4-34 Armor


34th Armor Regiment Crest

4th Battalion, 34th Armor
“Soldier Hard…!”
(Lee Barracks, Mainz, Germany)

The 4th Battalion, 34th Armor, organic to the 8th Infantry Division (8ID), deployed with the Ready First Combat Team from Mainz, Germany.  Because 4-34 Armor was in the process of inactivating at the time it received deployment orders, it was under strength.   To make up some of these shortages, individual soldiers and entire platoons were added from 1-68 Armor.  1-68 Armor was part of 8th ID “forward” at Wildflecken, Germany, and was also going through inactivation at the time (some 1-68 AR platoons served elsewhere in the brigade and division).  The main body of the battalion arrived in Saudi Arabia on 4 January 1991, and remained until 20 May 1991. Upon returning to Germany, the battalion deactivated. This battalion was the only maneuver-type unit at the command & control level to deploy from 8 ID. Much of the roster below is empty, and any input would be greatly appreciated. There are many photos linked to the company though. If you know something about Delta Company, take a look at the photos linked to positions and see if you can put a name to a face. If you can do this or add any other information, please see the bottom of this page for contact information.


Centurions Roster

Roster Directory:

Battalion Headquarters and Staff

Headquarters and Headquarters Company

A Company

B Company

C Company

D Company

Battalion Fire Support Element and Company Fire Support Teams (attached from 2-3 FA)

NOTE: A position presented in hypertext indicates a link to a photo of the soldier; a name presented in hypertext indicates an e-mail link.

Battalion Headquarters and Staff
 Position Name & Rank Remarks
Battalion Commander (HQ66) Burton, Michael LTC Centurion 6; assumed 12 JUL 90
BN CDR’s Gunner (HQ66) Plato, SGT  
BN CDR’s Driver (HQ66)    
BN CDR’s Loader (HQ66) Spillman, Stephen C. CPL Currently (2006) serving in the Florida National Guard
BN CDR’s HMMWV Driver (HQ6) Rumery, Kent SPC  
Battalion Executive Officer Grossner, “Chunky” MAJ  
Battalion Executive Officer HMMWV Driver Bell, SPC Transferred from 1-68 AR
Command Sergeant Major Buchanon, Buck CSM  
CSM’s Driver Newby, Bryon SPC Wheel vehicle mechanic; now CW2 – at Ft. Carson as of Jan ’04
S1 – Adjutant Phillips, Donald V. 1LT  
S1 NCOIC (PAC Chief) Bean, James L. SGT Attached from Mainz Phinten air base
S2 – Intelligence Officer Stewart, Andrew CPT Augmentee from 1-68 AR, 8th ID
S2 – Asst. S2 Keller, Winfield 1LT Deployed as advance party.  Currently (2006) a LTC, selected for command as the PM (Project Manager) for Future Force UAV in Redstone Arsenal, AL
S2 NCOIC    
S3 – Operations Officer (HQ63) Henne, Scott M. MAJ  
S3’s Gunner (HQ66)  Johnson, SSG  
S3’s Driver (HQ66)    
S3’s Loader (HQ66)    
Assist. S3    
Assist. S3 Air    
S3 NCOIC Beard, MSG  
Asst. S3 NCOIC  Whalen, SFC  
S3 Section    
Air Liason Officer  Ramsey, Stuart W. CAPT (USAF)  
Forward Air Contoller (FAC) Haskins, Brandon Sgt (USAF)  
BN Liason Officer (LNO) Bone, Jack W. 1LT  Became A Co. XO on 15 MAR 91
S4 – Logistics Officer Limpert, Paul L. CPT  
S4 NCOIC Gordon, SSG  
S4 Section Fernandez, Gerardo SPC  
BN Signal Officer (SIGO) Clark, William “Bill” 1LT  
BN Signal NCOIC Konz, SSG  
BN Chemical Officer    
Physician’s Assistant    
Chaplain Punke, Michael C. CPT United Methodist






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Headquarters and Headquarters Company
 Position Name & Rank Remarks
Commander Sacks, John R. CPT  
Executive Officer Berry, 1LT  
First Sergeant Mears, Terry 1SG  
1SG’s HMMWV Driver Rabinowitz, David SPC  
Supply Sergeant    
NBC NCO Hipolito, Joel CPL  

