4th Battalion, 67th Armor


4th Battalion, 67th Armor
(Ray Barracks, Friedberg, Germany)


The 4th Battalion, 67th Armor, organic to the 3d Brigade, 3d Armored Division, deployed from Ray Barracks at Friedberg, Germany.  The main body of the battalion arrived in Saudi Arabia on or about 6 January 1991, and remained in theater until on or about 19 June 1991. After ground combat operations, 4-67 Armor was deployed along the southern Iraqi border to conduct border security operations.  In early May 1991, the battalion was transferred to 1st Brigade, and moved to the Doha warehouse complex (“Camp Doha” or “Camp Thunder Rock”) just west of Kuwait City as part of the first U.S. peacetime garrison in Kuwait.  The battalion remained there until 1st Brigade was relieved by the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment from Germany in June 1991.  Upon returning to Germany, the battalion became part of the newly constituted 1st Brigade, 1st Armored Division.  Sometime around 1996, the battalion was reflagged to 1-37 Armor, and is still serving with 1st Brigade, 1st Armored Division at Ray Barracks (as of 2001).  Please take a look at this roster and see if you can make any additions or corrections.  If you have input for the roster, a personal history or Desert Storm pictures, please send an e-mail.

NEW!!  In the Personal History section of the site, I have posted an Army War College paper from Desert Storm Battalion Commander LTC Reischl.  Follow the link on the left side of this page.

4-67 Armor Roster

Roster Directory:

Battalion Headquarters and Staff

Headquarters and Headquarters Company

A Company

B Company

C Company

D Company

NOTE: A position presented in hypertext indicates a link to a photo of the soldier; a name presented in hypertext indicates an e-mail link.


Battalion Headquarters and Staff

 Position Name Remarks
Battalion Commander (HQ66) Reischl, Timothy J. LTC Awarded Silver Star.
BN CDR’s Gunner (HQ66) Mills, John M. SGT jmsta03@yahoo.com
BN CDR’s Driver (HQ66)
BN CDR’s Loader (HQ66) Parlow, Loren SPC
BN CDR’s HMMWV Driver (HQ6) Gatz, Chris SGT
Battalion Executive Officer Byers, Mike MAJ Byersmf@aol.com
BN XO’s HMMWV Driver
Command Sergeant Major Bellrose, Robert CSM
CSM’s HMMWV Driver
S1 – Adjutant Zahay, Thomas CPT

Topp, Raymond F. 1LT

CPT Zahay returned to Germany soon after the ground war, replaced by 1LT Topp. (Photo is of CPT Zahay).
S1 NCOIC (PAC Chief)
S1 Section Eisenbarth, Darrin SSG darrin@eisenbarth-consulting.com
S1 Section Hebert, SSG 11C assigned to S1
S1 Section
S1 Section
S2 – Intelligence Officer Cunningham, Jeff CPT  jcunningham @nmmi.edu
S2 – Asst. S2 Olinger, Darrin 2LT
S2 NCOIC Machak, Mike  SFC machakm@1stbdehq.1ad.army.mil 
S2 Section Intel Analyst  Dreisbach, John SGT
S2 Section Asst Intel Analyst Lopez, PFC Driver of S-2 M-577
S2 Section
S3 – Operations Officer (HQ63) Kerr, Rick MAJ rick.kerr@attglobal.net 
S3’s Gunner (HQ63)
S3’s Driver (HQ63)
S3’s Loader (HQ63)
S3’s HMMWV Driver (HQ3) Blackwell, SPC
Assist. S3 Brunstein, Nick CPT
Assist. S3 (LNO) Stack, William 2LT
S3 NCOIC Hoffman, Randy SFC
Asst. S3 NCOIC Dearing, Steve SFC TC Jump TOC
Asst. S3 NCOIC Nolan, SFC  Night TOC NCOIC
S3 Section

