3-5 Cavalry


5th Cavalry Regiment Crest

3d Battalion, 5th Cavalry
Black Knights
(Ayers Kaserne, Kirchgöns, Germany)


The 3d Battalion, 5th Cavalry deployed with the Ready First Combat Team from Kirchgöns, Germany. The main body of the battalion arrived in Saudi Arabia on 3 January 1991, and remained until 15 June 1991. This battalion, although under Cavalry colors and lineage, was actually an infantry battalion equipped with M2A1 Bradley Fighting Vehicles. The Black Knight Battalion was the RFCT's lead battalion in the brigade movement to contact. The Black Knights then served with the RFCT during border/refugee operations vicinity of Safwan and Um Qasar, Iraq.  The Black Knights then cleared Camp Doha ("Camp Thunder Rock") prior to the RFCT occupation, and then served as the garrison's security and screening battalion until relieved by the 11th ACR.  The battalion returned to Germany in mid June 1991. If you can add or correct any information on this roster, see the contact at the bottom of this page.


Captured Iraqi BMP-1

Iraqi BMP-1 captured by 3-5 CAV during the ground offensive


Crew of C66

Crew of C66 (Company Commander's Bradley Fighting Vehicle)

From left: name PFC Payne (RTO, C66) , CPT Tony Turner (commander), and SSG Dave Kendall (company master gunner)


Follow this link for a terrific site put together by the Squad Leader of 1st Squad, 3rd Platoon, D Company

Black Knights Roster

Roster Directory:

Battalion Headquarters and Staff

Headquarters and Headquarters Company

A Company

B Company

C Company

D Company


NOTE: A position presented in hypertext indicates a link to a photo of the soldier; a name presented in hypertext indicates an e-mail link.

Battalion Headquarters and Staff

 Position Name & Rank Remarks
Battalion Commander Brown, John LTC (P) Black Knight 6
Battalion Executive Officer Rodriguez, MAJ  
Command Sergeant Major Gower, Craig CSM  
BN Cdr's HMMWV Driver Elsenpeter, Donnie SPC Took this position around early FEB 91 from Bravo Company Supply Section
BN Cdr's BFV (HQ66) Gunner Haney, Scott SGT  
BN Cdr's BFV (HQ66) Driver Hawkins, John SPC  
BN Master Gunner (HQ66) Ladakos, Donald P. SSG Coordinated TAC ops on nightshift in S3 shop
S1 – Adjutant Harlon, James CPT  
Asst. S1 Morris, Wayne 1LT  
S1 NCOIC (PAC Chief) Oliver, SFC  
S1 PAC NCO Ossorio, Eude SGT  
S2 – Intelligence Officer Bell, Jeffery, J. CPT  
Asst. S2 BICC Webster, Robert W. 1LT  
Asst. S2 Goemaere, Russell 2LT Infantry augmentee to BN staff; during ground was was actually in BN TAC in M113 with 2LT Dennis Poyard tracking movements with a Loran
S2 NCOIC Hall, MSG  
S2 Intel NCO Overton, Tyler SGT (SSG?)  
S2 Intel Specialist Brown, Michael SPC (SGT?)  
S2 Intel Analyst Connelly, Michael PFC (SPC?)  
S3 – Operations Officer Lough, John S. MAJ  
S3 – HMMWV (HQ3) Driver Lynch, Jim PFC Who drove HMMWV? – see Driscoll
S3 – HMMWV (HQ3) Driver Driscoll, Tom SPC Who drove HMMWV? – see Lynch
S3 – BFV (HQ33) Gunner Blanch, Michael SGT  
S3 – BFV (HQ33) Driver Winkler, Dave PFC  
Assist. S3 Wood, Tony CPT  
Assist. S3 Dluzyn, David 1LT  
Assist. S3 Air Hannah, Sean 1LT  
S3 NCOIC May, Milton MSG  
S3 Section – NCOIC Driver Brenton, Chris PFC  
S3 Section – 5-Ton (HQ34) Driver Kreider, Benjamin L. SPC  
S3 Assist. NCOIC Peters, MSG E/3-5 CAV 1SG prior to deployment; was S3 dayshift during DS; became acting CSM circa April 1991 when CSM Gower redeployed to retire after the ground war.
S3 Assist. NCOIC Graham, Bobby MSG TOC nightshift; became 1SG of Bravo Co. in May 1991.
S3 Section Stone, John SGT  
Forward Air Controller (FAC) Dolan, Mike 1Lt (USAF)  
Forward Air Controller (FAC) Clarkson, Carl Sgt (USAF)  
Forward Air Controller (FAC) Welsh, Brad Sgt (USAF)  
S3 Section – ALO M113 TC White, Tommy SGT  
S3 Section – ALO M113 Driver Foster, Vance B. PFC  
S3 Section – M577 (HQ12) Driver Cranford, Dean PFC  
S3 Section – computer operator/shift work Maxwell, John SPC from E/3-5 CAV
S3 Section – Assist. S3 HMMWV Driver Adams, SPC from E/3-5 CAV
Liaison Officer (LNO) Farquhar, Scott CPT Also commanded the 3AD Provisional Port Support Company in Al Jubayl, leaving theater on 7 AUG 91 as one of the very last Spearhead Soldiers in Southwest Asia.  Chief-of-Plans and LTC at CMTC Hohenfels as of NOV 2003.
Liaison Officer (LNO) Briegel, John 1LT  
Liaison Officer (LNO) Poyerd, Dennis 2LT During the ground war, was in BN TAC in M113 with 2LT Russell Goemaere.
Liaison Officer (LNO) King, James 2LT  
Air Liason Officer Dolan, Michael J. 1LT (USAF)  
S4 – Logistics Officer Haines, Thomas J. CPT  
Asst. S4 Melendez, Joshua "Josh" 1LT  
S4 NCOIC Johnson, SFC  
S4 – BN Ammo NCO Covington, Matthew SFC  
S4 Section Coates, David J. SSG Retired in Jan., 1997.  Recalled to active duty in Aug., 2005 and serving at Ft. Jackson.
S4 Section Crager, Kenneth SGT  
S4 Section Johnson, SPC  
S4 Section Williams, SPC  
S4 Section Brown, "DC" PVT  
BN Signal Officer (SIGO) Jones, Stan 1LT  
BN Signal NCOIC White, SFC  
BN COMSEC Custodian Davis, Hubert SGT  
BN Commo Section Berger, Eric (rank?)  
BN Chemical Officer Grimm, Brad 1LT Augmentee from 8ID
BN Chemical NCOIC _________, SSG  
Battalion Maintenance Officer Rodriquez, Wilfred "Will" CPT  
BMO's Driver Durbin, SPC  
Battalion Maintenance Tech. Bolton, John L. CW2 Black Knight 71
BMT's Driver Alvarez, PFC  
Physician's Assistant Armstrong, Larry CW3  
Physician's Assistant Owen, Paul CW2 Augmentee from 2-32 AR
Chaplain Moran, David C. CPT NAE