Mortar Platoon

Platoon Leader Tunnage, Leroy lLT  
Platoon Sergeant Pohland, Terry L. MSG  
HMMWV Driver Parkerson, PFC  

1st Section

1st Section Sergeant Lunsford, SFC  
1st Section FDC Chief Medina, SSG  
1st Section FDC – Check Austin, SGT  
1st Section FDC – Driver Schubert, Rodney “Hot Rod” SPC  
Gun 1 Sect. Ldr. (1st Sect.) Moon, SGT  
Gun 1 Gunner (1st Sect.) Preciado, Carl PFC  
Gun 1 Asst. Gunner (1st Sect.) Lopez, PFC  
Gun 1 Driver (1st Sect.) Rogers, Jeremy PVT  
Gun 2 Sect. Ldr. (1st Sect.) Hudgins, SGT  
Gun 2 Gunner (1st Sect.) Perot, Brad SPC  
Gun 2 Asst. Gunner (1st Sect.) Boggs, Gregory PFC  
Gun 2 Driver (1st Sect.) Gregory, Samuel PFC  
Gun 3 Sect. Ldr. (1st Sect.) Mendoza, SGT  
Gun 3 Gunner (1st Sect.) Johnson, SPC  
Gun 3 Asst. Gunner (1st Sect.) DeShazo, PFC  
Gun 3 Driver (1st Sect.) Stidham, Michael PFC  

2d Section

2d Section Sergeant Aughtman, SFC  
2d Section FDC Chief Ioramo, SSG  
2d Section FDC – Check Barnes, Robert (?) SGT  
2d Section FDC – Driver Sandoval, Domonic CPL  
Gun 1 Sect. Ldr. (2d Sect.) Coutee, SGT  
Gun 1 Gunner (2d Sect.) Curry, SPC  
Gun 1 Asst. Gunner (2d Sect.) Orosco, SPC  
Gun 1 Driver (2d Sect.) Stover, PFC  
Gun 2 Sect. Ldr. (2d Sect.) Hankerson, SGT  
Gun 2 Gunner (2d Sect.) Cleary, Patrick SPC  
Gun 2 Asst. Gunner (2d Sect.) Mueller, Wayne SPC  
Gun 2 Driver (2d Sect.) Albert, PFC  
Gun 3 Sect. Ldr. (2d Sect.) Harding, SGT  
Gun 3 Gunner (2d Sect.) Hamric, CPL  
Gun 3 Asst. Gunner (2d Sect.) Dryer, PFC  
Gun 3 Driver (2d Sect.) Cox, PFC  

Scout Platoon

This platoon consisted of six M113A3 Armored Personnel Carriers.   Three of these vehicles were “jerry rigged” with M220 TOW Launchers (ground mount) bolted to the top of the track (see image below of HQ25).  They could be fired by standing up in the track cargo hatch.  These vehicles also each had a M2 50 caliber machinegun. The remaining three vehicles each had a M2 50 caliber machinegun for main armament.

4-34ar_hq25.jpg (17421 bytes)

The Scout platoon operated as two 3-track sections as follows (note that this differs from the Army “standard”):

Alpha Section
HQ21 – Senior Scout/Section Leader
HQ22 – Assistant Section Sergeant (wingman)
HQ26 – Platoon Leader
Bravo Section
HQ23 – Section Sergeant
HQ25 – Assistant Section Sergeant (wingman)
HQ24 – Platoon Sergeant

(Thanks to Matthew H. Lee for the above explanation of the 4-34 Armor Scout Platoon organization)

Platoon Leader (HQ26) Youngman, Paul 1LT Became D Co. XO 15 MAR 91
Driver (HQ26)    
Senior Scout/Alpha Section Leader (HQ21) Pape, David SSG  
Driver (HQ21)    
Assistant Alpha Section Sergeant (HQ22)    
Driver (HQ22)    
Bravo Section Sergeant (HQ23) Santy, John SSG  
Driver (HQ23)    
Assistant Bravo Section Sergeant (HQ25) Salinas, Omar SSG Retired, currently (2003) working in Saudi Arabia
TC (HQ25) Lee, Matthew H. SGT  
Driver (HQ25) Johnson, PFC  
Scout (HQ25) Herald, Ricky Jo SPC from Hazard, KY
Scout (HQ25) Reyes, SPC from Puerto Rico
Platoon Sergeant (HQ24) Carroll, Kerry SFC  
Driver (HQ24)    

