Butzbach: Kirch-Gons: Ayers


Ayers Kaserne – Kirch Göns, Germany

This page has several images that may take a minute or so to load on your system.  We will later add the history of Ayers Kaserne and information on its namesake.  SSgt. Ayers received the Distinguished Service Cross posthumously during WWII as a member of the 4th Infantry Division.  Like many barracks and kasernen in the 3AD area, Ayers holds the name of a 4th Infantry Division soldier.  This is because these areas were first garrisoned in the early post-WWII years by the 4th Infantry Division.  3d Armored Division took over these facilities during Operation Gyroscope in 1955-56.

Aerial view – 1998

Main Gate – 1959

Main Gate – 1963
ayers_1970s_1.jpg (17186 bytes)
Main Gate – circa 1970’s

circa 1973
ayers_1973_2.jpg (26331 bytes)
Post Theater – 1973
ayers_1973_3.jpg (25176 bytes)
Main Gate – 1973
ayers_1973_4.jpg (22783 bytes)
Brigade Hq’s – 1973
ayers_1973_5.jpg (25036 bytes)
ayers_1974_1.jpg (23589 bytes)
Post Gym – 1974

“The Rock” – circa 1980
ayers_1990_1.jpg (24778 bytes)
2-3 FA Hq’s – 1990
ayers_1991_1.jpg (26759 bytes)
Brigade Hq’s – 1991
ayers_1991_2.jpg (23011 bytes)
ayers_1991_3.jpg (20897 bytes)
ayers_1991_4.jpg (22338 bytes)
4th of July 1991
ayers_1991_5.jpg (20284 bytes)
4th of July 1991
ayers_1991_6.jpg (22279 bytes)
4th of July 1991

Jim McConnell, 1965-67

I served in the 2/36 at Ayers Kaserne from August 1965 to August 1967. During that time I was a rifle platoon leader in B CO, support platoon Leader in HQ Co, weapons platoon leader in B Co, batallion S1 (1967), and shorttime batallion S2 (1967). Company Commanders in this period were David Gannon (Co A), Bobby Jolley (Co B), Ervin Page (HQ Co). I have forgotten the CO C CO. The batallion participated in a major Army new tactics trial from 1966-1967, Frontier Shield. Attached are some photos from that time.  Jim McConnell, former CPT, Infantry

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