3AD veterans graduate from the War College!

This is a photo of Colonel Christopher H. Wisdom, a Spearhead Chaplain from Desert Storm, graduating from the Army War College on July 25, 2008. The Division lives on with Spearhead veterans who are still serving on active duty.
And here are all of the 3d Armored Division veteran graduates. From left to right:

COL R. Christion Brewer (2-3 FA), COL Martha A. “Marty” Biastoch (AMEDD), COL(CH) Christopher H. Wisdom (2-82 FA), LTC William J. “Bill” Coffin (23rd EN), COL Kirk C. Benson (1st BDE, 12th EN), and LTC Jerome T. Sibayan (23rd EN)

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LT GEN Raymond T. Odierno 

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