Driver HQ-32

Elder, Paul SPC Night NCOIC Radio Operator
S3 Section

Bn Master Gunner

Waymire, Kenneth M. K_M_Waymire@yahoo.com  orwaymirek@peostri.army.mil


S3 Section PaoPao, SPC Driver Jump TOC  M-577
Air Defense Officer Tynch, John L. III 2LT “Jack” Vulcans and Stingers under armor
Air Liaison Officer
Air Liaison Assistant Kadilak, Jason SPC Was on the advance party.  Transferred from D Co. prior to deployment.  Owns a contracting business near Ft. Bragg, NC. jkadilak@yahoo.com
BN Liaison Officer (LNO) McClellan, Gregg 1LT
S4 – Logistics Officer O’Grady, Bob CPT
S4 Section Coutain, Rudy 1LT Asst. S4
S4 Section Figueroa, SSG
S4 Section HQ 40 Newby, Edward  Retired (SSG) from Ft. Hood, TX after 20 yrs. on active duty.
S4 Section HQ 40 Fallen, Santiago PFC
BN Signal Officer (SIGO) Gibson, Steven CPT
BN Chemical Officer Hartmann, Eric 1LT
BN Chemical NCOIC Nolan, SFC Also served as night TOC NCOIC
Chaplain Sones, Richard CPT Currently (2008) a LTC in FORSCOM, USAR
Chaplain Asst. Cao, Chen SGT


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Headquarters and Headquarters Company

 Position Name Remarks
Commander Wallace, Steve CPT

Funk Jr, Paul E. CPT

CPT Wallace became the B Co CDR.

CPT Funk came from HHC 3rd BDE to assume command early in Feb. 91. Currently (2007) a COL serving as 1st BDE Commander, 1st Cavalry Division.

Commander’s HMMWV Driver Woody, SPC
Executive Officer Nutter, Frederick 1LT
First Sergeant McGarry, Thomas J. 1SG Retired in 2001 as the CSM of 3/2 ACR after 6 months as the RCSM of the 2nd ACR.  Currently (2009) living in Rhode Island, working for the postal service as a city carrier.
1SG’s HMMWV Driver Phillips, CPL
Supply Sergeant Deleon, SGT
Supply Clerk Roth, William CPL rothfamily94@aol.com
Commo NCO Spikes, Lonnie L. Jr. SGT  


Commo Section Thomas, Jose SGT
Commo Section Nunez, SGT
Commo Section Johnson, SGT
Commo Section Kimm, PFC
A Co. Commo Vega, Bruce SPC
B Co. Commo Rivers, Glen SGT
C Co. Commo Toomer, SGT
D Co. Commo Smith SPC

Mortar Platoon

Platoon Leader Feller, David 1LT treasurer@3ad.org
Platoon Sergeant Hanks, David MSG
HMMWV Driver (Plt. Ldr.) President, Jesse SPC
HMMWV Driver (Plt. Sgt.) Plaxton, Jeremy SPC Was Section 1 FDC Check when arriving in Saudi.  mattplax1971@yahoo.com

1st Section

1st Section Sergeant Freiser, SFC
1st Section FDC Chief Rogers, Bobby SGT
1st Section FDC – Check Davis, Dewey SPC
1st Section FDC – Driver Welch, Destry SPC
Gun 1 Sect. Ldr. (1st Sect.) Smith, Jeffery SGT
Gun 1 Gunner (1st Sect.) Hoover, William SPC
Gun 1 Asst. Gunner (1st Sect.) Russell, Scott SPC
Gun 1 Driver (1st Sect.) Williams, Derrick PFC
Gun 2 Sect. Ldr. (1st Sect.)
Gun 2 Gunner (1st Sect.)
Gun 2 Asst. Gunner (1st Sect.)
Gun 2 Driver (1st Sect.)
Gun 3 Sect. Ldr. (1st Sect.)
Gun 3 Gunner (1st Sect.)
Gun 3 Asst. Gunner (1st Sect.)
Gun 3 Driver (1st Sect.)