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Headquarters and Headquarters Company

 Position Name & Rank Remarks
Commander Ferguson, Charles H. "Charlie" CPT  
Executive Officer Marlin, Scott 1LT  
First Sergeant Cue, 1SG  
Supply Sergeant    
Commo NCO    
Commo Section Davis, Mark Anthony SGT was in A Co. until deployment to SWA
Driver in HQ's (TOC)? Foster, PFC  
Driver in HQ's (TOC)? Lynch, PFC  
Driver in HQ's (TOC)? Winkler, PFC  

Positions, Rank, or other Information Unknown

  Carroll, Lee  

Mortar Platoon

Platoon Leader Williams, Gordon 1LT  
Platoon Sergeant Barker, Willie SFC  As of 2010, retired from the Army and living in Columbus, GA.
Gunnery Sergeant    
Position Unknown    
1st Section Sergeant DeHoyos, SFC  
1st Section FDC Chief Bowen, SSG  
1st Section FDC Lawhead, SGT  
1st Section FDC Driver Krasner, "Schmoozer" PFC  
1st Section FDC    
2d Section Sergeant Young, SSG  
2d Section FDC Chief Mork, SSG  
2d Section FDC Browning, "Ning" SGT  
2d Section FDC Martin, PFC 11H from E/3-5 CAV
2d Section FDC    
Gun 1 Squad Leader Hansen, CPL  
Gun 1 Driver Davis, Glenn PFC As of 2010, living in Columbus, GA and working for a credit card processing company.
Gun 1 Gunner Thompson, Paul SPC  
Gun 1 Assist. Gunner Hogan, Shawn PFC  
Gun 1 Ammo Bearer Martin, PFC  
Gun 2 Squad Leader (HQ42) Nimocks, Steven A. SSG  
Gun 2 Gunner Horton, John CPL Killed in a motorcycle accident on September 18, 2005
Gun 2 Assist. Gunner (?) Olsen, Matt SPC Augmentee from Berlin BDE
Gun 2 Fischer, "Fish" PFC  
Gun 2 Driver Hunter, Eddie "Fast Eddie" SPC  
Gun 3 Squad Leader James, SGT  
Gun 3 Gunner Suarez, Alberto SPC  
Gun 3 Assist. Gunner Fedison, Troy "Fed" PFC  
Gun 3 Chance, Mark "Pinche" SPC  
Gun 3 Curry, SPC 11H from E/3-5 CAV
Gun 4 Squad Leader Goodson, SGT  
Gun 4 Gunner (?) Cox, SPC  
Gun 4 Assist. Gunner (?) Smail, PFC  
Gun 4 Driver Roberts, PFC  
Gun 4 Brisbon, PV2  
Gun 5 Squad Leader Green, SGT As of the mid-1990's was living in Germany 
Gun 5 Gunner Gibson, "Gib" SPC As of 2010, living in Ocala, FL 
Gun 5 Assist. Gunner Sikora, James "Psycho" PFC  
Gun 5 Driver Kieth, SPC  
Gun 5 Detty, PFC 11H from E/3-5 CAV
Gun 6 Squad Leader Riojas, Ray SPC  
Gun 6 Swano, Peter "Swaino" "Pete" SPC Died from illness at "Fire Base Camelot"?  Does anyone know the details on this?
Gun 6 Thompson, SPC  
Gun 6 Weix, PFC  
Gun 6 Hogan, PFC  
Gun section unknown Shoemake, "Sleestack" SPC 29 MAR 91 became BN CSM Gower's driver

