5-5 Cavalry


5th Cavalry Regiment Crest


5th Battalion, 5th Cavalry
(Ayers Kaserne, Kirchgöns, Germany)


The 5th Battalion, 5th Cavalry deployed with the Ready First Combat Team from Kirchgöns, Germany. The main body of the battalion arrived in Saudi Arabia on 4 January 1991, and remained until sometime in May 1991. This battalion, although under Cavalry colors and lineage, was actually an infantry battalion equipped with M2A1 Bradley Fighting Vehicles. TheBayonet Battalion was the RFCT’s reserve battalion in the brigade movement to contact. (According to Center of Military History online records, the Bayonets may have been primarily under division, as opposed to brigade, control through most of the ground offensive.) The Bayonets then redeployed to Germany in May for inactivation. For the most part, the roster below is empty. Any input would be greatly appreciated. If you can add or correct any information, see below for contact information.

Bayonets Roster

Roster Directory:

Battalion Headquarters and Staff

Headquarters and Headquarters Company

A Company

B Company (this roster is essentially complete thanks to LTC Keith George)

C Company

D Company


NOTE: A position presented in hypertext indicates a link to a photo of the soldier; a name presented in hypertext indicates an e-mail link.

Battalion Headquarters and Staff
 Position Name & Rank Remarks
Battalion Commander Deegan, Michael LTC Callsign:  Bayonet 6
Battalion Commander Gunner Clark, Steve SGT  
Battalion Executive Officer Reiss, Richard M. MAJ  
Command Sergeant Major Cheney, Kirk CSM  
S1 – Adjutant Lee, David A. II CPT  
S1 NCOIC (PAC Chief) Joy, Anthony L. SFC  
S1 Driver Schlenker, Dennis SPC Served as Finance Clerk. Promoted to CPL shortly after ground war. Promoted to SGT upon return to KG, then ETS’d. Currently (2007) working as a police officer.
S1 Section Martinez, SFC  
S2 – Intelligence Officer Grofcsik, Richard P. CPT  
Asst. S2 BICC Cullingford, 1LT  
S2 NCOIC Johnson, MSG  
S3 – Operations Officer Gross, Thomas MAJ  
Assist. S3 Wyman, Steven G. “Greg” CPT Wrote the 5-5 CAV Desert Storm Historical Summary
Assist. S3 Air Winters, Jeff 1LT Became Scout Platoon Leader the day before the ground offensive after 1LT Ron Clark was injured.
Assist. S3 Air Bellizzi, Marc 2LT Assumed this position when 1LT Winters moved to Scout Platoon.
Assist. S3 Air Wiker, Tom CPT  
S3 NCOIC Draper, Chester SFC  
S3 Section    
Air Liaison Officer Hohman, Michael B. 1LT (USAF)  
Air Liaison Officer McAdams, William SSgt (USAF)  
Air Liaison Officer Peterson, Derek AIC (USAF)  
Fire Support Officer Plante, David CPT 2-3 FA
S4 – Logistics Officer Wilson, Robert L. II CPT  
S4 NCOIC Bethea, SFC  
S4 Section    
BN Signal Officer (SIGO) McClain, Tim 1LT  
BN Signal NCOIC    
BN Signal Section Smith, Dan SPC  
BN Chemical Officer Pigman, Carl 2LT  
Battalion Maintenance Officer White, Wesley CPT  
Battalion Maintenance Tech. Dellaloy, Thomas CW3  
Battalion Motor Sergeant Wright, Frederick MSG  
Physician’s Assistant Carson, CW2  
Chaplain Bebber, Gerald K. CPT Episcopal, currently (2004) serving on active duty at Ft. Knox
Chaplain Assistant Wessel, Stephen PV2  



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Headquarters and Headquarters Company
 Position Name & Rank Remarks
Commander Davis, Marvin A. CPT  
Executive Officer Desjardin, James 1LT  
First Sergeant Gillett, Guy A. 1SG  
Supply Sergeant Edwards, David SGT  
Commo OIC    
Commo NCOIC Spain, Dennis SFC  
Commo Section Freeman, Donald SPC  

