4-32 Armor Photos


4-32 Armor Photo Gallery

Below are several photographs obtained mostly from the personal collection of MAJ Calvert "Triiip" Bowen.  During Desert Storm, he was a first lieutenant serving as the Battalion Liasion Officer.


1LT Chris Barrett

1LT Chris Barrett (Battalion Chemical Officer) in a TOC M577 command track sometime in February or March 1991


4-32 Armor M1A1 during the movement-to-contact

4-32 AR M1A1 during the ground offensive movement-to-contact


4-32 Armor staff officers in front of a destroyed Iraqi tank

Left to right — 1LT Chris Barrett (Battalion Chemical Officer), 1LT Calvert "Triiip" Bowen (Battalion Liasion Officer), and CPT Danny Henderson (Battalion Intelligence Officer – S2) in front of a destroyed Iraqi tank


4-32 Armor TOC personnel on Easter Sunday 1991

4-32 AR TOC personnel on Easter Sunday, 1991 somewhere in southern Iraq or western Kuwait



C Company Photos

provide by Tom Meara


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