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The Canadian Army Trophy (CAT) Shoot was a biennial NATO exercise held to improve both tank gunnery skills and the spirit of camaraderie between NATO team Members.


CENTAG.jpg (25180 Byte)    Norhtag.jpg (35420 Byte)


        CENTAG     NORTHAG
        4 / 8 Cavalry V US Corps 2/66 Armor 2AD "FWD"
        3/64 Armor VII US Corps  Royal Hussars 1 British Corps
         Royal Canadian Dragoons 4 CMBG C-43 Tank Bn 1 Netherlands Corps
           Pz Btl 124 II German Corps  Pz Btl 324 I German Corps
        Pz Btl 363 III German Corps   4e Bn Lanciers 1 Belgien Corps

The 1987 Top Gun Trophy winner was Central Army Group (CENTAG).  The top tank company was 

D Company, 4th Squadron 8th Cavalry,  2nd Brigade 3AD.  The Top Gun Platoon Trophy winner was 

1st Platoon also of D Company  4th  Squadron 8th Cavalry  which, on the last day of the competition, 

scored 20,490 points out of a possible 22,600 (outscoring the second place team by over 900 points) 

in the M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank.


CAT Patch.jpg (8207 Byte) 3-64.jpg (30541 Byte) Hussars.jpg (20192 Byte)  cat_87_GE.jpg (41086 Byte) 363 German.jpg (20091 Byte) 2-66 AR.jpg (5792 bytes) Dragoons.jpg (24445 Byte) 43 NL.jpg (23602 Byte)  Panzer 324.jpg (26374 Byte)

 4th Lanciers.jpg (26127 Byte) North.jpg (29655 Byte) Leo 2.jpg (22127 Byte) leopard 2 sticker.jpg (99347 bytes) leopard 1 sticker.jpg (106766 bytes)  coft - ucoft trainer sticker.jpg (66057 bytes)


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