Mortar Platoon

Platoon Leader Hynds, Pat 1LT  
PL’s Driver Thayer, Scott SPC  
Platoon Sergeant Mack, (first name?) MSG Became 1SG A Company day after ground war ended
Platoon Sergeant’s driver (HQ49) Maples, Justin SPC  
Gunnery Sergeant    
Mortars – position unknown Rigsby, Calvin PFC  
Mortars – position unknown Oliver, Tom PFC  
Mortars – position unknown Powell, Daryl W. SGT  
Mortars – position unknown Dumont, Allan  
Mortars – position unknown Sauer, Jeff PFC  
Mortars – position unknown Brooks, Kelly SPC  
A Section Leader Keranan, Paul SSG  
A Section FDC Chief    
A Section FDC Crider, Leonard A. SGT  
A Section FDC Fernandez, Joe SPC  
A Section FDC    
Gun 1 Chief Lane, Robert SGT Transferred to 3/5 Mortar Platoon when they stayed in Kuwait while 5/5 went back to Germany
Gun 1 Sherman, Shawn PFC Driver, transfered to 3/5 Mortar Platoon when they stayed in Kuwait while 5/5 went back to Germany
Gun 1 Salinas, Patricio SGT Came from 8th ID, Position Unknown
Gun 1 Collins, Larry SPC  
Gun 1 Fernandez, Joe  
Gun 2 Chief Sayers, Mark CPL  
Gun 2 Sherry, Leonard SPC Driver, became gunner later
Gun 2 Ziemer, Michael SPC AG, later became driver
Gun 2 Jamison, David SPC Gunner, later moved to A Section FDC
Gun 2 Prestwood, Jason PFC Ammo Bearer, later moved to A Section FDC
Gun 3 Chief Nicholas, SGT  
Gun 3 Weinacht, Anthony SPC  
Gun 3 Gilmac, Michael SPC  
Gun 3 Tavarez, Abel PFC  
A Section – position/gun unknown Collins, Larry SPC  
B Section Leader Teater, Thomas A. SFC Later replaced MSG Mack as Platoon Sergeant when Mack transferred to A Company
B Section FDC Chief Salinas  
B Section FDC Check Powell  
B Section FDC M577 driver Holbrook, Charles SPC  
B Section FDC    
Gun 4 Chief    
Gun 4 Assist. Gunner Barkers, Tracy PFC  
Gun 4    
Gun 4    
Gun 5 Chief Sayers, Mark CPL  
Gun 5 Gunner Harbin, Stowe SPC  
Gun 5 Ammo Bearer Bartos, Douglas PFC  
Gun 5 Assist. Gunner Ziemer, Michael SPC Later became an Alpha Section driver
Gun 6 Chief Moore, J.C. SGT  
Gun 6 Gunner Brackett, Bill SPC  
Gun 6 Driver Hoke, Walter PFC  
Gun 6    
B Section – position/gun unknown Campbell, Peter SPC  
Section/position/gun unknown Woods, Barry SPC  

Scout Platoon

Platoon Leader (HQ51) Clark, Ron 1LT Injured/medevac’d on 23 FEB 91; returned early MAR 91
Platoon Leader (HQ51) Winters, Jeff 1LT Led platoon during ground offensive
Gunner (HQ51)    
Driver (H51)    
Observer (HQ51)    
Observer (HQ51)    
Observer (HQ51)    
Platoon Sergeant (HQ5?) Young, Richard B. SFC  
Gunner (HQ5?)    
Driver (HQ5?)    
Observer (HQ5?)    
Observer (HQ5?)    
Observer (HQ5?)    
Alpha Section Leader/Senior Scout Schwandt, Steven S. SSG  
Alpha Section Gunner Singh, Iqbal SPC  
Alpha Section Driver Baker, PFC  
Alpha Section Observer    
Alpha Section Observer    
Alpha Section Observer    
Alpha Wing Chief Vargas, Rolando SGT  
Alpha Wing Gunner    
Alpha Wing Driver Taylor, PFC  
Alpha Wing Observer    
Alpha Wing Observer    
Alpha Wing Observer    
Bravo Section Leader Jones, Eddie SSG  
Bravo Section Gunner    
Bravo Section Driver    
Bravo Section Observer    
Bravo Section Observer    
Bravo Section Observer    
Bravo Wing Chief Fulks, James G. SGT  
Bravo Wing Gunner Ledbury, CPL  
Bravo Wing Driver Route, SPC  
Bravo Wing Observer Dougherty, Jason PFC  
Bravo Wing Observer    
Bravo Wing Observer    

Support Platoon

Platoon Leader Wanovich, William 1LT  
Driver Wilhelmy, Ray (rank?) What position?
Driver Williams, David PFC  
Driver Furtado, Ernie (rank?) What position?
Driver Williams, Kenneth (rank?) What position?
Driver Larson, Kenneth (rank?) What position?
Driver Yant, Douglas (rank?) What position?
Driver Parker, (first name?) (rank?) What position?