(NOTE:  The names below constitute much of the platoon above, but I have listed them below until I can match names to positions and vehicles)

Price, SSG    
Graham, Larry SGT    
Marr, Billy SGT    
Woodruff, Brent SGT    
Spivey, SGT    
Roberts, SGT    
Mathes, SGT    
Johnson, PFC    
Prevatte, Charles PFC    
Wallbridge, PFC    
Stotts, PFC    
Deleon, SPC    
Bezada, PFC    
Northrup, PFC    
Fernandez, SPC    
Jacobsen, PFC    
Schantz, PFC    

 Support Platoon

Platoon Leader    
BN Ammo Sergeant Gillett, Kevin T. SGT  

 Medical Platoon

Back row (left to right) – SPC Joseph Cox, SGT Arthur Vardeman, SGT Hughes, CPL Diron B. Brewer, SPC Jeffery McGraw, SGT James Hill , SPC Brendan P. Haymaker
Middle row (left to right) – SPC Arthur Moreno, SPC Ronald P. Immonen,  SPC Rickards, SPC Jones, PFC  John Centa, SGT Booker (we think, not sure though)
First row kneeling (left to right) – PFC  Erik Faes , PFC John Huzarski, SFC Nestor Thomas, SGT Flores, PFC  Timothy Spenny, SGT  Edgar Wurster, SSG David Bish

Platoon Leader Owens, Todd 1LT  
Platoon Sergeant Thomas, Nestor SFC  
Medic (for which Co.?) Hill, James H. SGT Came from 5-8 IN in NOV 90; now a PA at Ft. Stewart (AUG ’99)
HHC Medic Section Sergeant Bish, David SSG  
HHC Medic Brewer, Diron B. CPL  
HHC Medic Immonen, Ronald P. SPC SSG, active duty as of January 2003
HHC Medic Wurster, Edgar T. SGT
HHC Medic Moreno, Art SPC
HHC Medic Cox, PFC
HHC Medic Haymaker, Brendan PFC Currently (2006) working for the US Government in the Office of Personnel Management, Dallas TX.
A Co. Medic Sergeant Colon-Colon, SGT  
A Co. Medic Jones, SPC  
A Co. Medic Centa, PFC  
A Co. Medic Rickards, SPC  
A Co. Medic    
B Co. Medic Sergeant    
B Co. Medic Stackpool, Daniel B. SPC  
B Co. Medic    
B Co. Medic    
B Co. Medic    
C Co. Medic Sergeant Florez, SGT  
C Co. Medic    
C Co. Medic    
C Co. Medic    
C Co. Medic    
D Co. Medic Sergeant Hughes, SGT  
D Co. Medic Rodewald, Jeffery D. SPC  
D Co. Medic Spinny, SPC  
D Co. Medic    
D Co. Medic    