2nd Section

2d Section Sergeant Henderson, Richard SFC Was part of the BN advance party.
2d Section FDC Chief
2d Section FDC – Check Miller, Scott SPC
2d Section FDC – Driver Reynolds, James PFC
Gun 1 Sect. Ldr. (2d Sect.) Lash, Shawn K. SGT
Gun 1 Gunner (2d Sect.) Plancarte, Miguel SPC ETS’d in 2000.  Now living in Texas.
Gun 1 Asst. Gunner (2d Sect.) Ehrhardt, Scott SPC ETS’d in 1993; rejoined in 2000.  ETS’d in 2003.  Currently (2010) living in Tacoma, WA working as a Training Coordinator for Joint Base Lewis McChord.
Gun 1 Driver (2d Sect.) Jones, Vincent PFC Discharged in 1993 with an illness, possibly related to the Gulf War.
Gun 2 Sect. Ldr. (2d Sect.) Oztolaza, Ivan SSG
Gun 2 Gunner (2d Sect.)
Gun 2 Asst. Gunner (2d Sect.)
Gun 2 Driver (2d Sect.) Achtemeyer, Kris PFC
Gun 3 Sect. Ldr. (2d Sect.) Fowler, Michael SSG
Gun 3 Gunner (2d Sect.) Lester, Archie SPC Was part of the BN advance party.
Gun 3 Asst. Gunner (2d Sect.) Garry, Robert SPC
Gun 3 Driver (2d Sect.) Wilson, Wade PFC
Position unknown Ogden, David PFC 2nd section.
Position unknown Blouw, John K. PFC
Position unknown Kaltenthaller, SPC Currently (2002) on a Special Forces “A” Team at Ft. Bragg, NC.

Scout Platoon

Platoon Leader (HQ126) Kendrick, Scott 1LT
Gunner (HQ126) Bransteter, Anthony SGT
Driver (HQ126) Boder, Philip SPC
Senior Scout/Alpha Section Leader (HQ121)
Driver (HQ121)
Assistant Alpha Section Sergeant (HQ122)
Driver (HQ122)
Bravo Section Sergeant (HQ123) Payne, David SSG Awarded Bronze Star w/ “V” Device for valor in combat
Gunner (HQ123) Rettig, Timothy SGT Currently (2003) a SFC serving on active duty in Tennessee
Driver (HQ123) Myers, Donald SPC
Assistant Bravo Section Sergeant (HQ125)
TC (HQ125) Kuyl, Turhan SSG
Driver (HQ125) Russell, Mike SPC
Scout (HQ125)
Scout (HQ125)
Platoon Sergeant (HQ124) Smith, Stanley SFC
Gunner (HQ124) Dean, Christopher SGT
Driver (HQ124) Brown, Rod SPC

 Support Platoon

Platoon Leader Secino, Joseph 1LT
Platoon Sergeant Williams, Walter B. SFC
McClary, SSG Took over as Plt. Sgt. following the ground war.  At Camp Doha, SFC Smith came from the Scouts and took over as Plt. Sgt.
HEMMT Driver (Cargo) Hubbert, Reginald A. SSG
HEMMT Driver (Cargo) Howard, Roy E. SGT
HEMMT Driver (Cargo) Wilbourne, Douglas E. SGT
HEMMT Driver (Cargo) Schukraft, Michael A. SGT
HEMMT Driver (Cargo) Albertson, Roger A. CPL
HEMMT Driver (Cargo) Logsdon, Lewis M. SPC
HEMMT Driver (Cargo) Fuehrer, Scott A. SPC
HEMMT Driver (Cargo) Mowery, Timothy L. SPC
HEMMT Driver (Cargo) St. Martin, Eric J. SPC
HEMMT Driver (Cargo) Koutnik, Scott R. SPC mailto:skoutnik@winebid.com
HEMMT Driver (Cargo) Borneo, John A. PFC
HEMMT Driver (Cargo) Kopecky, Chad A. PV2
HEMMT Driver (Cargo) Wingate, Anthony S. PV2
HEMMT Driver (Cargo) Capps, Johnathan L. PVT
HEMMT Driver (Fuel) Sondia, John A. SGT
HEMMT Driver (Fuel) Regan, Ronald B. SGT
HEMMT Driver (Fuel) Walls, Marvin K. SGT
HEMMT Driver (Fuel) Hill, Gordon M. SGT
HEMMT Driver (Fuel) Randolph, Thaddeus Y. SGT
HEMMT Driver (Fuel) Haddock, Jimmy D. SPC
HEMMT Driver (Fuel) Slaughter, Linwood D. SPC
HEMMT Driver (Fuel) Hollins, Gary SPC
HEMMT Driver (Fuel) Thompson, Joe Jr. SPC
HEMMT Driver (Fuel) Stanton, Cleve T. SPC “Stan”  Transferred from B Co. just prior to deployment.
HEMMT Driver (Fuel) Jarrell, SPC
HEMMT Driver (Fuel) Law, Richard C. PV2
HEMMT Driver (Fuel) Leggitt, Kyle L. PV2
HEMMT Driver (Fuel) Sullivan, Danny C. PV2
HEMMT Driver (Fuel) Cash, David R. PV2 Currently (2006) stationed at McConnell AFB in Kansas.  david.cash@cox.net
HEMMT Driver (Fuel) Almon, Billy R. PV2
HEMMT Driver (Fuel) Hamre, John E. PV2
HEMMT Driver (Fuel) Schmidt, Jason E. PV2
HEMMT Driver (Fuel) Downs, Matthew E. PV2
HEMMT Driver (Fuel) Kraft, Mathew J. PVT
McCray, Carl W. SPC Advance Party
Stephens, Gregory R. SPC Advance Party
Presnell, Larry L. Jr. SPC Advance Party
Zychal, Paul J. SPC Advance Party
Carratini, Frank R. SPC Advance Party
Peaks, Patrick B. SPC Advance Party
HEMMT Driver (Fuel) Smith, Jeffery SPC mailto:jeffery.smith1@usarc-emh2.army.mil Advance Party.