 Medical Platoon

Platoon Leader Baine, Damon _LT  
Platoon Sergeant Kearney, Dennis SFC  
Treatment NCO Whetstone, Dwight SGT  
Evac. NCO Townsend, Douglas SSG  
Medic HHC Sprayberry, Stephen SSG  
Medic HHC Lede, Timothy SPC  
Medic HHC George, SPC  
Medic HHC Williams, Otis PFC  
Medic HHC Johnson, Cameron SGT  
Medic HHC    
Senior Medic A Co. Brummel, David A. SGT  
Driver Medic A Co.    
Medic A Co. Kuhn, Terrance L. SPC  
Medic A Co. Listerud, Brian PFC  
Medic A Co. Spurlock, Johnny D. (rank?)  
Senior Medic B Co. (HQ850)(M113) Boyd, Billy SGT  
Driver Medic B Co. (HQ850) Warren, Richard SPC  
Medic B Co. (B13) Phillips, Jerry SPC  
Medic B Co. (B23) Girard, Scott SPC  
Medic B Co. (B33) Hinks, Matthew, SPC  
Senior Medic C Co. Testerman, Brian SGT  
Driver Medic C Co.    
Medic C Co.    
Medic C Co.    
Medic C Co.    
Senior Medic D Co. Aberle, Curtis J. SGT Now (2004) commissioned Nurse Corps officer (Captain)
Driver Medic D Co. Matias, Noel SPC  
Medic D Co. Durant, SPC  
Medic D Co. Young, SPC  
Medic D Co. Donatini, Daniel SPC deceased – killed in car accident in MA in OCT 1991
Medic (A Co.)    

 Battalion Maintenance Section

BN Motor Sergeant Wright, James SFC  
BN Maintenance Technician Delaloye, CW3  
PLL NCOIC McCarroll, Marshall SGT  
PLL Clerk Dodds, Quinn B. SPC Had been PLL clerk for Echo Co.
HHC Motor Sergeant Shore, Donald, SFC Redeployed in Feb. before moving into Iraq. Replaced by SSG Kroontje
HHC Motor Sergeant Kroontje, Bryan SSG Now (2009) CSM Kroontje, 18th CSSB
A Co. Maintenance Sergeant
Tool Clerk Hejl, Russell SPC
Wheel Mechanic  Williams, SGT
HHC Track Mechanic Ofisa, Ali SGT
Turret Mechanic MacAlister, PFC
A Co. Maintenance Section Weber, Mark SGT
A Co. Maintenance Section
A Co. PLL Clerk Reppert, PFC
B Co. Maintenance Team Chief (HQ953) (5 Ton) Spears, James SFC
B Co. TAMMS Clerk/Driver (HQ953) Mann, Quintin PV2
B Co. Recovery Sergeant (HQ950) (M88) Rush, Stephen SGT
B Co. BFV System Mechanic (HQ950) Threet, Kenneth SPC
B Co. BFV System Mechanic (HQ950) Prettenhoffer, James PFC
B Co. BFV Turret Mechanic (HQ951) (M113) Shinlaub, Edward SGT
B Co. BFV System Mechanic (HQ951) Young Paul PFC
B Co. BFV System Mechanic (HQ952) (5 Ton) Hullette, Marvin SSG
B Co. BFV System Mechanic (HQ952) Tewell, Philip SPC
B Co. BFV Turret Mechanic (HQ954) (5 Ton) Powell, David SPC
B Co. BFV Turret Mechanic (HQ954) McAlister, Johnny PFC
B Co. PLL Clerk Lacosta, Manuel SPC
C Co. Maintenance Sergeant Kahler, Kurt SFC  
C Co. Systems Mechanic Wright, Danny SSG  
C Co. Maintenance Section Wright, SSG  
C Co. Maintenance Section Leader Helman, SGT  
C Co. PLL Clerk Boyette, Anthony SPC  
D Co. Motor Sergeant Lowether, SSG
D Co. Maintenance Section Leader  
D Co. Maintenance Section Shupp, Brian SPC
D Co. Maintenance Section BisbeeScott SPC
D Co. Maintenance Section McKensie, SGT
D Co. Maintenance – Turret Mechanic Cauthon, SPC
D Co. Maintenance – Turret Mechanic Peters, PFC
D Co. Maintenance – M88 TC Karns, SGT
D Co. Maintenance – M88 Driver Shuryn, PFC
D Co. PLL Clerk  Walker, Brent J.  
D Co. Maintenance from 4/32 AR LaMountain, SSG   SSG LaMountain passed away on active duty at Ft. Hood in the ’90’s as a SFC.

 Security Platoon

Formed with personnel from inactivated Company E (ITV) and M113’s for BN Trains security.

