tammy Attached from F Co, 122 MSB

Squadron Maintenance Section

Squadron Maintenance Officer    
Squadron Maintenance Tech.    
SQD Motor Sergeant Reed, SFC  
HHT Maint. Team Chief    
TAMMS Clerk    
HHT Mechanic Stock, PFC  
Light Wheels    
Heavy Wheels    
Generator Mechanic    
QA Team Chief    
M88 Driver (QA)    
Wrecker Operator    
A Trp. Maintenance Team Chief Meysembourg, SSG   
A Trp. Shop Forman Bauer, Ronald SSG   
A Trp. Mechanic Dover, SGT   
A Trp. Mechanic Butcher, SPC   
A Trp. Mechanic Hallenbeck, SPC   
A Trp. Mechanic Pilgrim, SPC   
A Trp. Mechanic Fowler, Gene SPC SSG Bauer’s Driver, awarded Army Commendation medal
B Trp. Maintenance Team Chief     
B Trp. Mechanic     
C Trp. Maintenance Team Chief    
C Trp. Mechanic    
D Trp. Maintenance Team Chief    
D Trp. Mechanic    
E Trp. Maintenance Team Chief    
E Trp. Mechanic    



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Alpha Troop

 Position  Name & Rank  Remarks
Commander (A66) Davie, Gerald CPT  
CDR’s Gunner (A66) Kardatzke, CPL    
CDR’s Driver (A66) Foster, Eugene SPC Awarded Bronze Star with “V”
CDR’s HMMVW Driver Bushong, Steve SPC  
Executive Officer Hoffman, Chris 1LT  
First Sergeant Olsen, 1SG  
1SG’s Driver Hooker, David SPC  
Supply Sergeant    
Commo Sergeant Mumford, Stacy SPC  

 1st Platoon

Platoon Leader/BC (A11) Ricks, Robert 2LT  
Gunner (A11) Brown, Eugene SGT  
Driver (A11) Cragen, Destry PFC  
Loader (A11) Mann, Marvin SPC  
BC (A12) Hambrick, William SSG  
Gunner (A12) Karsky, Mike SGT  
Driver (A12) Spears, Brian SPC  
Loader (A12) Todd, David PVT  
BC (A13) Massingill, Bill SGT “Wild Bill”
Gunner (A13) Kelly, SGT  
Driver (A13) Nelson, Jeff  SPC Awarded Army Commendation Medal
Loader (A13) Peterson, PFC  
Platoon Sergeant/BC (A14) McMillian, James SFC “SGT Mac”
Gunner (A14) Santesteven SGT  
Driver (A14) Kennedy, Daryll SPC  
Loader (A14) Arline, Ronald PFC  
BC (A15) Torres, Ruben SSG  
Gunner (A15) Ramirez, SPC  
Driver (A15) Leamon, Marty SPC  
Loader (A15) Jackson, William  SPC “Shakey Jake”
BC (A16) Conyers, SSG  
Gunner (A16) Grey, Darby CPL  
Driver (A16) Lewis, SPC  
Loader (A16) Inman, Timothy PVT “Tim”

2d Platoon

Platoon Leader/BC (A21) King, Daniel LT  
Gunner (A21)    
Driver (A21)    
Loader (A21)    
BC (A22) Meyers, Wimpy SSG WIA in Battle of PL Bullet
Gunner (A22) Kutz, Edwin B. SGT KIA in Battle of PL Bullet
Driver (A22) Siegert, Danny SPC  
Loader (A22)    
BC (A23)    
Gunner (A23)     
Driver (A23)    
Loader (A23)    
Platoon Sergeant/BC (A24) Egan, Raymond SFC WIA in Battle of PL Bullet
Gunner (A24) Gentry, Kenneth B. SGT KIA in Battle of PL Bullet
Driver (A24) Scholle, William SPC  
Loader (A24)    
BC (A25)    
Gunner (A25)     
Driver (A25)    
Loader (A25)    
BC (A26)    
Gunner (A26)     
Driver (A26)    
Loader (A26)    