 Battalion Maintenance Section

Battalion Maintenance Officer Drevik, Kevin 1LT  
Battalion Maintenance Tech. Makola, Rich CW2  
BN Motor Sergeant McGee, Joseph MSG  
BN Motor Sergeant Driver Edgel, SPC
HHC Motor Sergeant Riggs, SFC  
Battalion Welder  Collins, Will SPC  
HHC Maintenance Section Schafer, SGT HQ-887
HHC Maintenance Section Axling, Vaughn SPC HQ-887         axellent@msn.com
HHC Maintenance Section Tiburcio, Charles SPC HQ-886
HHC Maintenance Section Sawyer, SGT HQ-886
HHC Maintenance Section Travis, Randy SPC HQ-885
A Co. Maintenance Sergeant Scott, SFC  
A Co. Maintenance Section LaBounty, Tim SGT ETS’d, living in Vermont 
A Co. Maintenance Section Hayes, Zola SGT  
A Co. Maintenance Section Kearns, SGT  
A Co. Maintenance Section Moore, SGT  
A Co. Maintenance Section Holeman, SPC  
A Co. Maintenance Section Kirk, SPC  
A Co. Maintenance Section Gillespie, PFC  
A Co. Maintenance Section Jaynes, PFC  
A Co. Maintenance Section McClaflin, PFC  
B Co. Maintenance Sergeant    
B Co. Maintenance Morales, Frank SGT Hull Mechanic, came from 1-68 AR, Wildflecken
B Co. Maintenance Flores, Miquel SGT Came from 1-68 AR
B Co. Maintenance Johnson, Matt SPC  Hull Mechanic, from 1-68
B Co. Maintenance Gallazo, Anthony SPC Hull Mechanic, came from 1-68 
B Co. Maintenance Marshall, SPC Turret Mechanic, came from 1-68
B Co. Maintenance Bolle, PFC  
B Co. Maintenance    
C Co. Maintenance Sergeant Parker, Herman SFC  
C Co. Parts/PLL Support Smith, Steve SPC
C Co. Hull Mechanic/M88 Dunham, Vincent SSG  
C Co. Hull Mechanic/M88 Hopson, Dwayne SPC  
C Co. Hull Mechanic/tool truck Green, David SGT Living in Hinesville, GA.  Medically retired from the GA National Guard  
C Co. Turret Mechanic/M113 Richardson, James SPC Will retire in 2010 as a SGM, in Austin, TX
C Co. Hull Mechanic/M88 Halvorson, Thomas SPC Lives in Ashland, WI and running his own business 
C Co. Hull Mechanic/tool truck Burnett, Todd SGT  
C Co. Turret Mechanic/M113 Vargas, SPC From 1-68 AR in Wildflecken as cross-leveling personnel
C Co. Maintenance    
C Co. Maintenance    
D Co. Maintenance Sergeant Reichle, William SFC  
D Co. Maintenance Section Brydie, Lloyd SSG  
D Co. Maintenance Section Asch, SPC From 1-68 AR
D Co. Maintenance Section ??? (see photo)  
D Co. Maintenance Section ??? (see photo)  
D Co. Maintenance Section    
D Co. Maintenance Section    
D Co. Maintenance Section    
D Co. Maintenance Section    
Maintenance – Co. Unknown  Taylor, Willie SPC  Mechanic 
Maintenance – Co. Unknown Danze, Jason SPC   
Maintenance – Co. Unknown Johnson, Marc SGT PLL
Maintenance – Co. Unknown Brown, SGT PLL
Maintenance – Co. Unknown Hill, SPC
Maintenance – Co. Unknown Feldhusen, Ken SPC PLC Clerk for one of the line units.  Came from 1-68 AR
Maintenance – Co. Unknown Baker, Mark PFC HQ wheel mechanic?  Came from 1-68 AR






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Alpha Company (TF 4-34 AR)
 Position  Name & Rank  Remarks
Commander (A66) Stader, David C. CPT Assumed command Summer 1990
CDR’s M1A1 Gunner (A66) Kessel, Rex SGT  
CDR’s M1A1 Driver (A66) Jordan, James SPC  
CDR’s M1A1 Loader (A66) Hamilton, Nelson SPC  
CDR’s HMMVW Driver Masaniai, Emani SGT  
Executive Officer (A65) Kerska, Eric D. 1LT Became BMO 15 MAR 91
Executive Officer Bone, Jack W. 1LT BN LNO during ground war; XO starting mid MAR 91
XO’s M1A1 Gunner (A65) Ballard, Phil CPL  
XO’s M1A1 Driver (A65) Youell, Vince PV2  
XO’s M1A1 Loader (A65) Norling, Doug SPC  
First Sergeant (A7) Barr, Caleb A. III 1SG  
Supply Sergeant Mills, Perry SGT  
Asst. Supply Sergeant Golston, Wayne SGT  
NBC NCO Doss, Cleotis SPC  
Commo Sergeant (1SG’s Driver) (A7) McCurdy, SGT  
A Co. Unknown – click for photo   This photo is reported to be Spc Uhrick. Loader for A-12