Platoon Leader None  
Platoon Sergeant Ward, SSG  
  Carver, SGT  
Barnett, SPC  
Buras, Ty SPC  
Poltkin, SPC  
Davis, PFC  



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Alpha Company (pure, TF 5-5 CAV)
 Position  Name & Rank  Remarks
Commander (A66) Doak, Victor E. CPT Living in Norway as of January 2003
CDR’s Gunner Johnson, Jerome SGT Company Master gunner
CDR’s Driver Cook, Lewis SPC
CDR’s HMMVW Driver Morris, Larry
Executive Officer Earls, Kenneth 1LT
First Sergeant Bennett, James 1SG 1SG throughgroundwar, then 1SG Mack
First Sergeant Mack, Elijah 1SG Became 1SG after ceasefire
1SG’s Driver Armstrong, Tommy PFC
Supply Sergeant Brown, Wilbert SSG
Commo Sergeant Johnson, Jimmie SSG
NBC NCO Townley, Timothy SPC
Position/Rank Unknown

 1st Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (A11) Shebuski, Jay “Duck” 2LT  
Gunner (A11) Miles, SGT
Driver (A11) Keech, Jeff PFC
Dismount Squad Leader (A11) Carvalho, SGT
Dismount RTO (A11) Allen, SPC
Dismount (A11) Siebenthaler, PV2
Dismount (A11) Ayuso, PV2
Dismount (A11) Gabusi, PVT
TC (A12) Kelly, SSG
Gunner (A12) Calahan, PFC
Driver (A12) McDaniel, PFC
Dismount Team Leader (A12) Lee, SGT
Dismount (A12) Cilwik, SPC
Dismount (A12) Williams, SPC
Dismount (A12) Hoyt, PVT
Dismount (A12) Murrell, Robert PVT Changed last name to “Williams” after ETS
TC (A13) Mims, SSG
Gunner (A13) Martinez, CPL
Driver (A13) Anderson, PFC
Dismount Team Leader (A13) Garza, SGT
Dismount (A13) Ruiz, SPC
Dismount (A13) Tobias, SPC
Dismount (A13) Marreel, PFC
Dismount (A13) Ramirez, PV2
Dismount (A13) Littau, PVT
Platoon Sergeant (A14) Williams, SFC held position during ground war
Platoon Sergeant (A14) Donahue, SFC Became PSG around late MAR ’91 – came from BDE or BN staff?
Gunner (A14) Rojas, SPC
Driver (A14) Ross, SPC
Dismount Squad Leader (A14) Holder, Clifford SSG Joined unit several days prior to LD
Dismount (A14) Jones, SGT
Dismount (A14) Corpuz, SPC
Dismount (A14) Gallegos, PFC
Dismount (A14) Johnson, PFC
Dismount (A14) Tielking, PVT

2d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (A21) Gendron, Jeffery 1LT
Gunner (A21) Byrd, Darren SPC
Driver (A21) Edwards, Charles PFC
Dismount – RTO (A21) Olson, Kelly PFC
Dismount – Team Leader (A21) Banks, Michael SGT
Dismount – AR (A21) Guerrero-Marquez, Clever PFC
Dismount – AR (A21) Gillis, Patrick PFC
Dismount – Dragon (A21) Mercer, James PVT
TC – Squad Leader (A22) Pizzarro-Rosario, Carlos SSG
Gunner (A22) Roberson, Wilbur PFC
Driver (A22) Harpest, Trent PV2
Dismount – Squad Leader (A22) Crumbley, Arthur SSG
Dismount – Team Leader (A22) Wichman, Timothy SGT Now out of the Army and in the Colorado Springs area.
Dismount – AR Dragon (A22) Garcia, Michael PV2
Dismount – AR (A22) Houghton, Patrick PV2
Dismount – Rifleman (A22) Pendergast, Jason PVT
TC – Platoon Sergeant (A23) Kane, Michael SFC
Gunner (A23) Hadden, Wilbert SPC
Driver (A23) Jarvis, David PV2
Dismount – Team Leader (A23) Birthisel, Jeffrey SGT
Dismount – AR (A23) Empie, Paul SPC
Dismount – AR (A23) Gould, Todd PFC
Dismount – AR (A23) Lebofsky, Tom PV2
Dismount – Rifleman (A23) Martinson, Sean SPC
TC – Squad Leader (A24) Rodriquez-Ortiz, Hector SSG
Gunner (A24) Bratten, Wyatt SPC
Driver (A24) Rutch, David PFC
Dismount – Squad Leader (A24) Swanier, Vernon SSG
Dismount – Team Leader (A24) Wilhelm, David SPC
Dismount – Dragon (A24) Erickson, Donn SPC
Dismount (A24) Lackey, Michael PV2
Dismount – Rifleman (A24) Ibarra, Francisco PVT
Dismount – Rifleman (A24) Noriega, Paul PVT