Scout Platoon

Platoon Leader – HQ51 Murray, Donald "Don" 1LT Received Silver Star
Gunner – HQ51 Dargan, Alonzo SGT Received Bronze Star w/V
Driver – HQ51 Delange, Jeff PFC  
Observer – HQ51 Crawley, Travis "Tre" SPC MOS 11H from E/3-5 CAV, volunteered for Scouts
Observer – HQ51 Young, Stuart "Stu" SPC MOS 11H from E/3-5 CAV, volunteered for Scouts
Platoon Medic – HQ51 Salerno, Peter "Pete" SPC  
Section Chief – HQ52 Keyes, Terry SSG  
Gunner – HQ52 Torres, Daniel SPC Received Purple Heart
Driver – HQ52 Taylor, Scott PFC  
Observer – HQ52 Jordan, Mike SPC  
Observer – HQ52 Gonzalez, SPC  
Observer – HQ52 Feser, Bryan "Feez" PFC  
Section Chief – HQ53 Jackson, SGT  
Gunner – HQ53 Hislip, Toby SPC  
Driver – HQ53 Istre, Dan SPC  
Observer – HQ53 Myers, PFC  
Observer – HQ53 Richardson, "Rich" PVT  
Observer – HQ53    
Platoon Sergeant – HQ54 Bedford, Lance "Mark" SSG Received Silver Star, call sign "Senica 88"
Gunner – HQ54 Michaud, "Mooch" SGT Received Bronze Star w/V
Driver – HQ54 Praeg, Donald "Prego" PFC  
Observer – HQ54 Amos, Bert SPC Received Bronze Star w/V; MOS 11H from E/3-5 CAV, volunteered for Scouts
Observer – HQ54 Stephens, PVT  
Observer – HQ54    
Section Chief – HQ55 Beverly, Connye SSG  
Gunner – HQ55 Inman, Gregory  SPC  
Driver – HQ55 Horigan, Kenneth "Hooligan" SPC  
Observer – HQ55 Dumas, Miles SPC  
Observer – HQ55 Maddox, "Mad Dog" PFC  
Observer – HQ55    
Section Chief – HQ56 Randolph, SSG  
Gunner – HQ56 Sawmiller, Dewayne "Sawbuck" SPC  
Driver – HQ56 Deleon, SPC  
Observer – HQ56 Fleming, Frank PVT  
Observer – HQ56 Mancillas, PFC  
Observer – HQ56    

Engineer Squad – 1/1/B/23d Engineers attached to 3-5 CAV Scouts during Movement-to-Contact

Squad Leader/TC – B11 Calhoun, SSG Received Bronze Star w/V
Team Leader Armour, SGT  
Team Leader Artis, SGT  
  Holtzclaw, SPC  
  Foster, SPC  

Ground Surveillance Radar Section from 533d MI BN attached to 3-5 CAV Scouts during Movement-to-Contact.  533d was out of McNair Kaserne in Frankfurt-Höchst.

Section Leader/TC – B16 (M113A3) Keys, Kevin L. SGT Received Bronze Star w/V
  Portillo, Daniel SPC  
  Boone, John SPC  

 Support Platoon

 Platoon Leader Wetzel, James _LT  
Truck Master 88M30 Timm, SSG  
HEMMT Driver (Squad Ldr) Duphoire, SGT  
HEMMT Driver (Cargo) Rupert, John SPC  
HEMMT Driver (Cargo) Tiemann, John SPC  
HEMMT Driver (Cargo) Gaetke, Alan SPC  
HEMMT Driver (Cargo) Richter, PFC  
HEMMT Driver (Fuel) 77F Minnihan, CPL  
HEMMT Driver Weatherspoon, Clifton SPC  
HEMMT Driver Wright, Ricky (rank?)  
HEMMT Driver Jordan, Ed (rank?)  
HEMMT Driver Butler, Charles (rank?)  
POL section Amos, Eric T. (rank?)  
  Nunez, Steven What position?

 Medical Platoon

 Platoon Leader Cowling, Andre 1LT  
Platoon Leader Security/Driver Downey, Mike 11H, came from E Company
Platoon Sergeant    
Treatment NCO    
Evac. NCO Muniz, Carlos SSG Died on Easter Sunday 2000 of a brain aneurysm
Medic HHC    
Medic HHC    
Medic HHC    
Medic HHC    
Medic HHC    
Medic HHC    
Senior Medic A Co. Gaitten, Michael A. SGT  
Driver Medic A Co.    
Medic A Co.    
Medic A Co.    
Medic A Co.    
Senior Medic B Co.    
Driver Medic B Co.    
Medic B Co.    
Medic B Co.    
Medic B Co.    
Senior Medic C Co.    
Driver Medic C Co.    
Medic C Co.    
Medic C Co.    
Medic C Co.    
Senior Medic D Co. Breland, SGT  
Driver Medic D Co.    
Medic D Co.    
Medic D Co.    
Medic D Co.    
HHC Medics unknown position Hand, William SPC 11H, came from E Company
HHC Medics unknown position Helton, SPC 11H, came from E Company
HHC Medics unknown position Liker, SPC 11H, came from E Company