 1st Platoon
(This platoon came from 4-34 AR as a complete platoon in NOV 1990 from 1-68 AR from Wildflecken, Germany)

Platoon Leader/TC (A11) Macko, 1LT  
Gunner (A11) Keen, SGT  
Driver (A11) Jarrin, Juan SPC  
Loader (A11) Rucks, PFC  
TC (A12) Allivand, SSG  
Gunner (A12) Moran, CPL  
Driver (A12) Kent, PV2  
Loader (A12) Uhrick, SPC  
TC (A13) Holeman, SSG  
Gunner (A13) Slayton, SPC  
Driver (A13) Adler, SPC  
Loader (A13) Hayes, SPC  
Platoon Sergeant (A14) Taylor, Johnny SFC  
Gunner (A14) Brewer, SGT  
Driver (A14) Woolsey, PFC  
Loader (A14) Jones, SPC  

2d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (A21) Curley, Harry 2LT  
Gunner (A21) Drovie, SGT  
Driver (A21) Pease, Robert SPC  
Loader (A21) Flores, PFC  
TC (A22) Larkin, SSG  
Gunner (A22) Drymon, SPC  
Driver (A22) Lewis, PFC  
Loader (A22) Thornton, SPC  
TC (A23) White, Christopher SGT  
Gunner (A23) Malloy, CPL  
Driver (A23) Lucas, SPC  
Loader (A23) Kotrys, SPC  
Platoon Sergeant (A24) Cooke, Eric F. SFC Killed in Iraq in December, 2003 while serving in the rank of CSM.  Click on his name to the left for additional information.
Gunner (A24) Williams, SGT  
Driver (A24) Roberts, PFC  
Loader (A24) Delsardo, SPC  

3d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (A31) Arnold, Quinton 2LT  
Gunner (A31) Search, CPL  
Driver (A31) Konitzer, SPC  
Loader (A31) Boyher, SPC  
TC (A32) Rodriguez, Gilberto SSG  
Gunner (A32) Kinney, Troy SGT  
Loader (A32) Vazquez, Joey PV2  
Driver (A32) Lingerfelt, Scott PFC  
TC (A33) Reddix, SSG  
Gunner (A33) Caine, SGT  
Loader (A33) Cummings, SPC  
Driver (A33) Williams, Ardell SPC  
Platoon Sergeant/TC (A34) Saxon, SFC  
Gunner (A34) Jordan, SGT  
Loader (A34) Holland, PFC  
Driver (A34) Christophe, SPC  






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Bravo Company (TF 4-34 AR) “Tall Cotton!”
 Position  Name & Rank  Remarks
Commander (B66) Jackson, Larry CPT  
CDR’s M1A1 Gunner    
CDR’s M1A1 Driver    
CDR’s M1A1 Loader    
CDR’s HMMVW Driver    
Executive Officer (B65) Tyrrell, Paul 1LT  
XO’s M1A1 Gunner    
XO’s M1A1 Driver    
XO’s M1A1 Loader    
First Sergeant Barnes, Willie 1SG  
1SG’s Driver    
Supply Sergeant    
Commo Sergeant Moore, Michael W. SPC Brought in from 5-8 INF for Desert Storm

 1st Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (B11)    
1/B – rank/position unknown    
Gunner (B11) Baade, David L. SGT As of 2007, still on active duty serving as a 1SG in Germany
Driver (B11)    
Loader (B11)    
TC (B12) Perry, Roosevelt (rank?)  
Gunner (B12) Johnson, Lance (rank?)  
Driver (B12) Collins, Chris (rank?)  
Loader (B12) Lages, Aaron SPC Also supernumerary on “RO RO” ship that transported BN vehicles to SWA.  Departed Europe 20 DEC 90, arriving Dahran in early JAN 91.
TC (B13)    
Gunner (B13)    
Driver (B13)    
Loader (B13)    
Platoon Sergeant (B14)    
Gunner (B14)    
Driver (B14)    
Loader (B14)    

