David Priode First Platoon Photos


First Platoon Photos from David Priode

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1.        Pfc Vincent, Spc Eaton, Pfc Blanton, Pfc Boelz having a laugh on the bus to Khobar Towers.

2.        Members of the Delta Dawgs relaxing on the bus after the long flight from Germany, Dec 1990.

3.        View from the rear of the Khobar complex Dec. 1990.  MP vehicles in the foreground.

4.        View into the courtyard of the Khobar complex.

5.        Pfc Blanton, Unidentified soldier, Spc Eaton, Pvt Hill wearing their sunglasses at night.


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6.        Pvt Riddell, Sgt Peerson, Pvt Lane getting ready to check out the vehicle ID panels on the window.

7.        Pfc Black killing time with a good book.

8.        Pfc Blanton, Spc Shadix, Sgt Haralson, Spc Gonzalez, Pfc Black, Pfc Vincent looking rough and tough and mighty wet. 1stBase camp in the desert January 1991.

9.        Sgt Priode relaxing. This picture was taken after we moved west in the desert on our way to our attack position. The ground was so hard we broke pick axes and shovels.

10.     Sgt Priode and his new home near the border. February 1991.


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11.     Pfc Jansen preparing his fighting position . February 1991.

12.     Sfc Johnson checking out the positions.

13.     Delta online and in position before the storm.

14.     Another view of the assembly area.

15.     Last minute supplies on the day before the storm.


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16.     Sgt Priode with thumper.

17.     Sgt Priode before patrol early Feb. 1991.

18.     Pfc Matthews showing off his dragon anti tank weapon.

19.     Pfc Vincent mounting his war horse.

20.     Last Assembly Area before the storm.

21.     The dogs of war. Last photo before going across the border. Sgt Priode, Pvt Lane, Pfc Jansen, Pfc Matthews, Pfc Stebbins.

22.     After the cease fire Sgt Priode on patrol with some happy villagers.