 Battalion Maintenance Section

BN Motor Sergeant Chargualaf, SFC Medevac'd late JAN/early FEB 91 after vehicle accident
BN Motor Sergeant Crothers, James SFC  
HHC Maint. Team Chief Clarke, SGT  
PLL NCOIC Colon, Jose SGT Attached from 3/7 Cav, 8th ID.  Currently (2009) still on active duty, serving at Ft. Carson, CO.
HHC PLL Clerk Rolleri, Michael A. SPC  
Battalion Welder Hubbell, Scott (rank unknown)  
Battalion Welder Rogers, Paul SPC  
TAMMS Clerk Rolf, Frank SPC From old E/3-5 CAV Maint. Tm.  As of 2009, working for the Postal Service.
D Co. Maintenance Wales, SPC From old E/3-5 CAV Maint. Tm.
Track Squad Peters, David SGT  
Track Squad Bush, Roy SPC From old E/3-5 CAV Maint. Tm.
Track Squad Meyer, Michael PFC  
Track Squad Mothershed, PFC  
Track Squad Miller, SGT  
Track Squad Sarsfield, David R. SPC Also served as driver for 1SG Pinkerton during the ground war
Track Squad Goodwin, Timothy SPC  
Light Wheels Boyd, Lee SPC  
Light Wheels Remo, Joe PFC  
Light Wheels Lee, Taekkyu PFC  
Light Wheels Gilmore, Michael PFC  
Heavy Wheels Early, David SGT  
Heavy Wheels Summers, Steve PFC  
Heavy Wheels Brooke, PFC  
Generator Mechanic Simmons, PFC  
QA Team Chief Smalls, SFC  
QA Grayson, SSG  
QA Wasch, R.A. SGT  
QA Priest, Dennis SGT  
QA Middaugh, SPC  
QA Grimes, PVT  
M88 Driver (QA) Edgar, Daniel SPC  
M88 Driver (QA) Gumalak, SPC  
Wrecker TC Cosper, SGT  
Wrecker Operator Kodeyker, Cory SPC (spelling?)  
Wrecker Operator Pomales, Jorge PFC  
A Co. Maintenance Team Chief Vandevander, SFC  
A Co. PLL Clerk Shepard, PFC  
A Co. Mechanic Lamb, PFC  
A Co. Mechanic Fisher, Michael SGT  
A Co. Mechanic Agrodnia, PVT (spelling?)  
B Co. Maintenance Team Chief Stewart, SSG  
B Co. Mechanic BFV Hull- M88 Bartin, Chris SGT  
B Co. Mechanic BFV Hull – M88 Mackuch, SGT  
B Co. Mechanic BFV Hull – M88 Patton, James III SPC  
B Co. Mechanic Colon, Jose SPC  
B Co. Mechanic Tucker, Richard SGT  
B Co. Mechanic Palmer, PFC  
B Co. Mechanic BFV Turret – M88 Turczi, Thomas PFC  
C Co. Maintenance Team Chief Rahal, SFC  
C Co. Mechanic Ellis, SGT  
C Co. Mechanic Loeb, SGT  
C Co. Mechanic Goetz, SPC  
C Co. Mechanic Oxenreider, James SPC  
C Co. Mechanic Bakker, Bert PFC  
C Co. Mechanic Coleman, PFC  
C Co. Mechanic Gregory, Jean-Paul PFC  
C Co. Mechanic Borne, SPC (spelling?)  
C Co. Mechanic Endsley, James SPC  
C Co. Mechanic Jackson, James SPC Left active duty in 1999 as a SSG; at Sonoco Products as an Electromechanic as of 2003.
D Co. Maintenance Team Chief Rasche, Martin SFC  
D Co. PLL Clerk Thomas, PFC attached (from where?)
D Co. Mechanic Post, SGT  
D Co. Mechanic Kincaid, Jimmy SPC From old E/3-5 CAV Maint. Tm.
D Co. Mechanic O'Donnell, Ronald III SGT  
D Co. Mechanic Ashley, SPC  
D Co. Mechanic Sinclair, SPC  
D Co. Mechanic Manus, PFC  
D Co. Mechanic Ellis, Gilbert SPC  
D Co. Mechanic Wisnant, PFC  
Maintenance? Position unk. Johnson, Rodney SGT B Co. maintenance team?
Maintenance? B Co.? – M88 Caldwell,  B Co. maintenance team?
Maintenance? Position unk. Marine, SPC B Co. maintenance team?
Unknown personnel – maintenance? Turzi, SPC? B Co. maintenance team?
Unknown personnel – maintenance? Unknown No. 4 B Co. maintenance team?
Maintenance pesonnel? Randall, SPC B Co. maintenance team?
Unknown personnel – maintenance? Tucker, SGT? B Co. maintenance team?

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Alpha Company (task organized, TF 3-5 CAV)

 Position  Name & Rank  Remarks
Commander (A66)  Hobaugh, Jeffrey F. CPT Note that A66 was the only M2A2 BFV in TF3-5 CAV.  It was drawn 23 FEB 91.
CDR's Gunner (A66) Gray, Ernie SSG Company Master Gunner
CDR's Driver (A66) Schick, Werner SPC  
CDR's HMMVW Driver    
Executive Officer (XO) (A65) Pallatto, Patrick "Pat" 1LT  
XO's Driver (A65) Bussey, Todd PFC  
XO's Gunner (A65) Carpino, Nick SPC  
First Sergeant Montgomery, Steven 1SG  
1SG's Driver    
Supply Sergeant Murray, Willie SSG  
Supply Clerk Lammers, SPC  
Armorer Grigsby, (first name?) SSG  
Assistant Armorer Morgan, (first name?) PFC  
Commo Sergeant Toohey, (first name?) SSG  
NBC NCO Walker, SGT  