 3d Platoon

Platoon Leader/BC (A31) Vassalotti, Michael 2LT WIA in Battle of PL Bullet
Gunner (A31) Wright, Stanley SGT Awarded Army Commendation Medal
Driver (A31) Wheat, Jerry SPC  
Loader (A31)    
BC (A32) Cox, Tony SSG  
Gunner (A32) Witt, Dale SGT  
Driver (A32) Brown, Troy A. SPC  
Loader (A32) Reed, Robert SPC “BoReed”
Loader (A32) Popeck, William SPC “Vladmir Popeckivich”
BC (A33) Strong, James SGT WIA in Battle of PL Bullet
Gunner (A33) Evans, Efrem Zimbalist CPL WIA in Battle of PL Bullet
Driver (A33) Shelton, Deshane PFC  
Loader (A33) Black Eyes, Adam SPC  
Platoon Sergeant/BC (A34) Baker, Ivery SFC Awarded Bronze Star Medal
Gunner (A34) Merchant, Glenn SGT Awarded Bronze Star Medal
Driver (A34) Hooker, David SPC Awarded Army Commendation Medal
Loader (A34) Legendre, Richard PFC  
Loader (A34) Legandre, SPC Awarded Army Commendation Medal
BC (A35) Deninger, Ed SSG  
Gunner (A35) Reiss, Clint SGT  
Driver (A35) Tyler, Robert SPC  
Loader (A35) Comman, Richard SPC  
BC (A36) Jones, Ronald S. SGT WIA in Battle of PL Bullet
Gunner (A36) McClain, Darren SPC     
Driver (A36) Vaughn, John PFC WIA in Battle of PL Bullet
Loader (A36) West, Gary SPC  

Mortar Platoon

Mortar Platoon Sergeant Adams, Jimmy SFC  
1st SL Grate, Aster SSG  
Driver Porras, Jamie SPC  
2nd SL Pool, Joseph CPL  
Gunner Lippincott, Kevin SPC  
Driver Williams, Steven SPC  
3rd SL Joyce, Richard SSG  
Gunner Wright, Kenneth SPC  
AG Cooper, Tony SPC  
Driver Pittman, Chad SPC  
Forward Observer Rhodes, William 1LT  
Forward Observer Ho, Christopher SSG  



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Bravo Troop

 Position  Name & Rank  Remarks
Commander (B66) Hicks, Jeff CPT  
CDR’s Gunner (B66)    
CDR’s Driver (B66)    
CDR’s Sniper/Loader (B66)    
CDR’s HMMVW Driver    
Executive Officer (B65)    
Gunner (B65)    
Driver (B65)    
Loader (B65)    
First Sergeant Jackson, Milton 1SG  
1SG’s Driver    
5-Ton Driver    
Supply Sergeant Fauntleroy, Rodney SGT a.k.a. Funk
Supply Section Driver    
Commo Sergeant    

 1st Platoon

Platoon Leader/BC (B11)    
Gunner (B11) Hewitt, Dennis SGT Also Troop Armorer
Driver (B11)    
Loader (B11)    
BC (B12)    
Gunner (B12)    
Driver (B12)    
Loader (B12)    
BC (B13)    
Gunner (B13)    
Driver (B13)    
Loader (B13)    
Platoon Sergeant/BC (B14)    
Gunner (B14) Lynch, Michael SGT(P) Troop Master Gunner
Driver (B14)    
Loader (B14) Jones, SGT   
BC (B15)    
Gunner (B15)    
Driver (B15)    
Loader (B15)    
BC (B16) Jones, SSG  
Gunner (B16) Epperhart, SGT  
Driver (B16)    
Loader (B16)    

2d Platoon “Black Jack”

Platoon Leader/BC (B21) Hughes, Thomas 2LT  
Gunner (B21)    
Driver (B21)    
Loader Squad Leader (B21)    
Loader (B21)    
BC (B22)    
Gunner (B22)    
Driver (B22)    
Loader (B22)    
BC (B23)    
Gunner (B23)    
Driver (B23)    
Loader (B23)    
Platoon Sergeant/BC (B24) Underwood, Michael SFC   
Gunner (B24) Maynard, CPL   
Driver (B24)      
Loader (B24)      
BC (B25) Gomez, Ernie SSG Awarded Bronze Star
Gunner (B25)       
Driver (B25)      
Loader (B25)      
BC (B26) Justice, John SSG   
Gunner (B26)      
Driver (B26)      
Loader (B26)      