 3d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (A31) Pinkela, Kenneth 1LT Active duty MAJ as of February 2003
Gunner (A31) Allen, Tommy SPC
Driver (A31) Peterson, Brett SPC
Dismount – Assist. Gnt (A31) Gwyn, Wayne SSG
Dismount – RTO (A31) Allen, Frank PFC
Dismount – AR (A31) Green, Michael SPC
Dismount (A31) McFarland, Douglas SPC
Dismount – Dragon (A31) Burton, Stephen SPC
Dismount – AR (A31) Rivera, Miguel PFC
TC (A32) Rios-Ramirez, Eversto SGT
Gunner (A32) Medley, Steven PFC
Driver (A32) Steinnetz, Donnie PV2
Dismount – Team Leader (A32) Garrison, Joey SGT
Dismount (A32) Northway, Del SPC Re-assigned, D/2-32 AR, April 1991
Dismount – AR (A32) Lang, Reginald PFC
Dismount – AR (A32) Sims, Kenneth PV2
Dismount – Rifleman (A32) McCoy, Darren PFC
Dismount – Rifleman (A32) Harding, David PVT
TC (A33) Stacks, David SSG
Gunner (A33) Smoot, Richard PFC
Driver (A33) King, Randall PFC
Dismount – Squad Leader (A33) Williams, Ronald W. SSG 1SG at Ft. Lewis in JUL 99
Dismount – Team Leader (A33) Mulloy, Leonard SPC
Dismount – Team Leader (A33) Duncan, Meridy SGT
Dismount – AR (A33) Barns, Troy PV2 Barnes?
Dismount – AR (A33) Brown, Naeem PV2
Dismount – Rifleman (A33) Carmoney, Ronald SPC
Platoon Sergeant (A34) Shepperd, Willie SFC
Gunner (A34) Dailey, William “Fatboy” SPC now commissioned officer
Driver (A34) Anderson, Clifford PFC
Dismount – AR (A34) Benitez, Sanchez PVT Might have also been Assist. Gunner for M60?
Dismount – M203 (A34) Johnson, Michael PFC
Dismount – rifleman (A34) Tuhy, Michael PFC Might also have had M60 machinegun?
Dismount – SAW or Dragon? (A34) Johnsen, Eric PFC Might have also been a dismount on A33?



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Bravo Company “Bushmaster” (task organized, 1 tank & 2 BFV platoons; TF 5-5 CAV)
(Returned back to Germany on 17 May 1991)
 Position  Name & Rank  Remarks
Commander (B66) George, Keith A. CPT
CDR’s Gunner (B66) Myers, David SGT
CDR’s Driver (B66) Carey, Bryan SPC
CDR’s RTO (B66) Fisher, Michael PFC
Sniper (B66) Phifer, Floyd SPC
CDR’s HMMVW Driver Battaglia, Clint PFC
Executive Officer (B65) (old M3 Cavalry Fighting Vehicle variant) Chrismer, David P. “Dave” 1LT The XO’s M3 was an early variant (Not an A1 or A2) that could not fire the TOWII.  The vehicle came from 1st CAV Div.  The XO would normally have an M113.  Note that an XO in an infantry battalion would normally have an M113A3.  As an exception , RFCT Co. XO’s were generally given older M2 BFV’s instead.   Dave Chrismer was a further exception in that he had a M3 CFV.
XO’s Gunner (B65) Smith, Gregory SGT
XO’s Assistant Gunner (B65) Santiago, Josue PFC
XO’s Driver (B65) Schmitz, Donald PFC
M-60 gunner (B65) Sharmen, Randall CPL Actually OPCON’d to either 2d or 3d platoon.  (which?)
M-60 gunner (B65) Cecil, George PFC Actually OPCON’d to either 2d or 3d platoon. (which?)
Commo Chief (B65) Applequist, Michael SFC
Fire Support Officer Hutchinson, Eric “Hutch” 1LT See 2-3 FA roster for full FIST team
First Sergeant (rode in B6) Hancock, Jack E. 1SG
Supply Sergeant (B5) (5 Ton) Griffin, Jeffery SGT
Armorer/Driver (B5) Jones, Jeffery SGT
NBC NCO (B4) (5 Ton) Stolicki, Floyd SGT
Driver (B4) Erwin, Eric PVT
Position Unknown (B8) (2-dr HMMWV) (w/Supply Section) Hamler, Maurice SSG
Driver (B8) Thompson, Joshua PVT
Driver (Ammo) (B3) (5 Ton) Jones, Tony SGT