 1st Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (A11) Forbes, Chris 1LT vehicle "Damage Incorporated"
Gunner (A11) Navarro, Ray SGT  
Driver (A11) Cooper, Chris SPC  
Dismount (A11)    
Dismount (A11)    
Dismount (A11)    
TC (A12) Stokes, Russel SSG vehicle "Excalibur"; platoon Master Gunner
Gunner (A12) Perkins, SGT  
Driver (A12) Delong, SPC  
Dismount (A12)    
Dismount (A12)    
Dismount (A12)    
TC (A13) Haddix, John Paul SSG  
Gunner (A13) Lazier, SGT  
Driver (A13) Halter, SPC  
Dismount (A13)    
Dismount (A13) Smith, Robert D. PV2  
Dismount (A13)    
Platoon Sergeant (A14) Barfield, Michael "Mike" SSG(P) vehicle "Nietzsche"  Information from another source indicates the Platoon Sergeant was Russell Stokes
Gunner (A14) Reese, PFC  
Driver (A14) Wilson, SPC  
Dismount (A14)    
Dismount (A14)    
Dismount (A14)    

2d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (A21) Erickson, Todd 2LT  
Gunner (A21) Boone, Steven SGT  
Driver (A21)    
Dismount (A21)    
Dismount (A21)    
Dismount (A21)    
TC (A22) Lam, Donald SSG  
Gunner (A22)    
Driver (A22) Cerverizzo, Anthony PFC  
Dismount (A22)    
Dismount (A22)    
Dismount (A22)    
TC (A23) Horn, Robert SSG  
Gunner (A23)  Glaus, William SPC  
Driver (A23) Brown, Michael P. PVT  
Dismount (A23)    
Dismount (A23)    
Dismount (A23)    
Platoon Sergeant (A24) Harris, John F. SFC  
Gunner (A24)    
Driver (A24)    
Dismount (A24)    
Dismount (A24)    
Dismount (A24)    

 3d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (A31) Themes, Willie 2LT  
Gunner (A31) Sopher, SPC  
Driver (A31) Thomason, Tom (rank?)  
Dismount (A31) Teter, Jerry R. SPC  
Dismount (A31) McDonel, Robert "Dirty Bob" PFC  
Dismount (A31)    
TC (A32) Higgins, SSG  
Gunner (A32) Martinez, J. SPC  
Driver (A32) Cook, PFC  
Dismount (A32) Conner, PFC  
Dismount (A32)    
Dismount (A32)    
TC (A33) Bares, Daniel G. SSG Platoon Master Gunner
Gunner (A33) Seabolt, David SPC  
Driver (A33) Dehaven, SPC  
Dismount (A33) Mingus, SPC  
Dismount (A33)    
Dismount (A33)    
Platoon Sergeant/TC (A34) Trevino, Candelario "Candy" SFC  
Gunner (A34) Guerrero, Miguel SPC  
Driver (A34) Courtney, Steven SPC Deceased – killed in auto accident
Dismount Team Ldr (A34) Jones, SGT  
Dismount Team Ldr (A34) Cooper, SGT  
Dismount (A34)    
Dismount SAW gunner (track unknown) Sturgill, PFC maybe attached to company HQs from 3/A?

The names/images below came from a company photo taken in 1990 sometime prior to deployment.  It is possible that not all these soldiers deployed.  We do not know the status of their deployment, nor do we know the positions they held within the company if they deployed.  If you can help place names to positions, please let us know. We will then fill in the positions above.

A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Allen, SGT  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Baskin, PVT  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Brewer, PVT  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Brown, PVT  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Brown, M. P. PVT  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Bruno, SGT  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Buckenstaff, PVT  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Bussey, PFC  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Cacciatore, PVT  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Calhoun, PVT  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Carpino, SPC  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Cerverizzo, PFC  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Conner, PFC  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Cook, PFC  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Crawford, PFC  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Davis, PV2  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Davis, SGT  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Ehlert, PV2  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Frazier, PV2  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Glaus, SPC  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Gonzalez, SPC  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Gowdy, PVT  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Grigsby, SSG  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Grymes, SPC  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Hebblethwaite, PVT  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Henderson, SSG  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Hernandez, CPL  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Higgins, SSG  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Hornyak, PFC  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Hovinga, PVT  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Jay, PFC  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Jolley, PV2  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Kuykendall, SPC  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Lacagnina, SPC  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Lammers, SPC  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Lewis, SSG  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Lyons, PFC  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Marett, William T. PFC "Tommy" Now (2007) a police officer in Kempner, TX
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Martinez, SPC  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown McDonel, SPC  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Miller, PVT  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Moody, SPC  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Morgan, PFC  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Mullins, PFC  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Pameticky, SPC  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Perryman, SPC  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Pettis, PV2  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Schick, SPC  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Shoemaker, SPC  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Smith, PV2  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Sopher, PFC  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Stevens, PFC  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Sturgill, SPC  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Sweeting, PV2  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Tartaglia, PFC  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Teter, SPC  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Whalen, PFC  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Whittemore, PV2  
A/3-5 CAV – position unknown Young, SPC  

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Bravo Company "Bushwackers" (TF 3-5 CAV)

 Position  Name & Rank  Remarks
Commander (B66) Culp, David M. CPT  
CDR's Gunner (B66) Hafford, Scott SSG Company Master Gunner
CDR's Driver (B66) Frederick, SPC  
CDR's Sniper/Dismount (B66) Clements, John CPL  
CDR's HMMVW Driver Bowman, SPC  
CDR's HMMVW Driver Anderson, PV2  
Executive Officer (B65) Hodges, Horace Charles "Chuck" 1LT B65 was an older model M2 BFV received 3 days prior to the start of the ground offensive.  They apparently came from stocks left over from 1ID when that division received the M2A2 BFV.
Gunner (B65) Wardlow, SGT  
Driver (B65) Monteverde, Marco PFC  
Dismount (B65)    
First Sergeant Pinkerton, Donald 1SG Left in May 1991 to SGM Academy
First Sergeant Graham, Bobby 1SG Became 1SG in May 1991
1SG's Driver Sueymoto, PFC  
HQ's Platoon Sergeant/TC of 5-Ton Taylor, "Gunny Highway" SFC  
5-Ton Driver Smith, Tommy PFC  
Supply Sergeant Fort, Ronnie SGT  
Supply Section Driver Elsenpeter, Donnie SPC Became BN Cdr's driver circa early FEB 91
Commo Sergeant Velasguez, SSG  
NBC NCO Alexander, SGT  
Armorer Janus, PV2  