 3d Platoon 

Platoon Leader/BC (B31) Langwinski, Edward  2LT  
Gunner (B31) Burgess, CPL  
Driver (B31) Caldwell, PFC  
Loader (B31) Buzan, PFC  
Observer (B31) Farmer, PFC  
BC (B32) Pee, Randolph SSG  
Gunner (B32) Sexton, SPC  
Driver (B32) Sanders, PFC  
Loader (B32) Walker, PFC (Deceased) 
Loader (B32) Cofield, SPC  
Observer (B32) Cunningham, Steve SGT  
BC (B33) Rankin, SGT  
Gunner (B33) Evans, SPC  
Driver (B33) Davis, PFC (Deceased)
Loader (B33) Griffith, PFC  
Platoon Sergeant/BC  Choice, SFC  (B34 “Bounty Hunter”)
Gunner (B34) Tolleson, Monte SPC   
Driver (B34) Chavez, PFC   
Loader (B34)     
BC (B35) Moreno, Alfred SSG  (B35 “Barracuda”)
Gunner (B35) Lewis, SGT  
Driver (B35) Nielsen, PFC  
Loader (B35) Baker, PFC  
Observer (B35) Olson, Ron PVT   
BC (B36) Huskey, SSG   
Gunner (B36) Dinger, SPC  
Driver (B36) Robertson, PFC  
Loader (B36) Gukeisen, PFC  
Observer (B36)    

Mortar Platoon 

1st SL Stough, Thanh SSG  
2nd SL Hopper, William SSG  
3rd SL    
Forward Observer    
Forward Observer    

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Charlie Troop “Chargers”

 Position  Name & Rank  Remarks
Commander (C66) Presgraves, Donald CPT  
Executive Officer Penczar, David 1LT  
First Sergeant Pooler, Forrest J. 1SG  
Supply Sergeant    

 Scout Platoon

NCOIC Munger, Randy CPL   
Mechanic Mcmillin, Danny SPC  
Mechanic Mitchel, James Michael SPC aka “Mike”

Gun Platoon (AH-1)

Platoon Leader Lynd, Allyn 2LT  
Platoon Sergeant  Sullivan, Bradley SFC   
AH-1 Instructor Pilot Nickles, Ernest CW3     
AH-1 Pilot Hanks, Henry CW2   
AH-1 Pilot Deleon, Dimas CW2   
AH-1 Pilot Hunt, Henery CW2    
AH-1 Pilot Wilson, Jason CW2  
AH-1 Pilot Macdonald, John WO1      
AH-1 Pilot Newhouse, Gregory WO1   
AH-1 Crew Chief Davis, Rodney CPL      
AH-1 Crew Chief Doughman, Donald      
AH-1 Crew Chief Stiles, Gary SPC  
AH-1 Crew Chief Alfaro, Richard PFC  

 2d Platoon

Platoon Leader      
Platoon Sergeant       
OH-58 Instructor Pilot Jackley, Micheal CW2  
OH-58 Pilot Bolla, Mark WO1  
OH-58 Pilot Morgan, Kenneth WO1  
OH-58 Pilot Robertson, Bradley WO1  
OH-58 Pilot Walker, Lawrence WO1  
OH-58 Pilot Larson, Todd WO1  
Aerial Observer Kahrs, Donald Jr. SSG  
Aerial Observer Elia, Charles SGT  
Aerial Observer Masters, Thomas SGT  
Aerial Observer Woelke, Frank SGT  
Aerial Observer Joyner, Jerimiah SPC  
Aerial Observer Light, Andrew SPC  
OH-58 Crew Chief Munger, Randall CPL  
OH-58 Crew Chief Earhart, Charles SPC  
OH-58 Crew Chief Hahn, Philip SPC  
OH-58 Crew Chief Price, Charles SPC  
OH-58 Crew Chief Shield, David SPC  
OH-58 Crew Chief McMillian, Danny SPC  

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Delta Troop

 Position  Name & Rank  Remarks
Commander, Scout Pilot  Blake, Harlan CPT  Changed Command during DS
Commander, Scout Pilot  Davidson, Mark CPT Changed Command during DS
First Sergeant Moseley, Bernard 1SG  
Supply Sergeant Murphy, James SGT  

 Gun Platoon (AH-1)

Platoon Leader Sperling, Brian 2LT  
AH-1 Instructor Pilot Cooper, Guy CW3  
AH-1 Pilot Georgson, Arlynn CW3  
AH-1 Pilot Kroenke, John CW2  
AH-1 Pilot Skogen, Dan CW2  
AH-1 Pilot Kovacs, Ervin WO1  
AH-1 Pilot Lennarz, Brian WO1  
AH-1 Pilot Tucker, Ross WO1  
Platoon Sergeant  East, Donald CPL Crewchief
Crewchief Midkiff, Ernie CPL  
Crewchief Gurley, Lewis Frank SPC (Deceased) Passed away 8/28/2002
Crewchief LaCourt, Edwin SPC  
Crewchief Robinson, Brian SPC  