2d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (B21) Hughes, Dean 1LT Became C/4-34 AR XO on 16 MAR 91
Gunner (B21) Proffit, James SGT Became TC of B21 on 16 MAR 91.
Driver (B21) Carter, PFC  
Loader (B21) Morris, Terrance PFC  
TC (B22) Barnswell, John SSG  
Gunner (B22) Stamm, CPL  
Driver (B22) Slaughter, Derrick SPC  
Loader (B22) Paolini, PFC  
TC (B23) Jones, Calvin SSG  
Gunner (B23) Chapman, SGT  
Driver (B23) Paup, Cullie PFC  
Loader (B23) Barnes, PFC  
Platoon Sergeant (B24) Rynearson, Robert SFC  
Gunner (B24) Fuller, Bradley SGT  
Driver (B24) Boykin, SPC  
Loader (B24) Williamson, PFC  

 3d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (B31)    
Gunner (B31)    
Loader (B31)    
Driver (B31)    
TC (B32)    
Gunner (B32)    
Loader (B32)    
Driver (B32)    
TC (B33)    
Gunner (B33)    
Loader (B33)    
Driver (B33)    
Platoon Sergeant/TC (B34)    
Gunner (B34)    
Loader (B34)    
Driver (B34)    






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Charlie Company (attached to TF 3-5 CAV)
 Position  Name & Rank  Remarks
Commander (C66) Shadwick, Jan R. CPT assumed 11 AUG 90
CDR’s M1A1 Gunner    
CDR’s M1A1 Driver    
CDR’s M1A1 Loader    
CDR’s HMMVW Driver    
Executive Officer (C65) Danner, Ben 1LT Became Scout Plt. Ldr. 15 MAR 91
Executive Officer (C65) Hughes, Dean 1LT Came from 2/B/4-34 AR on 16 MAR 91
XO’s M1A1 Gunner (C65) Rathe, Anthony SGT
XO’s M1A1 Driver (C65)    
XO’s M1A1 Loader (C65)  Gabbert, Johnnie F. Jr.  
Master Gunner Woods, James SGT Rode on a C Co. maint. track or served as IC on Commander’s vehicle.
First Sergeant Brown, Dwight 1SG later became CSM of 1AD
1SG’s HMMWV Driver    
Supply Sergeant Hawk, SGT  
Commo Sergeant Horton, Tommie SGT  
Position/rank unknown Kindred, Dwayne  

 1st Platoon

This platoon was highly decorated – BSMs to tank commanders, ARCOM w/V to drivers and loaders.  Word has it that this platoon had 37 confirmed tank kills.

Platoon Leader/TC (C11) Leners, Marty 2LT Received Silver Star during engagement supporting 3-5 CAV Scout Platoon
Gunner (C11) Wilson, Glen SGT  
Driver (C11) Eichner, Eric SPC SFC at Ft. Lewis as of Jan ’04
Loader (C11) Gipson, Leonidas SPC  
TC (C12) Smalls, SSG Received Purple Heart; now SGM in Korea
Gunner (C12) Buske, SGT  
Driver (C12) Phetsinghane, SPC  
Loader (C12) Carter, SPC  
TC (C13) Beddingfield, SSG  
Gunner (C13) Verquist, CPL  
Driver (C13)    
Loader (C13) Barchman, SPC  
Platoon Sergeant (C14) Dillard, SFC Now retired
Gunner (C14) Friar, CPL  
Driver (C14) Pearl, Jon J. SPC Now a 2LT of Transportation
Loader (C14) Brooks, Travis SPC  
Loader – track unknown Ala, (first name?) SPC  

2d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (C21)    
Gunner (C21)    
Driver (C21)    
Loader (C21)    
TC (C22)    
Gunner (C22)    
Driver (C22)    
Loader (C22)    
TC (C23) Kindred, Dwayne A. SSG  
Gunner (C23) Sanford, (first name?) SGT  
Driver (C23) Plotkin, (first name?) SPC  
Loader (C23) Murfey, (first name?) SPC  
Platoon Sergeant (C24) Kirby, Wayne SFC Deceased in 1994 of pneumonia; his family can be contacted through his brother Alan Kirby.
Gunner (C24)    
Driver (C24) Bower, Patrick SPC Living in Germany as of January 2003
Loader (C24)    
2d Platoon – Gunner – vehicle unknown Mayo, SGT  