1st Platoon

Platoon Leader/BC (B11) Mervyn, Jason 2LT
Gunner (B11) Curry, Martin SGT
Driver (B11) DiCaprio, Marc PFC
Assistant Gunner (B11) Nix, Dexter PVT
Dismount A Team Leader (B11) Sanderlin, Nelson SGT
Dismount (Anti-Armor) (B11) Burns, Richard PFC
Dismount (SAW) (B11) Dunston, Tyrone PFC
Dismount (SAW) (B11) Guerin, Marlon PFC
BC/Platoon Master Gunner (B12) Bradley, Harold SSG Also Company Master Gunner
Gunner (B12) Hamm, Jonce PFC
Driver (B12) Cooper, Robert PV2
Squad Leader (B12) Dunaway, Rodney SSG
Dismount B Team Leader Gainer, Michael SGT
Dismount (SAW) (B12) Garza-Gonzalez, Alejandro SPC
Dismount (Anti-Armor) (B12) Morris, Marcus SPC
Dismount (Grenadier) (B12) Schaefer, Leo PV2
BC (B13) – track name “Bad Boyz” Cheatham, Jimmy SSG
Gunner (B13) Sabala, Jon SGT
Driver (B13) Barton, Donald SPC
Dismount Squad Leader (B13) Jesus, Peter SFC Came from tasking at Butzbach Range just prior to deployment.
Dismount A Team Leader (B13) Tribble, Broderick CPL
Dismount (SAW) (B13) Cruz, Edward PFC
Dismount (SAW) (B13) Sweet, Michael PFC
Dismount (Rifleman) (B13) Kenner, Dennis PVT
Platoon Sergeant/BC (B14) Young, Fred SFC
Gunner (B14) Coldiron, Scott PFC
Driver (B14) Fine, Stephen PFC
Dismount B Team Leader (B14) Fritz, Michael CPL
Dismount (Anti-Armor) (B14) Dwyer, Scott PFC
Dismount (Grenadier) (B14) Williams, Michael PVT
Dismount (SAW) (B14) Clay, Jesse PFC
Forward Observer (B14) Boatright, Lewis SGT From FIST, 2-3 FA

2d Platoon

Platoon Leader/BC (B21)  Anderson, Robert 1LT
Gunner (B21) Badgett, Rosevelt SGT
Driver (B21) Heywood, Glenn “Mack” Jr. PFC Early arrival in theater (13 DEC 90) to offload equipment
Assistant Gunner (B21) Ford, Carl CPL
Dismount A Team Leader (B21) Sell, Donald CPL
RTO (B21) McEachern, Christopher PFC
Dismount (Anti-Armor) (B21) Angel, Vale PFC
Dismount (SAW) (B21) Ryder, Dennis PV2
BC/Platoon Master Gunner (B22) Hook, Johnny SSG
Gunner (B22) Johnson, Vernon SPC
Driver (B22) Ramos, Anthony PFC
Dismount Squad Leader (B22) Malone, Gerald SSG
Dismount B Team Leader (B22) Zable, Charles SPC
Dismount (SAW) (B22) Bathright, John PV2
Dismount (Anti-Armor) (B22) Graves, Joel PFC
Dismount (Grenadier) (B22) Wisner, Dennis SPC Early arrival in theater (13 DEC 90) to offload equipment
BC (B23) Moore, Michael SSG
Gunner (B23) Tibbetts, Gary SGT
Driver (B23) Middelton, Brian SPC Early arrival in theater (13 DEC 90) to offload equipment
Dismount Squad Leader (B23) Johnson, Henry SGT
Dismount A Team Leader (B23) Matthews, Thomas CPL
Dismount (Rifleman) (B23) Moss, Saluador PVT
Dismount (SAW) (B23) Coleman, Brian PFC
Dismount (SAW) (B23) Gilmore, Michael PV2
Platoon Sergeant/BC (B24) Moyser, David
Gunner (B24) Miller, J.D. SGT
Driver (B24) Chaffino, Daniel PFC
Dismount B Team Leader (B24) Backhaus, Bradley CPL
Dismount (Anti-Armor) (B24) Abbt, Jeffery PFC
Dismount (Grenadier) (B24) Brazee, James PFC
Dismount (SAW) (B24) Johnson, John PFC Early arrival in theater (13 DEC 90) to offload equipment
Forward Observer (B24) Paris, Paul SPC from FIST, 2-3 FA

 3d Platoon

Platoon Leader/BC (B31) Lindgren, Matthew 2LT
Gunner (B31) Gooding, Kelven SPC
Driver (B31) Chriswell, Michael SPC
Dismount A Team Leader (B31) Holliday, Hershel SGT
Dismount (Anti-Armor) (B31) Ely, Warren PV2
Dismount (SAW) (B31) Menjivar, Enrique PFC
Dismount (SAW) (B31) Tate, Winston PFC
RTO (B31) Thiels, Andre SPC
BC (B32) Jones, Dwayne SSG
Gunner (B32) Bardwell, Stephen SPC
Driver (B32) Young, David PFC
Dismount Squad Leader (B32) Vallellenez, Rodriquez SSG
Dismount B Team Leader (B32) Dohm, Bradley CPL
Dismount (Anti-Armor) (B32) Reynolds, Frank PV2
Dismount (Grenadier) (B32) Vitale, Slavens PV2
Dismount (SAW) (B32) Ascencio, Juan PFC
BC (B33) Little, Kenneth SGT
Gunner (B33) Blaut, Henry SPC
Driver (B33) Badichan, Srodhananda PFC
Dismount Squad Leader (B33) Baumgartner, Michael SSG
Dismount A Team Leader (B33) Patrick, William SGT
Dismount (Rifleman) (B33) Barrett, Robert SPC
Dismount (SAW) (B33) Noel, Larry PFC
Dismount (SAW) (B33) Abernathy, Kenneth PFC
Platoon Sergeant/BC (B34) Salazar, Roy SFC
Gunner (B34) Perkins, Marcus SPC
Driver (B34) Jones, Christopher PFC
Dismount B Team Leader (B34) Burchett, John SGT
Dismount (SAW) (B34) Cano, Francisco PFC
Dismount (Anti-Armor) (B34) Jones, Vincent PFC
Dismount (Grenadier) (B34) Lee, Jung PVT
Forward Observer (B34) Hines, Keith SPC from FIST 2-3 FA