Currently (2008) a Training/Operations Sergeant in Army Reserve

 Medical Platoon

Platoon Leader Ellis, Samuel 2LT
Platoon Sergeant Lozano, SFC
Medical Technician Alouie, Anan CW2
HHC Medic Jones, SSG
HHC Medic Jones, SGT
HHC Medic Marshall, David A. SGT Served as the senior Field Train medic.  After deployment was assigned to Ft. Carson, CO. inspireandmotivate@yahoo.com
HHC Medic Lindsey, Sean SPC
HHC Medic Aceves, Javier SPC
HHC Medic Waters, PFC
HHC Medic Hodder, Sean PV2
A Co. Medic Sergeant
A Co. Medic
A Co. Medic
A Co. Medic
A Co. Medic
B Co. Medic Sergeant Ramos, SGT
B Co. Medic Lindsy, SPC
B Co. Medic Beutler, Marcus PFC marcusbeutler@lycos.com
B Co. Medic
B Co. Medic
C Co. Medic Sergeant
C Co. Medic Brewer, Shawn
C Co. Medic
C Co. Medic
C Co. Medic
D Co. Medic Sergeant
D Co. Medic
D Co. Medic
D Co. Medic
D Co. Medic
Company Assignment Unknown Dunmore, Ulysses SGT
Company Assignment Unknown Krueger, Michael SPC
Company Assignment Unknown Madison, Jamie SPC
Company Assignment Unknown Walls, Terrence PFC