B/3-5 CAV – Positions Unknown

Unknown Dunham, L. PFC  
Unknown Keslar, Daniel E. PVT  
Unknown Halle, A. PV2  
Unknown (3/B?) Haller, PVT Maybe same soldier as the "PVT Halle" above
Unknown Shele, A. PVT  
Dismount SAW – Plt unknown Serna, Jesse T. PFC  
Unknown Desmond, Keith A. SGT  
Unknown Davis, Ernest PV2  
Unknown (3/B?) Elizondo, Pablo PFC  

 1st Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (B11) Goehler, Todd 2LT  
Gunner (B11) Kastrup, Lonnie SGT  
Driver (B11) Mercado, PFC  
Dismount Team Leader (B11) Woods, Kenneth SGT  
Dismount (B11) RTO Stewart, Derrick PFC Served on Advance Party
Dismount (B11)    
TC (B12) Squires, SSG  
Gunner (B12)    
Driver (B12)    
Dismount Squad Leader (B12) Moore, SSG  
Dismount Team Leader (B12) Craig, Robert SGT  
TC (B13) Earthman, SSG  
Gunner (B13) Tolberson, PFC  
Driver (B13) Allanis, PFC
McCullar, Billy
Dismount Squad Leader (B13) Yslas, Stephan SSG  
Dismount Team Leader (B13) Hardin, William SGT  
Dismount SAW Gunner (B13) House, Charles SPC  
Dismount SAW Gunner (B13) Figueroa, PVT  
Dismount Rifleman (B13) Drake, Lawrence PVT ARCOM orders list his first name as being "Travide"
Platoon Sergeant (B14) Ballard, Nick "Bubba" SFC  
Gunner (B14) Whalley, Frank SPC  
Driver (B14)    
Dismount SAW Gunner (B14) Taylor, Lawrence PFC  
Dismount SAW Gunner (B14) Moran, Julio PFC  
Dismount (B14)    
1st Platoon, rank/position unknown Guerra, Justo  

2d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (B21) Schroter, Gerhard 1LT  
Gunner (B21) Welcome, Stephen SGT  
Driver (B21) Fisher, Shawn SPC  
Dismount Squad Leader (B21) Jerome, Gary SSG  
Dismount RTO/Rifleman (B21) Murray, Gregory S. SPC  
Dismount SAW Gunner (B21) Granas, Kevin W. SPC  
Dismount Rifleman (B21) McKenny, R. PVT  
TC (B22) Cormier, Alfred SSG  
Gunner (B22) Washington, Larry SPC  
Driver (B22) Robinson, Orlando L. SPC  
Dismount (B22)    
Dismount Rifleman (B22) Kelly, James PFC  
Dismount (B22) Violette, Johnny E. PVT  
TC (B23) Duquette, Timothy SSG  
Gunner (B23) Toohey, Richard SGT  
Driver (B23) Rincon, Reymundo SPC  
Dismount SAW Gunner (B23) Gmitter, James J. PFC  
Dismount Rifleman (B23) Torres, Jesus J. SPC  
Dismount SAW Gunner (B23) Lentz, L. PVT  
Platoon Sergeant (B24) Riek, David F. SFC  
Gunner (B24) Kozbial, Christopher SGT  
Driver (B24)    
Dismount Squad Leader (B24) Craig, Robert SGT  
Dismount Team Leader  (B24) Rinehart, Todd PFC  
Dismount Rifleman (B24)    
Dismount SAW Gunner (B24) Longley, T. PVT  

 3d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (B31) Griffith, Joseph 2LT  
Gunner (B31) Engelhardt, Todd SGT  
Driver (B31) Byrd, James B. SPC  
Dismount Team Leader (B31) Evans, Clyde M. SGT  
Dismount Rifleman (B31) Kelly, Benjamin PFC  
Ammo Loader (B31) Finnell, Donald K. SPC  
TC (B32) Silva, Herbert SSG  
Gunner (B32) Trevino, Ruben SPC  
Driver (B32) Schocke, Brian PFC  
Dismount (B32) Sanchez, Samuel A. PVT  
Dismount  Squad Leader (B32) Secrest, David L. SSG Augmentee from A/4/502 IN (Berlin BDE)
Dismount Team Leader (B32) Lynch, John R. SGT  
Dismount SAW Gunner (B32) Brown, David PFC  
Dismount SAW Gunner (B32) Cosgrove, Peter H. SPC  
Dismount M60 Gunner (B32) Chestnut, Matthew R. PFC  
TC (B33) Pointer, Bradley SSG  
Gunner (B33) Cotez, Enrique SPC  
Driver (B33) Church, Victor SPC  
Dismount Squad Leader (B33) Edwards, SFC Augmentee from B/5/502 IN (Berlin BDE)
Dismount Team Leader (B33) Grady, Robert R. SGT  
Dismount SAW Gunner (B33) Beltran, Ezekiel SPC  
Dismount (B33)    
Platoon Sergeant/TC (B34) Smith, Gerald SFC  
Gunner (B34) Danzeiser, Eric E. SPC  
Driver (B34) Hanks, Robert L. PFC  
Dismount Team Leader (B34) Hyrne, Carl E. SGT  
Dismount Rifleman (B34) Donovan, Chad SPC  
Dismount Rifleman (B34) Inniss, Ricardo R. PVT  
Dismount SAW Gunner (B34) Smith, Robert H. PFC  
Dismount SAW Gunner (B34) Silver, Joseph A. PV2  
Dismount SAW Gunner – vehicle unknown – 3/B Donovan, Grahm D. SPC same team as SGT Grady