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Charlie Company (pure, TF 5-5 CAV)
 Position  Name & Rank  Remarks
Commander (C66) Schafer, William J. CPT  
CDR’s Gunner Shaver, Lou SSG  
CDR’s Driver Jove, SPC  
CDR’s Loader    
CDR’s HMMVW Driver    
Executive Officer (XO) (C65) Sargent, Gary 1LT  
XO’s Gunner    
XO’s Driver Bartley, Milton SPC  
XO’s Loader    
First Sergeant Cockerham, Bernard J. 1SG  
1SG’s Driver    
Supply Sergeant LaBlanc, SSG  
Supply Section White, SGT  
Commo Sergeant    
NBC NCO Drezelo, David SGT  
C/5-5 CAV position unknown Carter, SGT  
C/5-5 CAV position unknown Boyles, SPC  
C/5-5 CAV position unknown Clark, Kenneth  

 1st Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (C11) Maciag, Bob 1LT  
Gunner (C11)    
Driver (C11)    
Dismount (C11)    
Dismount (C11)    
Dismount (C11)    
Dismount (C11)    
TC (C12)  Brown, SSG  (is this the correct track???)
Gunner (C12)    
Driver (C12)    
Dismount (C12)    
Dismount (C12)    
Dismount (C12)    
Dismount (C12)    
TC (C13)    
Gunner (C13)    
Driver (C13)    
Dismount (C13)    
Dismount (C13)    
Dismount (C13)    
Dismount (C13)    
Platoon Sergeant (C14)  Spence, SSG  
Gunner (C14)    
Driver (C14)    
Dismount (C14)    
Dismount (C14)    
Dismount (C14)    
Dismount (C14)    

2d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (C21)  Petit, Kevin 1LT  
Gunner (C21) Carter, SGT  
Driver (C21) Palacios, PFC  
Dismount (C21) Darr, CPL  
Dismount (C21) Morehead, SPC  
Dismount (C21) Hoskins, SPC  
Dismount (C21) Cochran, PFC  
Dismount (C21) Heineman, PFC  
TC (C22) (Track name “Caligula”) Earls, SSG  
Gunner (C22) Hanson, SPC  
Driver (C22) Chavez, PFC  
Assist. Gunner/Commo (C22) Jordan, James SPC  
Dismount Squad Leader (C22) Stokes, SSG  
Dismount (C22) Warnement, SGT  
Dismount (C22) Jinright, SPC  
Dismount (C22) Pettigrew, PFC  
Dismount (C22) Pendleton, PFC  
Dismount (C22) Jordan, PFC  
TC (C23) Silipo, SSG  
Gunner (C23) Freeman, SPC  
Driver (C23) Harrison, PFC  
Dismount Squad Leader (C23) Tackett, SSG  
Dismount (C23) Jensen, SGT 11H from E Company (M113 ITV)
Dismount (C23) Taum, SPC  
Dismount (C23) Hicks, PFC  
Dismount (C23) Bowles, PV2  
Dismount (C23) Miller, PV2  
Platoon Sergeant (C24) Fuentes, SFC  
Gunner (C24) Padgett, SGT  
Driver (C24) Lewis, PFC  
Dismount (C24) Giles, CPL 11H from E Company (M113 ITV)
Dismount (C24) Elizondo, PFC  
Dismount (C24) MacFarlane, PFC  
Dismount (C24) Giacinto, PV2  
2/C/5-5 CAV Position unknown Dairy, SPC Help – what track/position?
2/C/5-5 CAV Position unknown Dunlap, SPC Help – what track/position?
2/C/5-5 CAV Position unknown Spinger, SPC Help – what track/position?
2/C/5-5 CAV Position unknown Thornell, SPC Help – what track/position?
2/C/5-5 CAV Position unknown DeJesus, Angel Help – what track/position?
2/C/5-5 CAV Position unknown Dupree, (first name?) (rank?) Help – what track/position?
2/C/5-5 CAV Position unknown Gaither, (first name?) (rank?) Help – what track/position?
2/C/5-5 CAV Position unknown Chatwood, (first name?) (rank?) Help – what track/position?
2/C/5-5 CAV Position unknown Smith, R.J. (first name?) (rank?) Help – what track/position?