 Battalion Maintenance Section

Battalion Maintenance Officer Marino, John 1LT
BMO Driver Plant, SPC
Battalion Maintenance Tech. Behrens, Roger CW2
BN Motor Sergeant Rodriguez, MSG
HHC Motor Sergeant Holcutt, SFC
Heavy Wheels NCOIC Fitzgerald, SGT
Heavy Wheels Mechanic Wisdom, Mark SGT TC on a 5-ton wrecker.  Promoted to SSG on 1 Feb 91.
Heavy Wheels Mechanic Nance, Billy C. SPC Promoted to SGT in May ’91 and became NCOIC of Heavy Wheels. nancebilly@aol.com
Heavy Wheels Mechanic Murphy, SPC
Heavy Wheels Mechanic Nesbitt, SPC
Heavy Wheels Mechanic Shilling, PFC
Light Wheels Mechanic Bernard, Scott C. PFC Promoted during deployment to SPC. scottcbernard@yahoo.com
HET Mechanic Ashby, Wayne SPC Now (2003) a SSG
HET Mechanic Rollenhagen, Bob SPC
HHC Track Section Burnett, SGT Section Leader
HHC Track Section McGruder, SPC
HHC Recovery Section NCOIC Manow, Gary SSG TC on an M88
HHC Recovery Section Hasse, Dennis SGT TC on an M88
HHC Recovery Section Richardson, Troy SGT TC on an M88
HHC Recovery Section Olsen, Joey SGT Generator Mechanic
HHC Recovery Section Lees, Tom SPC Recovery Specialist.  Deployed with the Advance Party in Dec. 1990.
HHC Recovery Section DuPont, Ed SPC Battalion Welder
HHC Recovery Section Snodgrass, Patrick SPC M88 crew member
HHC Recovery Section Isrealson, Glenn PFC M88 crew member
HHC Recovery Section Eads, Mark SPC M88 crew member
HHC Recovery Section Ball, Michael CPL M88 crew member
HHC Recovery Section Steen, SPC Generator Mechanic
HHC Position Unknown Carpenter, SSG Served in the Unit Maintenance Collection Point
A Co. Maintenance Sergeant Vance, John SFC
A Co. Maintenance 
A Co. Maintenance 
A Co. Maintenance 
A Co. Maintenance 
A Co. Maintenance 
A Co. Maintenance 
A Co. Maintenance 
A Co. Maintenance 
A Co. Maintenance 
B Co. Maintenance Sergeant
B Co. Maintenance
B Co. Maintenance
B Co. Maintenance
B Co. Maintenance
B Co. Maintenance
B Co. Maintenance
B Co. Maintenance
B Co. Maintenance
C Co. Maintenance Sergeant
C Co. Maintenance Lautermilch, Mike SGT Served in the Unit Maintenance Collection Point
C Co. Maintenance
C Co. Maintenance
C Co. Maintenance
C Co. Maintenance
C Co. Maintenance
C Co. Maintenance
C Co. Maintenance
D Co. Maintenance Sergeant
D Co. Maintenance  Fournier, Richard SPC Hull Mechanic, promoted in SGT in July, 1991.
D Co. Maintenance 
D Co. Maintenance 
D Co. Maintenance 
D Co. Maintenance 
D Co. Maintenance 
D Co. Maintenance 
D Co. Maintenance 


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Alpha Company

Task Organized with 5-18 Infantry

 Position Name Remarks
Commander (A66) Seitz, Dave CPT
CDR’s M1A1 Gunner (A66) Collier, Greg SSG
CDR’s M1A1 Driver (A66) Cassel, PFC
CDR’s M1A1 Loader (A66) Pierce, Michael SPC
CDR’s HMMVW Driver (A6) Griffiths, Ivor SGT NBC NCO
Executive Officer (A65) Jacobs, Rick 1LT
XO’s M1A1 Gunner (A65) Bowen, Michael D. SGT(P)
XO’s M1A1 Driver (A65) Bishop, SPC
XO’s M1A1 Loader (A65) Peck, Walter PVT
First Sergeant Booth, Woody 1SG
1SG’s HMMWV Driver
NBC NCO Griffiths, Ivor F. SGT Also CO’s HMMVW Driver.  Now (2006) a 1SG assigned to Asymmetric Warfare Group at Fort Meade.
Supply Sergeant Johnson, Lloyd S. SGT lsjohnson45@yahoo.com
Supply Clerk
Commo Sergeant

 1st Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (A11) Hermann, Donald 1LT “The Hermanator”
Gunner (A11) Colon, SGT
Driver (A11)
Loader (A11) Barnes, Jeffery SPC
TC (A12) Richards, SGT
Gunner (A12) Swain, SGT
Driver (A12)
Loader (A12) Revette, PFC
TC (A13) Torrence, Donald SGT Currently (2002) a SFC still on active duty.
Gunner (A13) Cromley, John SGT
Driver (A13) Schlieder, Matthew, PFC
Loader (A13) Powell, James SPC
Platoon Sergeant (A14) Helms, James SFC
Gunner (A14) Schaffer, SGT
Driver (A14) Boardman, SPC
Loader (A14) Lingenfelter, PFC