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Charlie Company (task organized, TF 3-5 CAV)

 Position  Name & Rank  Remarks
Commander (C66) Turner, Richard A. "Tony" CPT Received Silver Star
CDR's Gunner Kendall, Dave SSG  also Co. Master Gunner
CDR's Driver Verdilli, "Nick" SPC  
CDR's RTO Payne, (first name?) PFC

Dupree, PFC

We've had two different people tell us this guy was two one of two different guys.  Anyone out there know for sure who is in that photo at the top of this page?


CDR's HMMVW Driver    
Executive Officer Case, Jeff 1LT Died of self-inflicted gunshot wound after returning to Germany
XO's Gunner (C65) Morgenstern, SPC  
First Sergeant Heward, Tom 1SG  
1SG's HMMWV Driver Brown, Earl SPC  
1SG's Track (M113?) (B69) Driver Smith, Scott SPC Originally assigned to E/3-5 CAV
Supply Sergeant Marion, SSG  
Armorer (C65) Denes, Daniel "Dano" SPC Also dismount for C65
Commo Sergeant Combs, SGT Was he the commo SGT, or did he have a different position?
Commo Sergeant Baker, SSG Might not have been commo sergeant?  What was his position?
NBC NCO Savage, Frank SGT  

 1st Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (C11) Ammons, Mike 1LT  
Gunner (C11 Zelesnikar, Leslie SGT "Sergeant Z"
Driver (C11) Rutan, Clayton SPC  
TC (C12) Powers, Hugh SSG Also served as the Co. Master Gunner
Gunner (C12) Sarmiento, SGT Promoted from SPC to SGT while deployed; also served as Co. NEO NCO
Driver (C12) Johnson, Curtis SPC  
TC (C13) Walker, SSG  
Gunner (C13) Vail, Tony SPC  
Driver (C13) Worek, Chris SPC Is name spelling correct?
Platoon Sergeant (C14) Stephens, SFC  
Gunner (C14) Medina, Tony SPC  
Driver (C14)    
1/C Dismount Squad Leader (C11) Benn, Aubrey, SSG  
1/C Dismount RTO (C11) Jonker, Bo PFC  
1/C Dismount (C11) Peacock, Jay SPC  
1/C Dismount (C11) Daniels, SGT  
1/C Dismount Squad Leader (C12) Benn, Aubrey SSG  
1/C Dismount (C12) Hill, Tony SPC  
1/C Dismount (C12) Albright, SPC  
1/C Dismount Squad Leader (C13) Hammierl, SGT  
1/C Dismount (C13) Hansen, Stan "Stan the Man" PFC  
1/C Dismount (C13) Hunter, James SPC  
1/C Dismount (C13) Reed, Tony SPC  
1/C Dismount (C13) Kroker, PFC  
1/C Dismount Squad Leader (C14) Hall, Jamie SSG  
1/C Dismount (C14) Slabach, Cletus R. SGT  
1/C Dismount (C14) Johnson, SPC  
1/C Dismount (C14) Metaxas, Sean SPC  

2d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (C21) Hinrichs, John _LT  
Gunner (C21) Johnson, Frank SGT  
Driver (C21) Earls, Bobby PFC  
Dismount Squad Leader (C21) Waugh, (first name?) SGT  
Dismount Team Leader (C21) Bennett, Rodger SPC  
DIsmount Team Leader (C21) Brown, SPC Took position after ceasefire
Dismount (C21) Beckner, Todd "Beck"
TC (C22) Nash, SGT  
Gunner (C22) Gallegos, SPC  
Driver (C22) Espinoza, Edwardo PFC  
Dismount Team Leader (C22) Williams, (first name?) SGT  
Dismount (position?) (C22) Aderholt, (first name?) SPC  
TC (C23) Simpson, SSG  
Gunner (C23) Weitman, SGT  
Driver (C23) Steinmetz, SPC  
Dismount Squad Leader (C23) Phillips, (first name?) SGT  
Dismount Team Leader (C23) Giddens, (first name?) SGT  
Dismount (position?) (C23) Dekrone, Stephen F. SPC  
Dismount (position?) (C23) Simons, (first name?) SPC  
Dismount (position?) (C23) Hubert, (first name?) PFC  
Platoon Sergeant (C24) Hornickle, SFC  
Gunner (C24) Wolcott, SPC  
Driver (C24) Smith, R.J. "Smitty" PFC  
Dismount M203 – track unknown Quintero, Leandro PFC SSG(P) as of 2003
Dismount – track/position unknown Johnson, (first name?) SPC  
Dismount – track/position unknown Ani, (first name?) SPC  
Dismount – track/position unknown Chatwood, (first name?) PFC  