 3d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (C31) Houser, Matt 2LT  
Gunner (C31)    
Driver (C31)    
Dismount (C31)    
Dismount (C31)    
Dismount (C31)    
BC (C32) Maupin, Alan SSG also Platoon Master Gunner
Gunner (C32)    
Driver (C32)    
Dismount (C32)    
Dismount (C32)    
Dismount (C32)    
BC (C33) Shipply, SSG  (is this the correct track???)
Gunner (C33)    
Driver (C33)    
Dismount (C33)    
Dismount (C33)    
Dismount (C33)    
Platoon Sergeant/BC (C34) Barnaby, SFC  
Gunner (C34)    
Driver (C34)    
Dismount (C34)    
Dismount (C34)    
Dismount (C34)    

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Delta Company (task organized, TF 4-32 AR)
Note that Team Delta consisted of two organic BFV platoons and one platoon of M1A1’s from B/4-32 AR.  For details on the 4-32 AR platoon, see the 4-32 AR roster.
 Position  Name & Rank  Remarks
Commander (D66)  McNamara, James M. “Mike” CPT
CDR’s Gunner
CDR’s Driver McDonald, SPC
CDR’s Loader
CDR’s HMMVW Driver
Executive Officer Zamora, Carlos 1LT
First Sergeant Moore, Joel 1SG
1SG’s Driver Mock, William SPC
Supply Sergeant
Supply Clerk
Commo Sergeant

 1st Platoon (task organized to B/4-32 AR)

Platoon Leader/TC (D11) Winkleman, Douglas 1LT
Gunner (D11)
Driver (D11) Grassmeyer, PFC
Dismount (D11) Force, Scott SGT
Dismount (D11) Rodriguez, Auerillo SPC
Dismount (D11)
Dismount (D11)
TC (D12)
Gunner (D12) Benefieto, SPC
Driver (D12) Maston, PFC
Dismount (D12)
Dismount (D12) Grzywa, Darryn CPL
Dismount (D12) Seligman, Scott PFC
Dismount (D12) Stewart, Kevin M. PFC
TC (D13) Taylor, SGT
Gunner (D13)
Driver (D13)
Dismount (D13)
Dismount (D13)
Dismount (D13)
Dismount Squad Ldr – 1st Squad (D1__?) Maynard, SSG
Platoon Sergeant (D14) Davis, Laurence SFC
Gunner (D14) Coats, SPC
Driver (D14)
Dismount (D14)
Dismount Squad Ldr – 2d Squad (D1__?) Nelson, Craig D. Sr. SSG Retired as a SFC
Dismount Team Ldr – 2d Squad (D1__?) Force, Scott SGT
Dismount Team Ldr – 2d Squad (D1__?) Johnson, Terron SGT

2d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (D21) Sevigny, 1LT
Platoon Sergeant Wright, SFC
1st Squad Leader Thomas, SSG
Team Leader Lumpkins, SGT
1st Squad McGee, SPC
1st Squad Tizeno, SPC
1st Squad Newton, PVT
1st Squad Haygood, PVT
1st Squad Crotts, PVT
2nd Squad Leader Moad, SGT
Team Leader Melendez, SGT
2nd Squad Keys, SGT
2nd Squad Martindale, SPC
2nd Squad Shaw, SPC
2nd Squad Gardea, PVT
2nd Squad Brown, PVT
2nd Squad Marine, PVT
3rd Squad Leader Watson, SSG
Team Leader Cherry, SPC
3rd Squad Porter, PVT
3rd Squad Cartwright, PVT
3rd Squad Hieneman, PVT
3rd Squad Young, PVT
3rd Squad Stanford, PVT
4th Squad Leader Springer, SSG
Team Leader Gibson, SPC
4th Squad Uelman, PVT
4th Squad Fultz, PVT
4th Squad Wiemer, PVT
4th Squad Woodard, PVT

3d Platoon (attached to D/4-32 AR)

Platoon Leader/TC (D31)
Gunner (D31)
Driver (D31)
Dismount (D31)
Dismount (D31)
Dismount (D31)
Dismount (D31)
TC (D32)
Gunner (D32)
Driver (D32)
Dismount (D32)
Dismount (D32)
Dismount (D32)
Dismount (D32)
TC (D33)
Gunner (D33)
Driver (D33)
Dismount (D33)
Dismount (D33)
Dismount (D33)
Dismount (D33)
Platoon Sergeant/TC (D34)
Gunner (D34)
Driver (D34)
Dismount (D34)
Dismount (D34)
Dismount (D34)
Dismount (D34)
Dismount Tm Ldr/Anti-Armor Giglio, Jim Originally from E/5-5 CAV

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