 3d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (C31)    
Gunner (C31)    
Loader (C31)    
Driver (C31)    
TC (C32)    
Gunner (C32)    
Loader (C32)    
Driver (C32)    
TC (C33)    
Gunner (C33)    
Loader (C33)    
Driver (C33)    
Platoon Sergeant/TC (C34) Nimmons, (first name?) SFC  
Gunner (C34)    
Loader (C34)    
Driver (C34)    






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Delta Company (TF 4-34 AR)
 Position  Name & Rank  Remarks
Commander (D66) Yarnell, Richard B. CPT  
CDR’s M1A1 Loader Heuer, John SGT  
CDR’s M1A1 Driver Pask, Eric SPC from 1-68 AR; loved Harley Davidson motorcycles; from Detroit
CDR’s M1A1 Gunner Jagger, Aaron SSG Co. Master Gunner; country singer NOTE: 1SG Jagger was killed in action in Iraq on August 9, 2006. Click on his name to the left to read the Stars and Stripes article.
CDR’s HMMVW Driver/NBC NCO ____???______, SGT (see photo)  
Executive Officer (D65) Sanchez, John C. 1LT Became Support Plt. Ldr. 15 MAR 91
XO’s M1A1 Gunner  Lett, JR SPC  Was the gunner on CO’s tank when SSG Jagger took over as TC.
XO’s M1A1 Driver  Antley SPC  
XO’s M1A1 Loader    
First Sergeant Lewis, James 1SG  
1SG’s Driver  Nimmo, Victor PFC  
Supply Sergeant Delfierro, SGT  
Supply Clerk  
Commo Sergeant Howarth, Phil SGT Had served in 75th Rangers as an 11B in Grenada invasion, and later reclassed to commo MOS

 1st Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (D11) Chappa, Randy 1LT  
Gunner (D11) Robinson, SGT  
Driver (D11) King, SPC  
Loader (D11)  Hawthorne, SPC  
TC (D12)  Granderson, SSG  
Gunner (D12)  Thomas, SGT  
Driver (D12)  Wartnaby, PFC  
Loader (D12)  Jackson, SPC  
TC (D13)  Papala, SSG  Died of a heart attack (about2011)
Gunner (D13)  McKennis,CPL  
Driver (D13)  Saldarriaga, SPC  
Loader (D13)  Moffat, SPC  
Platoon Sergeant (D14) Carruthers, Phil SFC  
Gunner (D14)  Dartez, SGT  
Driver (D14) Tew, CPL  
Loader (D14)  Hooper, PFC  

2d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (D21) Jones, Darryl 1LT  
Gunner (D21)    
Driver (D21)    
Loader (D21)    
TC (D22)    
Gunner (D22)    
Driver (D22)    
Loader (D22)    
TC (D23)    
Gunner (D23)    
Driver (D23)    
Loader (D23)    
Platoon Sergeant (D24) Gregory, SSG  
Gunner (D24) Young, Billy CPL  
Driver (D24)    
Loader (D24) Nelson, Rick SPC ETS’d in October, 1992

 3d Platoon (attached to D/3-5 CAV)
(This platoon in its entirety came from 1-68 Armor)

Platoon Leader/TC (D31) Hitzler, Frank 2LT  
Gunner (D31) Adair, CPL  
Loader (D31) Dawson, Jeff SPC  
Driver (D31) Wharton, Mark SPC  
TC (D32) Coughenour, SSG Name may be mispelled?
Gunner (D32) Serrano, Ray SGT  
Loader (D32) Johnson, David SPC  
Driver (D32) Byers, PFC  
TC (D33) Maxwell, Eric SSG  
Gunner (D33) Hall, David CPL  
Loader (D33) Boyd, David? SPC  
Driver (D33) Melcher, Mark PFC  
Platoon Sergeant/TC (D34) Ehman, Richard SFC  
Gunner (D34) Williams, Roy Q. SGT  
Loader (D34) Flowers, George Jr. SPC  
Driver (D34) Anderson, R. Sean PFC Currently (2006) a Captain in USAF (Major-select) serving as a space operations instructor at the USAF Weapons School, Nellis AFB

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