2d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (A21) Cowart, James D. 2LT
Gunner (A21) Torres, Ricardo SGT
Driver (A21) Howard, SPC
Loader (A21) Madison, Chad PVT
TC (A22) Stansberry, Steven SGT(P)
Gunner (A22) Schmolitz, Gene CPL(P)
Driver (A22)
Loader (A22) Terry, PFC
TC (A23) Alexander, Walter SGT(P)
Gunner (A23) Davidson, Gregory SGT
Driver (A23) Miller, Daniel J. SPC
Loader (A23) Wright, Erik PVT
Platoon Sergeant (A24) Robinson, Jerry L. SFC
Gunner (A24) Rivas, Estaban CPL
Driver (A24) Everson, Pleas SPC
Loader (A24) Kim, Hyeon PVT

3d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (A31) Kelly, Mark C. 1LT Now (2002) on active duty as a Major.
Gunner (A31)
Driver (A31)
Loader (A31)
TC (A32)
Gunner (A32)
Loader (A32)
Driver (A32)
TC (A33)
Gunner (A33)
Loader (A33)
Driver (A33)
Platoon Sergeant/TC (A34)
Gunner (A34)
Loader (A34)
Driver (A34)


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Bravo Company

New:  Shortly after returning to Germany, individual portraits of most of the company’s soldiers were taken.  Click here for a composite of these portraits.  

(Note: if anyone is interested, I have a much better, but larger, version of this composite picture.  If you would like it sent to you, see the contact information at the bottom of this page).

 Position Name Remarks
Commander (B66) CPT P. (full name deleted)

Wallace, Steve CPT

Brunstein, Nick  CPT

Deployment B Co. Cmdr. was relieved 28 January.

CPT Wallace came from HHC to take command. 

CPT Brunstein assumed command after cease fire.

CDR’s M1A1 Gunner (B66) Bivens, Riley SGT thebivster@hotmail.com  Left active duty in 1995. Currently (2006) a SGT in the Arizona National Guard, 258th Engineers, as a 21E (Equipment Operator)
CDR’s M1A1 Driver (B66) Stanker,Joe Image 1 Image 2 joeystanker@hotmail.com 
CDR’s M1A1 Loader (B66) Butler, Robert SPC “Big B”
CDR’s HMMVW Driver (B6) Burch, SFC Company Master Gunner
Executive Officer (B65) Steigler, Michael 1LT
XO’s M1A1 Gunner (B65) Patterson, Jamey SGT
XO’s M1A1 Driver (B65) Stevens, Mark SPC “Steve”
XO’s M1A1 Loader (B65) Hare, Marvin SPC “Big Hare”
First Sergeant Lacy, 1SG
1SG’s HMMWV Driver
Supply Sergeant McCormick, SGT
Supply Clerk Woods, SPC “Woody”
Commo Sergeant
Position Unknown Hudo, Adam Last know to be living in Washington state, working the construction

 1st Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (B11) Hackathorn, Mathew 1LT
Gunner (B11) Guzman, Roland SGT ETS’d in 1992.  Now (2004) a truck driver living in California.
Driver (B11) Calhoun, Deddrick SPC Currently (2004) living in Houston, TX.
Loader (B11) Helenius, Laars PV2 Promoted to PFC after the ceasefire.  Nicknamed “Chuck.”  As of 2002, a SGT in the Michigan National Guard.
TC (B12)
Gunner (B12)
Driver (B12)
Loader (B12)
TC (B13)
Gunner (B13) Bunch, SSG
Driver (B13)
Loader (B13)
Platoon Sergeant (B14) DeWitt, William SFC
Gunner (B14) Brown, SGT
Driver (B14) Jones, Gary PFC
Loader (B14) Enos, Thomas PV2 ETS’d in 1997 as a SSG.  Became a locomotive engineer for Union Pacific RR in Chicago, IL. eniejr@sbcglobal.net

2d Platoon

*** This platoon was in training for the Canadian Army Trophy Competition with D/4-67 but returned to to B Company for DS/DS