Scout Platoon (OH-58)

Platoon Leader Kennard, Rodney 1LT Executive Officer
Scout Pilot Crouse, Carl CW2  
Scout Pilot Schweim, Marty CW2  
Scout Pilot Fox, Michael WO1  
Scout Pilot Jewett, Alan WO1 Awarded Distinguished Flying Cross Medal
Platoon Sergeant Pettit, Tim CPL Crewchief
Crewchief Matthews, Davis SPC   
Crewchief Rottier, Steve SPC  
Crewchief Smith, Lynn SPC  

Aerial Observer Section

Section Sergeant Lujanac, John SSG Aerial Observer
Aerial Observer Johnson, Ken SSG Training & Operations NCO
Aerial Observer Martinez, Dale SGT NBC NCO
Aerial Observer Keifer, Thomas SPC  
Aerial Observer McCaslin, Jason SPC (Deceased) Passed away 10/27/2000
Aerial Observer Whitfield, Jim SPC  

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Echo Troop 

 Position  Name & Rank  Remarks
Commander (C66)  Bond, James CPT  
Executive Officer    
First Sergeant  Boggs, Danny 1SG  
Supply Sergeant    

 Shops Platoon (Sheet Metal, Electronics & Armament)

Armament Specialist Morris, Jerry Jr. SGT  
Sheet Metal Specialist Pellett, Dustin SPC  
   Kasper, David SGT  

“OC” Quality Control Platoon

 NCOIC  McCarey, Edward SFC   

 Aviation Maintenance Platoon  (Phase Maint Team, Production Control, Tool Room & Tec Supply)

 Aviation Maintenance Officer Adler, Henry Jr. CW2   
UH-1 Pilot Moody, Ronald CW4 Awarded Air Medal
UH-1 Co-Pilot Borland, Tom CW3 Awarded Air Medal
Platoon Sergeant  Schull, Robert SSG  
Asst Platoon Sergeant  Tukes, Marvin SSG  
UH-1 Lead Crew Chief  (Phase Maint) Ortiz, Joseph M. SGT Awarded Air Medal (AH-1 Mech)
UH-1 Crew Chief (Phase Maint) Kees, Daniel SPC Awarded Air Medal
OH-58 Mechanic (Phase Maint) Bru, Seig SPC  
UH-1 Mechanic (Phase Maint) Baack, John SPC  
AH-1 Mechanic Burghaus, Kenn SGT  
AH-1 Mechanic Bowman, Scott SGT  
AH-1 Mechanic Hernandez, Samson SPC  
AH-1 Mechanic Doufman, SPC  
AH-1H Mechanic Abrams, Carl Jr. SGT  
Tech Supply Sgt Reedy, Eric SGT  
Tech Supply Sgt Thomas, Patrick SGT  
Vehicle Mechanic Sniffin, Allen SPC  
POL Platoon Sgt McMillan, Willie Jr. SSG  
Fuel Handler Boynes, Ian SGT  
Fuel Handler Dobransky, Derek SGT  
Fuel Handler Carlson, Bill CPL  
Fuel Handler Fairchild, Donald CPL  
Fuel Handler Knight, Richard SPC  
Fuel Handler Morris, Melvin SPC  

 Shops Platoon 

Shops Platoon Sgt  Aguda, Fermin SFC  
Armament Tech Inspector Wynn, Michael SFC  
Armament Tech Inspector Cleaver, James SSG  
Armament Tech Inspector Fowler, William SGT  
Armament Thornton, Scott SPC  
Sheet metal NCO Coles, Kenneth SGT  
Sheet metal Mechanic Strawser, Louis SPC  
Avionics NCO Lewis, Patrick SGT  
Avionics Campbell, Dennis SPC  
Attachment to E Troop Cowart, Melvin SGT (9-227)
Attachment to E Troop Jones, Vincent SPC (9-227)

 E Co Job Assignments Unknown 

  Dillard, Milton SFC  
  Meyers, Charles SGT  
  Jones, Ralph Jr. SPC  
  Robbins, Thomas SPC  
  Sanchez, Carlos SPC  
  Travenor, Jeffery SPC  
  Hammond, Steven PFC  

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