 3d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (C31) Oeschger, Carl _LT  
Gunner (C31) Carlton, Jim CPL  
Driver (C31) Giron, Jerimiah SPC  
Dismount (C31)    
TC (C32) Riley, SSG  
Gunner (C32) Garrett, David SPC  
Driver (C32) Moore, Alfred L. SPC  
Dismount (C32)    
TC (C33) Schaefer, Thomas SSG  
Gunner (C33) Bolduc, Sean SGT  
Driver (C33) Corbet, Brian SPC  
Dismount (C33) Smith, Craig SPC  
Dismount Team Leader (C33) Yost, CPL  
Dismounts (C33) Tripplett, SPC  
Dismounts (C33) Steagle, PFC  
Platoon Sergeant/TC (C34) Hostetler, Jim SFC  
Gunner (C34) Calvin, SGT  
Driver (C34) Mountain, SPC  
Dismount (C34) Bullock, Arthur SSG Retired as a 1SG

C/3-5 CAV – Positions/Platoons Unknown

  Dupree (first name?/rank?)  
  Jay (first name?/rank?)  

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Delta Company (task organized, TF 4-34 AR)

 Position  Name & Rank  Remarks
Commander (D66)  Brown, Richard L. CPT  
CDR's Gunner    
CDR's Driver    
CDR's Dismount    
CDR's HMMVW Driver    
Executive Officer Dunleavy, Hugh 1LT  
First Sergeant Day, Joseph 1SG  
1SG's Driver    
Supply Sergeant Franks, Mark SGT(P)  
Supply Clerk Killian, CPL  
Commo Sergeant    

 1st Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (D11) Raio, Paul 2LT  
Gunner (D11) Howard, SGT  
Driver (D11) Roberts, PFC  
TC (D12) Gravel, SSG  
Gunner (D12) Tucker, SGT  
Driver (D12) Jennings, SPC  
TC (D13) Hilligas, SSG  
Gunner (D13)    
Driver (D13) Sanders, SPC  
Platoon Sergeant (D14) Soto-Jamine, Victor SFC  
Gunner (D14) Brainard, Charles SGT Promoted to SSG while deployed
Driver (D14) Whitaker, PV2  
Dismount (1/D) Foster, SGT  
Dismount (D-12) Ermey, SGT  
Dismount (1/D) Totten, Kyle T. CPL Promoted to SGT while deployed; 1st Platoon dismounted sniper
Dismount Sniper (1/D) Todd, CPL  
Dismount (1/D) Bethea, SSG  
Dismount (1/D) Cousinard, SPC  
Dismount (D-12) Billie, PFC  
Dismount (D-12) Monroe, PFC

Pickral, James PFC

Dismount (D-12) Francis, PFC  
Dismount (1/D) Bessette, Mike PV2 M60 Gunner
Dismount (1/D) Morales, SPC  
Dismount (1/D) George, PV2  
Dismount (1/D) Eton, PV2  
Dismount (1/D) Franco, Estevan PV2  
Dismount (1/D) Wilcox, PV2  

3d Platoon (attached to D/4-34 AR)

Platoon Leader/BC (D31) Walter, Paul R. 1LT  
Gunner (D31) Kearns, CPL  
Driver (D31) Harris, SPC  
Dismount (D31)    
Dismount (D31)    
Dismount (D31)    
BC (D32) Huckleby, SSG  
Gunner (D32) Davis, SGT  
Driver (D32) Galimberti, Dennis PFC  
Dismount (D32)    
Dismount (D32)    
Dismount (D32)    
BC (D33) Ball, SSG  
Gunner (D33) Hicks, CPL  
Driver (D33) ???  
Dismount (D33)    
Dismount (D33)    
Dismount (D33)    
Platoon Sergeant/BC (D34) Davis, SFC  
Gunner (D34) Wilcox, CPL  
Driver (D34) Peters, PFC  
Dismount (D34)    
Dismount (D34)    
Dismount (D34)    

3d Platoon Dismount Squad (still need track assignments)

Dismount Squad Leader (D31) Westlake, John SSG John has his own website that details his squad's adventures in Desert Storm
A Team Ldr. and Asst. Sqd. Ldr. (D32) Williams, CPL  
SAW Gunner (D32) Zappone, PFC  
SAW Gunner (D32) Williams, PFC  
Rifleman (D31) Rosado, Juan PFC  
B Team Ldr. (D31) Alejandro, SPC  
SAW Gunner (D31) Wardman, SPC  
Rifleman (D32) Reid, PFC ("Demo Man" – nickname?)  
Rifleman (D31) Dempsey, PFC  

2d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (D21) Hardy, Wayne 1LT  
Gunner (D21) Zuniga, Juan SGT  
Driver (D21)    
TC (D22) King, SSG  
Gunner (D22)    
Driver (D22)    
TC (D23) Lindersmith, William "Billy" J. SSG  
Gunner (D23) Davenport, Corey SPC  
Driver (D23) Frandsen, Bernie PFC  
Platoon Sergeant/TC (D24) Stephens, Eric J. SFC  
Gunner (D24) Armstrong, SGT  
Driver (D24) Warren, SPC  
Dismount Squad Leader (2/D) Cobane, Shandy D. SGT  
Dismount Squad Leader (2/D) Smith, Bernard "Smitty" SGT  
Dismount (2/D) Richardson, PFC  
Dismount (2/D) Williams, PFC  
Dismount (2/D) Sadorf, Mark A. SPC  
Dismount (2/D) Patterson, SPC  
Dismount (2/D)    
Dismount (2/D)    
Dismount (2/D)    

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