Platoon Leader/TC (B21) Pritchard, Michael 1LT map83196@msn.com
Gunner (B21) Treash, Daniel SGT
Driver (B21) Chapman, Randall PFC
Loader (B21) Minifield, Aaron PFC
TC (B22) Mullens, John SSG
Gunner (B22) Yoder, Troy SGT
Driver (B22) Alsobrooks, Martin PFC
Loader (B22) Mireles, John PFC
TC (B23) Raymond, Michael SSG
Gunner (B23) Arrowood, Andrew SGT
Driver (B23) Cabe, Joshua PFC
Loader (B23) Schloneger, Eric PFC
Platoon Sergeant (B24) Anderson, Alton SFC
Gunner (B24) Newell, Mathew CPL
Driver (B24) Ochoa, James PFC
Loader (B24) Werkheiser, Ken SPC

 3d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (B31) Franks, Steve 1LT
Gunner (B31)
Loader (B31) Calloway, PFC
Driver (B31) Kosten, PFC
TC (B32) Bunch, SSG
Gunner (B32) Harris, SGT
Loader (B32) Taboada, PFC
Driver (B32) Baldridge, SPC
TC (B33) Rollerson, SSG
Gunner (B33) Hageman, CPL
Loader (B33) Lomas, Omar PFC Now (2002) a CPT w/ 89th MP BDE at Ft. Hood, TX.
Driver (B33) Hutto, Adam PFC
Platoon Sergeant/TC (B34) Eger, Ralph Jr. SFC ree49@yahoo.com  Currently (2009) working for Ratheon at Fort A.P. Hill running the CACTF/Shoothouse.  Retired in 1996 from Ft. Drum, NY.
Gunner (B34) Gomez, SGT
Loader (B34) Hedges, PFC
Driver (B34) Humes, “Larry” Dean SPC dario3@t-online.de  As of 2004, was living in Giessen, Germany


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Charlie Company

 Position Name Remarks
Commander (C66) Giunta, Joe CPT
CDR’s M1A1 Gunner (C66) Thomas, SGT
CDR’s M1A1 Driver (C66)
CDR’s M1A1 Loader (C66) Hill, Alexander SPC ahill@uplinkgolf.com
CDR’s HMMVW Driver (C6) Lashley, Lane SPC
Executive Officer (C65) Topp, Raymond 1LT
XO’s M1A1 Gunner (C65)
XO’s M1A1 Driver (C65)
XO’s M1A1 Loader (C65)
First Sergeant Rose, 1SG
1SG’s HMMWV Driver Duncan, SPC
Supply Sergeant
Supply Clerk
Commo Sergeant

 1st Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (C11) Kennedy, Steve 1LT
Gunner (C11)
Driver (C11) Ewan, Courtney SPC
Loader (C11) Kelley, PFC
TC (C12) Tadlock, Howard L. SSG(P) tadlockh@id.ngb.army.mil
Gunner (C12) Murrell, SGT
Driver (C12) Devan, SPC
Loader (C12) Fox, PFC
TC (C13) Bing, SSG
Gunner (C13) Linnell, William CPL
Driver (C13) Haner, PFC
Loader (C13) Crosby, SPC
Platoon Sergeant (C14) Pasley, Larry SFC Injured, returned early to Germany.  SSG(P) Tadlock took over as Platoon Sergeant.
Gunner (C14) Molina, SGT
Driver (C14) Hutchinson, SPC
Loader (C14) Valdez, Michael PV2

2d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (C21) Tisdale, Riley 1LT “Rhino”
Gunner (C21)
Driver (C21)
Loader (C21)
TC (C22) Maruffo, Gilberto SSG Scueball@Yahoo.com
Gunner (C22)
Driver (C22)
Loader (C22)
TC (C23)
Gunner (C23)
Driver (C23)
Loader (C23)
Platoon Sergeant (C24) Rivera, Ray SFC
Gunner (C24)
Driver (C24)
Loader (C24)

 3d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (C31) Holden, Marc 1LT
Gunner (C31)
Loader (C31)
Driver (C31)
TC (C32)
Gunner (C32)
Loader (C32)
Driver (C32)
TC (C33)
Gunner (C33)
Loader (C33)
Driver (C33)
Platoon Sergeant/TC (C34) Moyer, SFC
Gunner (C34)
Loader (C34)
Driver (C34)


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Delta Company

Note: Delta Company was chosen to represent the Division in the 1991 Canadian Army Trophy (CAT) competition.  In November, 1990 training for the competition was suspended and the Company mobilized for deployment to Southwest Asia.

 Position Name Remarks
Commander (D66) King, Robert K. CPT

Soyk, Ray CPT

CPT King was commander during the ground war. CPT Soyk assumed command after the cease fire.  Robert King is now (2002) a LTC, serving as the BDE XO, 1st Space Brigade, US Army Space Command in Colorado Springs, CO.  RKing100@aol.com
CDR’s M1A1 Gunner (D66) Lawson, David SGT
CDR’s M1A1 Driver (D66) Jackson, Steve “Jack”
CDR’s M1A1 Loader (D66) Oliver, Matt CPL “Ollie”  matt.oliver@modernusa.com
CDR’s HMMVW Driver (D6) Gilgenast, Carl SFC
Executive Officer (D65) Skinner, Tom 1LT
XO’s M1A1 Gunner (D65)
XO’s M1A1 Driver (D65)
XO’s M1A1 Loader (D65)
First Sergeant Pollard, Larry 1SG larryregina@hotmail.com
1SG’s HMMWV Driver
Supply Sergeant
Supply Clerk
Commo Sergeant

 1st Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (D11) Ogden, Clyde 1LT
Gunner (D11)
Driver (D11)
Loader (D11)
TC (D12)
Gunner (D12)
Driver (D12)
Loader (D12)
TC (D13) Gerdeman, Edgar SGT (P) Master Gunner  theedge1963@yahoo.com
Gunner (D13) Komora, Christopher SGT (P) Retired as a SFC  Elwoodandnadine@aol.com
Driver (D13) Phelps, Scott PFC seprap@juno.com   ETS’d in October, 1991.
Loader (D13) Aquino, Ramon PFC
Platoon Sergeant (D14) Jalbert, Michael SFC Currently (2006) a GS11 deployment specialist with 1st Cavalry Division at Ft. Hood, TX.  Retired as a 1SG w/ 2-8 Cavalry.


Gunner (D14)
Driver (D14)
Loader (D14)

2d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (D21) Price, Jeffery 1LT
Gunner (D21) Fuchs, SGT
Driver (D21) McKinley, William SPC Spelling?
Loader (D21) Morgan, Russel SPC
TC (D22) Borja, Richard SSG Now (2004) retired in WA state
Gunner (D22) Boone, SGT
Driver (D22)
Loader (D22) Bosch, David SPC
TC (D23) Atkins, Baron SSG “Dirk”
Gunner (D23) Niblick, Richard SGT
Driver (D23) Castalaw, Jack C. SPC
Loader (D23) Groskreutz, Rob SPC “Gross”
Platoon Sergeant (D24) Sines, John SFC Master Gunner
Gunner (D24) Fea, Tamilo  SGT Retired as a SFC.  Currently (2008) a Training Resource Specialist is Grafenwoeher Germany.
Driver (D24) Dato, Joe SPC
Loader (D24) Konken, John SPC 

 3d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (D31) Raymond, David, 1LT Awarded Silver Star -for knocking out a BMP in the BN Combat Trains.
Gunner (D31) Jones, David SGT Awarded Silver Star
Loader (D31) Stearns, Thomas I.
Driver (D31) Polk, Marion Jr.
TC (D32) Sperling, Arthur SGT
Gunner (D32) Arsola, Mario SPC Currently (2008) a CSM with the Texas National Guard.  
Loader (D32) Breckenridge, SPC
Driver (D32) Floyd, SPC
TC (D33) Yeager, SSG
Gunner (D33) Martin, SGT
Loader (D33) Marsh, SPC
Driver (D33) Clark, Larry SPC
Platoon Sergeant/TC (D34) Hunt, James L. SFC Master Gunner
Gunner (D34) Markham, Kenneth SGT Currently (2008) retired from service, working as a civilian contractor for Master Gunner Branch at Ft. Knox.  
Loader (D34) Schwarz, Steve SPC
Driver (D34) Peoples, Andrew SPC

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